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Self-Propelled Articulated Boom Lift
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Self-Propelled Articulated Boom Lift

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Max. working height 14m 16m 18m 20m 26m
Max. platform height 12m 14m 16m 18m 24m
Max. outreach 7.01m/7.08m 8.19m/8.4m 9.5m 11.1m 15.1m
Max. up and over height m 6.27m/6.5m 7.09m/7.71m 7.6m 8.9m 10.3m
Max. lift capacity 230kg 230kg 230kg 230kg 230kg
Platform size B*C*A 1.8m×0.76m×1.17m 1.8×0.76×1.17m 1.83m×0.76m×1.1m 2.4m×0.9m×1.1m 2.4m×0.9m×1.1m
Height-stowed D 2.30m 2.30m 2.50m 2.50m 2.70m
Length-stowed E 5.63m/6.58m 6.14m/6.87m 8m 8.60m 9m
Width F 2.00m 2.00m 2.30m 2.50m 2.50m
Wheelbase G 2.00m 2.00m 2.10m 2.50m 2.8m
Ground clearance H 0.36m 0.36m 0.36m 0.35m 0.33m
Turntable rotation 360° discontinuously 360° discontinuously 360° continuously 360° continuously 360° continuously
Turntable tailswing 0 0 0 0 0
Platform rotation 0/180°
Jib swing 0/140°(HZ140JRT only) 0/140°(HZ160JRT only) 0/135° 0/137° 0/135°
Platform level Hydraulic level Hydraulic level Hydraulic level Hydraulic level Hydraulic level
Drive speed, stowed 3.0km/h (7.0km/h 4wd) 4.9km/h (7.0km/h 4wd) 4.8km/h 4.8km/h 4.8km/h
Drive speed, extended 1.0km/h
Gradeability 30%(45%4WD) 30%(45%4WD) 30%(45%4WD) 30%(45%4WD) 30%
Drive wheels number 2/4WD 2/4WD 4WD 2/4WD 2WD
Steering wheel number 2 2 2 2 2
System voltage DC12V DC 12V DC12V DC12V DC12V
Controls Electrical proportional control Electrical proportional control Electrical proportional control Electrical proportional control Electrical proportional control
Min. turning radius-(outside) 4.0m 4.0m 4.5m 5.4m 4.5m
Min. turning radius-(inside) 2.30m 1.7m 1.7m 2.2m 2.1m
Max. lateral force 400N 400N 400N 400N 400N
Max. tilt angle
Max. wind speed allowed 12.5m/s 12.5m/s 12.5m/s 12.5m/s 12.5m/s
Hydraulic tank capacity 70L 70L 170L 170L 170L
Fuel tank capacity 65L 65L 140L 85L 140L
Tire size 33*12-20 33*12-20 355/55D-625 355/55D-625 385/55D-24 Solid tire
Power Perkins 404D Diesel Engine Perkins 404D Diesel Engine Yanmar 4TNV88 Yanmar 4TNV88 CumminsQSFT2.8-C
Total weight 5.6T/6.3T 6.35T/6.8T 8.42T 11.985T 13T

Introduction to Self-Propelled Articulated Boom Lift

Self-propelled articulated boom lifts offer remarkable support for working heights up to 16 meters, catering to diverse lifting operations with precision and agility. Designed for multi-directional maneuvering, these lifts enable workers to access challenging work areas while avoiding obstacles. The 360-degree rotating turntable and versatile working platform facilitate seamless movement in various directions, enhancing productivity. Ideal for indoor applications, these lifts feature ultra-quiet non-marking tires, preserving flooring integrity.

Our self-propelled articulated boom lift boasts fully proportional Hall effect joystick controls and a CAN intelligent control system. These advanced features streamline maintenance and upgrades, allowing for simultaneous execution of multiple actions. 

Standard features:

Standard features include a self-leveling platform, hydraulic rotation platform, driving confirm function, AC wiring to the platform, horn, hour meter, tilt alarm, positive traction drive, dual-speed motor, emergency pump, and overload sensor.

Optional Features:

Optional enhancements include a 2.4m platform extension, platform swing gate, platform alternate leverage, airline to platform, hydraulic oil cooler, hostile environment packages, anti-crash air packages, tool tray, alarm packages, and platform work lights.

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