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XCMG QY100 Truck Crane | 38.5m 100-Ton Crane
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Dimension QY100K-I Unit
Overall length, width, height 15600??3000??3850 mm
Wheel base 1420+2420+1800+1420+1505 mm
Weight 5500 kg
Total weight in travel 54900   58000 kg
Axle load 2400 kg
Axle 1 7500    7500 kg
Axle 2 7500    7500 kg
Axle 3 8300    10000 kg
Axle 4 12000    12500 kg
Axle 5 12000    12500 kg
Axle 6 7600       8000 kg
Power ??? ???
Engine rated power 360/1800 (306/1900) kW/(r/min)
Engine rated torque 2200/1300 (2010/1200) N.m/(r/min)
Engine rated speed 1800 (1900) r/min
Min. ground clearance 310 mm
Travel ??? ???
Approach angle 20 0
Departure angle 14 0
Braking distance (at 30km/h) ???10 m
Max. grade ability 40 %
Min. turning diameter 24 m
Fuel consumption for 100km 70 L
Main performance
Max. rated total lifting capacity 100 m
Min. rated working radius 3 m
Turning radius at turntable tail 12 m
Counterweight 4200 mm
Aux. winch 4590 mm
Max. lifting torque 3450 Nm
Base boom 3450(4mx88t) kN.m
Fully extended boom 1950(24mx7.1t) kN.m
Fully extended boom??? jib 1230(19.2mx6t) kN.m
Outrigger span (full extension) ??? ???
Longitudinal 7.56 m
Lateral 7.6 m
Lifting height ??? ???
Base boom 13.5 m
Fully extended boom 50.9 m
Fully extended boom??? jib 70.4 m
Boom length 13.5 m
Fully extended boom 51 m
Fully extended boom??? jib 51+18.1+4 m
Working speed ??? ???
Jib setting angle 0???15???30 ??
Boom luffing time 75 s
Boom ??? ???
Boom telescoping time ??? ???
Full extension 160 s
Max. swing speed 2 r/min
Outrigger extension/retraction time ??? ???
Outrigger beam in extension/retraction 25/15 s
Outrigger jack in extension/retraction 45/25 s
Lifting speed (single rope, layer 4) ??? ???
Main winch 105 m/min
Aux. winch 104 m/min

100-ton 38.5M Truck Crane QY100 | XCMG

If you are into the business of leasing heavy-duty machinery for lifting, moving horizontally, or lowering heavy objects, and wish to broaden your horizons by investing in an indispensably powerful and multipurpose boom truck, XCMG's 100-ton 38.5 m truck crane QY100 is a sure bet. It runs on an advanced hydraulic motor with incredibly high engine power and torque for optimized lifting abilities.

QY100 Truck Crane Hydraulic System

XCMG QY100 100-ton crane truck has a single high-power hydraulic-controlled engine that powerfully runs both the lifting system and the undercarriage. The great engine power and torque let this powerful hydraulic-controlled crane truck for sale maintain optimal stability and dominance when in use. The crane's torque limiter has a colorful LCD display that guarantees intelligent diagnosis and lifting precision.

Patented Lifting Technology

As with this boom truck for sale, it adopts a uniquely crafted retract and stretch technology that minimizes bending of the cylinder and core pipe during use. Even when the boom breaks due to misoperation, the operator's safety is assured. As for the eight truck crane lift technologies, they guarantee efficient and smooth lifting and moving of materials. They likewise ensure the luffing, lifting, and rotation systems use less energy during operation.

Uniquely Humanized Cab Design

Manufactured and assembled by China's biggest lifting equipment manufacturer, XCMG, the QY100 boom truck crane for sale features an innovative jib system with an International standard U-section jib, plug-in boom head, and entrenched block, which delivers premium performance and strong lifting strength. The crane too features a humanized cab design and control options, which guarantees smooth operation and more operator comfort.

Heavy-Duty Construction and Components

XCMG combines 6 International Standard manufacturing technologies and heavy-duty stainless steel to give QY100 truck crane armor-plated construction. The sturdy construction and long-lasting components ensure the crane can stand the harsh working conditions it will be exposed to every working day.

XCMG QY100 Service and Maintenance

The majority of the crane???s components and parts, including Rotex gear, counterweights, the boom, jib, and outriggers are easily accessible during repairs, monthly servicing, or even scheduled weekly maintenance tasks.

Why you should buy The XCMG QY100 100-ton truck crane

The XCMG QY100 100-ton truck crane machine is one of the most reliable lifting machinery available on the market for construction and mining projects because the XCMG QY100 100-ton truck crane machine is highly efficient. In addition, the XCMG QY100 100-ton truck crane machine is easy to maintain, which makes this machine stand out from the other models! Lastly, because of XCMG's unique cab design, the XCMG QY100 100-ton truck crane machine is safe for the operator, making the XCMG QY100 100-ton truck crane machine one of the best lifting machinery you can buy!

  1. easy process review by Roland Morris on 7/2/2021

    XCMG Truck Crane is worth much more than I paid. Really good. Your Truck Crane impressed me on multiple levels.

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