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YTO C1302 Crawler Tractor | 130hp Crawler Tractor
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Product name: YTO C1302 Crawler Tractor
Engine power: 130 horse power
Engine brand & model: YTO LR6A3Z

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Model   YTO C1302 Crawler Tractor
Type   Agricultural crawler type
Dimension(LengthxWidthxHeight)                (With earth-moving shovel) mm 5367x2462x2910
Min. operating weight (With earth-moving shovel) Kg 7300
Wheeltread mm 1435
Wheelbase mm 1792
Width of crawler mm 390
Ground specific pressure kPa 47.7(equipped with earth-moving shovel)
Diesel engine    
Model   LR6A3Z
Type   Vertical,water-cooling,four-stroke,turbocharged
Displacement L 6.49
Rated power and speed Kw/r/min 95.6/2200
Gears forward/rear   6/2
Speed forward/rear Km/h 3.71-13.90/3.31-6.28
Power of power takeoff shaft Kw/r/min 81
Speed of PTO r/min 540/1000
Clutch   14-inch double-disc single-action
Work attachments    
Type pf three-point linkage   Rear-mounted two-point or three-point class-II linkage
Depth-control method   Height adjustment
Lifting force Kn 14.6
Size of earth-moving shovel (Width x Height) mm 2462x850
Underground depth of earth-moving shovel mm 330



130hp Crawler tractor IYTO

One major plus for YTO Crawler tractors is the ability to run on a continuous chain that covers a large surface area. This aspect is vital in farm work since the tracks exert low force per unit area. The 130hp crawler tractor is among the best firm machinery with its enhanced stability and can be used on soft. uneven grounds without any damage to the environment. Why it stands out:

Diesel engine

Diesel-powered mini crawler tractor engines are strong and able to handle heavy-duty firm work while minimizing the amount of fuel consumption. The engine is water-cooled or turbocharged for temperature control. making it a piece of suitable farm machinery for low altitude weather.


The overall operating weight inclusive of the earth-moving shovel for the small crawler tractor is 7300kg. It has low ground clearance with wide tracks of 1700mm wheelbase able to give sufficient depth in black cotton soil during harrowing or plowing the ground. Since black cotton soil is heavy, the blade has a strong torque for lifting, so you need not worry about potential damage to it.

Take off shaft

This small crawler tractor machinery boasts an 81kw of power take-off shaft with a 540/1000 PTO speed and offers you 6/2 forward gears with a large 14-inch double disc single action clutch. You can therefore be assured of high performance and reliability in operations and usage. As a mini crawler for sale. the 130hp offers rear mounting two-point or three-point class II linkage in hydraulic control and hitch system. This makes it have an adjustable height control method. but it can still go underground to a depth of 330mm and lift on a force of 14.6kn. making it very efficient.

Why you should buy the YTO C1302 Crawler Tractor?

The YTO C1302 Crawler Tractor is one of the most reliable Crawler Tractors available on the market for Agriculture projects. Because the Crawler Tractor is highly efficient, this machine is very commonly used in agriculture sites. In addition, the Crawler Tractor is easy to maintain, which sets this Crawler Tractor stand out from the other models! Lastly, because of YTO’s intensive research, the Crawler Tractor is very safe for the operator, making the YTO C1302 Crawler Tractor one of the best agricultural equipment you can buy!

  1. Good on the budget and works well. Thanks review by John on 6/19/2023

    Good on the budget and works well. We got two units

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