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Zoomlion Tower Crane | 63-Ton 90-210m Tower Crane
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 Rated lifting moment(kN.m) 11000
 Max.lifting height(m) Free-standing stationary crane 90.8
Anchored crane 210.5
Working radius(m) Max.working radius 80
Min.working radius 6.5
Max.lifting capacity(t) 63
Hoisting mechanism  Ropefall ?????2 ?????4 ?????6
Speed(m/min) 30 60 75 15 30 37.5 10 20 25
Lifting weight(t) 21 10.5 4 42 21 8 63 31.5 22
Power(kW) 132
Slewing mechanism Speed(m/min) 0???0.6
Power(kW) 3??18.5kW(80mJib);2??18.5kW???others???
Trolleying mechanism Speed(m/min) 0~50
Power(kW) 18.5

63 Ton Tower Crane | ZOOMLION

The 63 Ton Tower Crane is superior to other models because of its durability. Almost all the parts of this crane are made using high-grade steel which is very hardy and does not get damaged easily. The structural design of this tower crane also enables it to withstand the effects of wear and tear, and hence the machine has a generally longer useful life compared to other models. Other features that make this building construction crane superior are listed below.


The maximum lifting height of this building construction crane is 90.8M when free-standing and 210.5M when anchored. Also, the maximum capacity of load it can lift is 63tones, which makes it better than most cranes that are available for commercial uses. They also come in all sizes, with varying working radii, making them suitable for small-scale and very large-scale operations.


When this tower crane is at work, the tires automatically lock to prevent the crane from moving. This way, only the part lifting the load is moving while the rest of the machine remains fixed on the ground. This is a vital feature because the movement of the crane involuntarily could lead to accidents, especially when it is carrying a load.

Ease of use

Most of the features of this tower crane machine are adjustable so that people can comfortably use the crane. The seats, claws and claw strength, and even the working radius are features of this machine that can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of the operator. This ensures comfort when operating the building tower crane even for long periods.

Besides the factors listed above, the 63 Ton Tower Crane is affordable and the maintenance costs are also relatively cheap. The spare parts for this tower crane for sale are readily available and can be easily purchased. If you are in need of a tower crane, the 63 Ton Tower Crane is among the best luffing tower cranes in the market.

Why you should buy the Zoomlion 63-Ton Tower Crane?

The Zoomlion 63-Ton Tower Crane is one of the most reliable Tower Cranes available on the market for lifting works. Because the Tower Crane is affordable with low maintenance costs, this machine is very commonly used in lifting works at construction sites. In addition, the Tower Crane has easily adjustable features, which sets this TowerCrane to stand out from the other models! Lastly, because of its automatic tire locking system, the Tower Crane is very safe for the operator, making the Zoomlion Tower Crane one of the best lifting machinery you can buy!

  1. 63 Ton Tower Crane review by Darcy Bennett on 3/29/2022

    This tower crane is exactly what we were looking for. Will definitely buy more Camamach products in the future.

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