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XCMG G12 Standard Concrete Mixer | 12CBM Concrete Mixer
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Performance of mixing drum Geometric volume m3 23.5
Mixing volume m3 15
Maximum diameter of the drum body mm 2432
Length of mixing drum mm 7009
Angle of inclination 0 10
Rotating speed r/min 14
Charge speed m/min 3
Discharge speed m/min 2
Residue ratio of discharge % 0.7
Range of slump cm 5-21
Hydraulic system Oil pump - international brand
Motor - international brand
Reduction gears - international brand
Hydraulic circuit - Closed type 
Water supply water tank capacity  L 450
Way of water supply - Pneumatic
Complete machine Brand of chassis - XCMG NAC
Chassis model - SX5315GJBJT346
Type of driving - Left-hand drive
Curb weight kg 17000
maximum gross weight kg 31000
Type of drive - 84
Wheel base mm 1800+3375+1400
Tyre - 12.00R20
Means of power takeoff - Power takeoff by flywheel
Notice model - XZJ5310GJB2
External dimensions (length??width??height)mm 11910x2500x3995 
Engine Model - WP10.375/WP10.380E32
Rated power Kw/r/min 276
Displacement L 9.726
Emission standard - GB III

12cbm Concrete Mixer G12 | XCMG

A concrete mixer is an essential piece of equipment in almost all construction industries. While it may be uneconomical to use one when you are carrying out a very small building and construction projects, it is incredibly convenient and economical to have one when you are doing commercial construction projects. One of the most attractive features of this cement concrete machine is that it has a hydraulic system. The reduction gears, motor, and oil pumps are all international brands which make them very efficient at work. Other features that make the 12CBM concrete mixer G12 most suitable for use are listed below.

Boosted performance

This 12CBM concrete mixer G12 is one of the best today, especially because of its performance. This cement and sand mixing machine can mix a volume of 15m3 at a go. This is made possible due to the measurements of the mixing drum. The diameter of the mixing drum is2.4m and the length is 7m, and the drum is at an inclination of 10???. All these factors help to boost the performance of the mixer significantly.


This cement mixer for sale runs on an engine model of WP1O.375/WP1O.380E.32. This is a very powerful engine that has a rated power of 276Kw/r/min, and the emission standard of this engine stands at GBIII. All these engine factors ensure that the 12CBM concrete mixer G12 can perform work even for long periods without developing complications and damages.

Sufficient water supply

It is common knowledge that all cement mixers require a water supply. The ability of the machine to supply enough water at the needed time determines the quality of work the machine produces. This 12CBM concrete mixer G12 has a water tank with a capacity of 450L, and the water is supplied pneumatically. These features guarantee you the best product for construction work.

The mixing drum is an essential part of a concrete mixer because it is where the concrete is mixed ??? the better the features of the mixing drum, the better the overall performance of the cement equipment. Get the 12CBM concrete mixer G12 for all your concrete mixing needs.

Why you should buy the XCMG G12 Standard Concrete Mixer?

The XCMG G12 Standard Concrete Mixer is one of the most reliable concrete mixers available on the market for construction projects. Because the concrete mixer has boosted performance, this machine is very commonly used on construction sites. In addition, the concrete mixer has sufficient water supply, which sets this concrete mixer stand out from the other models! Lastly, because of XCMG’s intensive research, the concrete mixer can mix a volume of 15m3, making the XCMG G12 Standard Concrete Mixer one of the best cement & concrete machinery you can buy!

  1. No regrets so far! review by Garry S. on 6/30/2021

    So far so good! Our work would have been very slow if we hadn't found this mixer truck.

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