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HBXG SD6N Bulldozer | 17-Ton Small Bulldozer
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Dozer Tilt
Operation weight(kg) 16800
Ground pressure(KPa) 56.2
Overall dimensions (mm) 5136x3324x3108
EngineType Cummins QSL8.9 Tier
Flywheel power (KW) 126

17 Ton Large Bulldozer SD6N | HBXG

The 17-ton SD6N bulldozer from HBXG is a powerhouse track-type dozer equipped with 160 horsepower and a direct hydraulic drive. The amazing piece of machinery also includes semi-rigid suspended, hydraulic pilot control. HBXG brings this unique Chain Type Bulldozer ideal for waste dressing and compaction. The application of the 17-ton SD6N bulldozer is best in special waste association landfill sites. This machinery helps in easily serving waste and waste material spooned from the ground.

Interesting features in SD6N bulldozer

A closer look at the different features in this HBXG bulldozer can help you understand the unique benefits you can get from your investment.

  • Electronic control engine and power of Cummins QSL8.9 Stage 3 emission standards compliance.
  • Hydro-mechanical torque convertor with wider high-efficiency range characteristics.
  • Upgraded electrical system equipped with warning functions.

Powerful engine in SD6N for driving robust efficiency

The powerful Cummins diesel engine has a lot of roles in this HBXG dozer. Manufactured in the USA, the Cummins QSL8.9 engine houses six cylinders and has a rated engine speed of 1850rpm. The diesel engine is a water-cooled, turbo-charged, single-row, and vertical 4-stroke-cycle engine with a high-pressure common rail system as a fuel system. At a flywheel power of 126kW at 1850rpm, the diesel engine in SD6N is a true testament to power and efficiency in a single package.

Effective transmission, steering, and braking with SD6N bulldozer

Intelligent transmission and braking features in the 17-ton SD6N bulldozer from the house of HBXG are also noteworthy attractions. The transmission in the SD6N involves hydraulic control and the facility of power shift. The planetary, power shift transmission involves three speeds in forward and three speeds in reverse. Most important of all, shifts in speed and direction are very quick and responsive. Three forward speeds are 4.0km/h, 6.9km/h, and 10.9km/h and the three corresponding reverse speeds are 4.8km/h, 8.4km/h, and 12.9km/h. The Steering and brake design in SD6N also serve as prominent highlights for its efficiency. The steering system is hydraulically operated and is supported with a multiple-disc oil power metallurgy disc with spring compression. The service brakes follow a band braking method with a hydraulic boost. The parking brakes also follow a band-locked mechanism with a hydraulic boost. However, the parking brakes are heavy-duty in nature and have a separate spring.

Comprehensively designed undercarriage for SD6N for better stability

The undercarriage in the SD6N HBXG bulldozer has seven rollers on each side with two carrier rollers. The swing type of sprayed beam suspension along with the suspended structure in the equalizer bar. The undercarriage has 39 shoes on each side with the width of the track shoe being 560mm and the height being 61mm. A monologue, single grouse track frame provides a hefty assurance regarding the stability of the SD6N. The final drives on the SD6N are crown-shaven with double-reduction and floating ring seals. The final drives also have replaceable rim segments and sprocket with bolt-on.

Indomitable hydraulic controls for the perfect coordination in SD6N

The powerful hydraulic controls on the SD6N HBXG dozer also create formidable effectiveness. Four optional systems of hydraulic controls in the SD6N provide a complete system having a pump, valves, filters, tank, anti-cavitations valve, linkage, and control levels included with bulldozer controls. The four different hydraulic controls in the SD6N make it a definite choice for everyone. The first system includes one internal valve for bulldozer positioning. The second system involves two internal valves for positioning the bulldozer and tilt cylinder. The third system involves one internal and one external valve for determining the position of the bulldozer and ripper. The fourth hydraulic control system involves three valves, one external and two internal for the ripper, bulldozer, and the tilt cylinder.

SD6N is equipped with multiple options for the comfort of the operator

The final yet most interesting feature of the 17-ton SD6N bulldozer is the cabin. The operator has two options for the cabin that would have an adjustable seat alongside two large doors for entry and exit as well as the right viewing area. Choose from either the ROPS canopy or ROPS Cabin with A/C.

Why you should buy HBXG SD6N Bulldozer?

The HBXG SD6N Bulldozer is one of the most reliable Bulldozers available on the market for Mining and construction projects. Because the Bulldozer is highly efficient, this machine is very commonly used in Mining sites. In addition, the Bulldozer is easy to maintain, which sets this Bulldozer stand out from the other models! Lastly, because of HBXG's intensive research, the Bulldozer is very safe for the operator, making the HBXG SD6N Bulldozer one of the best earthmoving equipment you can buy!

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