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Vibrating Feeder | OEM

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Vibrating Feeder | OEM

Model Max. feeding size(mm) Processing capacity???t/h??? Motor Power (k/w) Obllquilty of material trough (deg) Total weight???kg??? Trough Size???mm??? Dimensions???LxWxH???(mm)
GZD-650x2300 300 80 1.1x2 10 2798 650x2300 2300x1360x780
GZD-650x2300 300 80 1.1x2 10 2798 650x2300 2300x1360x780
GZD-750x2500 350 100 1.1x2 10 3260 750x2500 2500x1460x780
GZD-1000x3600 500 150 5.5x2 10 3895 1000x3600 3850x1950x1630
GZD-1100x4200 580 240 5.5x2 10 4170 1100x4200 4400x2050x1660
GZD-1300x4900 650 450 7.5x2 10 5200 1300x4900 5200x2350x1750
ZSW-600x130 750 400-600 22 0 9250 6000x1300 6082x2580x2083
ZSW-600X180 800 700-1000 37 0 13750 6000x1800 6310x3262x2230

Vibrating Feeder | OEM

A vibrating feeder is a critical component in mineral screening. This vibrating screen machine has an important role of feeding material into the main crushing unit homogenously and continuously thereby maximizing its performance output.

These industrial screening equipment can accommodate a wide variety of typical trough designs including rectangular, radius, and flared, but you can also get a custom made model to meet your exact needs..

Small-size Vibrating Feeders

Vibrating feeders come in all size ranges to allow feeding different varieties of materials. If you are looking for a small vibrating screen, the GZD-650x2300 and the GZD-750x2500 vibrating feeders might be great models to start with.

These vibrating feeder for sale measure 2300mm by 1360mm by 780mm and 2500mm by 1460mm by 780mm respectively. They weigh 2798 kgs and 3260 kgs respectively.

These small vibrating feeders pack a total motor power of 2.2 k/w, a processing capacity of 80 and 100, and a maximum feeding size of 300mm and 350mm respectively.

Mid-sized Vibrating Feeders

Mining companies looking for mid-sized industrial screening equipment are better off with this manufacturer???s mid-range compost screen machine vibrating feeder.

This range consists of the GZD-1000x3600, GZD1100x4200, and the GZD-1300x4900 vibrating feeders that boast a maximum feeding size of 500mm, 580mm, and 650mm. These screen machine also have powerful motors to match. Each has 2 motors outputting between 5.5 and 7.5 kw. This power is manifested in their ability to process between 150 and 450 t/h.

Large Vibrating Feeders

The range of large vibratory feeder brings some of the most powerful units designed for industrial mining equipment. This range consists of the ZSW-600x130 and the ZSW-600x180. These top-of-the-range mineral processing vibrating feeders offer a maximum feeding size of 750mm and 800mm, a processing capacity of 400-600 and 7000-1000 t/h, and a motor power of 22kw and 37kw respectively.

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