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Shantui SD22 Bulldozer | 22-Ton Shantui Bulldozers
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Length × width × height (mm) (excluding ripper) 5495×3725×3745 Operating weight (t) (excluding ripper) 23.4
Engine model WD12G240E206/NT855-C280S10 Net power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 162/1800
Ground pressure(Mpa) 0.077 Blade type Straight tilting blade   Angle blade     U blade    Semi-U blade
Blade capacity(m3)  6.4 for straight tilting blade   4.7 for angle blade    7.5 for U blade    7.0 for Semi-U blade

22 Ton Bulldozer SD22 | Shantui

Farmers, mainly for plowing and landscaping purposes, initially used bulldozer machines like tractors. Over the years, however, dozers have evolved into more efficient and more productive machines. Today, bulldozers can adapt to different work settings, more than agricultural environments. These machines are currently being used on construction sites, building roads, engineering works, as well as in mines.

Although bulldozers avail excellent versatility, the machines are primarily tractors. They carry broad and heavy blades, which are often mounted at the front. Most popular dozers feature front-mounted scooping blades, even though other types are still available. At the back of these mighty dozers, they may come with wide-ranging accessories. These accessories allow the dozer to perform multiple functions.

You can differentiate bulldozer equipment from its size, weight, and horsepower. The specific type of bulldozer you will need often depends on whether the work needs better flexibility and mobility. You may also want to choose a dozer because of its ability to move significant volumes of materials.

Crawler bulldozers like the 22 Ton Bulldozer SD22 | Shantui are usually used to push heavy materials such as sand from one area to another. Due to the nature of jobs they do, these crawler dozers are characterized by:

Heavy Plate

The dozer machine comes with a characteristic heavy plate. Because they often move significant amounts of heavy materials, the heavy plate is specifically designed to load and push heavy items like soil, rocks, sand, and others. Bulldozers look more like tractors, although they carry tracks, meaning they do not have tires.

Ease of Use

The best bulldozer for sale should be easy to use. For instance, you should be looking for a bulldozer with a steering wheel for effortless control. In addition, the 22 Ton Bulldozer SD22 | Shantui is an excellent choice because of its small size. This allows for better handling, speed, as well as overall versatility. If you have tight spaces to work through, this is an ideal selection for you.

The best bulldozer to buy is the one best suited to your special needs. Contact us today, and we will be glad to discuss your project, besides helping with selecting the perfect cheap bulldozer for sale to match.

Why you should buy the Shantui SD22 Bulldozer?

The Shantui SD22 Bulldozer is one of the most doughty Bulldozers available on the market for farming/construction projects. Because the Bulldozer can push heavy materials, this machine is very commonly used in farming/construction sites. In addition, the Bulldozer has Heavy Plate, which sets this Bulldozer to stand out from the other models! Lastly, because of Shantui’s intensive research, the Bulldozer is Easy to Use, making the Shantui SD22 Bulldozer one of the best earth moving equipment you can buy!

  1. Fast and smooth delivery process review by Kelsey Montgomery on 7/1/2021

    The SD22 has been very sturdy and reliable. Thanks Camal!

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