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Shredded Straw Collector | YTO

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Model 4JQ-1.8
Working width (m) 1.8
Shredding length (mm) 30-100
Stubble height (mm) 100-150
Matched power (Hp) 60-80

Shredded Straw Collector | YTO

After planting and all crop management practices, the end goal is to harvest and get returns from the labor. Most crops mature evenly, and therefore harvesting has to be done at the same time for the whole field. In most cases, when crop overstays on the farm, it tends to over-ripen, and this could lead to a decline in the quality. It is for this particular reason that there is a need for the use of agricultural accessories such as the Shredded Straw Collector YTO. The shredded straw collector shreds the plant remains of rice, wheat and other rice crops after harvesting. Other features of these parts of this agricultural machinery are listed below.

It saves time and energy

As mentioned above, these agricultural machine parts mow the plant produce and later shred the plant debris. This specific equipment mows to a height of 100-150mm, leaving very short stubs that can subsequently be incorporated into the soil by the Subsoiler YTO. After harvesting and threshing, the pant debris is shredded so that is can be fed to animals as feed, or incorporated back into the soil for fertility.


The critical factor to consider when purchasing agricultural parts and accessories is the quality and compatibility which the Shredded straw collector YTO has. Most parts for agricultural machinery are prone to break down now and then but not for this quality machinery.

While the primary function of this farm accessory is to harvest mature grass crops from the farm, it can also serve as an agricultural accessory for preparing the animal feed. It can shred plant materials to 30-100mm length, which is easily consumable by livestock, therefore saving you time and money when you want to prepare dry livestock feed.

Get yourself the Shredded straw collector YTO to ease your farm operations.

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