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5 Expert Tips on Selecting a Bulldozer (Don't Miss #3)

What is a Bulldozer?

  • When it comes to any type of major construction, a bulldozer is one of the most important equipment there is. It is basically a tractor machine with a type of scooping mechanism attached on the front end.
  • There are different types of bulldozers with different functions depending on their designs. But the general purpose of this construction equipment is to relocate debris, soil, cement, gravel, concrete, and anything else which it can push or carry.
  • They look very similar to tanks and use the same mechanism for movement which is tracks. These tracks help it move in almost any kind of terrain. 

ShantuiSD16 Bulldozers


  • Shantui Construction Machinery Co. is a company founded in 1980. They primarily develop and manufacture machinery used in earth moving, compacting equipment, construction of pavements, machines used for compacting, hoisting machines, building equipment, and other construction equipment needed in today’s building industry.
  • Shantui’s SD16 is their bestselling bulldozer series and is used by clients all over the world. Each variant of this Shantui bulldozer series is built and designed depending on the different environments they are going to be used in.
  • Also each of the different variants have weight capacities and other important specifications need for the job

SD16C Bulldozers


  • Known as the “King of Coal” because it is specifically designed for hauling and moving coal.
  • This variant is equipped with either Weichai or Shangchai engines which provides it with 160HP at 1850 rpm and has the ability to lift a maximum weight of 16.8 tons.
  • Has an operator’s cabin which is enclosed so its operator is protected from any debris or dust. 
  • Equipped with sufficient lights and has a 3900 x 1200 U-shaped ripper blade that is great for large quantities of coal.


SD16F Bulldozers


  • Known as the “Kind of the Woods” because it is specially designed for the woodland and forest terrains. This variant is great for forest operations like hauling lumber.

  • It is equipped with a caged canopy which extends up to the front its Weichai or Shangchai engine that gives protection to its operator from the danger of falling trees and other debris.

  • Able to navigate through rough forest terrain with ease.

  • Has a maximum lifting capacity of 17.5 tons and a 160HP engine with 3-speed transmission.

  • Equipped with a 3388 x 1149 straight-type ripper blade.

SD16TF Bulldozers



  • Another variant similar to SD16F mini bulldozer which is also known as the “King of the Woods”

  • Has a maximum lifting weight capacity of 17.5 tons made possible by its hydraulic powered lifters.

  • A faster version of the SD16F and has 5-speed travel speed with a maximum speed of 11.13 km/h.

  • Equipped with a cage-type canopy for the protection of its operator from any falling debris. 

SD16L Bulldozers


  • The SD16L bulldozer variant is bigger compared to the previous various. Has the ability to lift and handle a maximum weight of 18.4 tons behind the power from its Shangchai or Weighai engine.

  • Equipped with a Shangchai or Weichai engine which provide 160HP. 

  • This variant is ideal for construction in wet and muddy environments with the use of its hydraulic technology.
  • Has a 3-speed capability which can reach a maximum speed of 9.63 km/h.

  • Has an enclosed canopy which is able to protect its operator from 



SD16R Bulldozers



  • Known as the “King of the Landfill” because it is ideal for use in landfills for compacting, and moving rubbish. It is also used to tow dumpsters as well as other heavy objects found in landfills.

  • Able to handle a maximum weight of up to 17.7 tons using its Shangchai or Weichai engine which provides 160HP.

  • Has a 3-speed capability which can reach a maximum speed of 9.63 km/h.





  • Similar to the SD16L bulldozer variant and has identical specifications.

  • A faster version of the SD16L which has a 5-speed capability and can reach a maximum speed of 11.13 km/h.

  • Equipped with a closed canopy which protects its operator from any external debris. 



  • Known as the “King of the Highlands” because it is ideal for use in constructions in very high altitudes and cold environments.

  • Equipped with a 160HP Shangchai or Weichai engine which is designed for high altitudes.

  • Equipped with an enclosed canopy which has a protective UV-glass and has oxygen cylinders in case of lack of oxygen.

  • Able to handle a maximum weight of up to 17.5 tons and a 3-speed capability which can reach a maximum speed of 9.63 km/h. 

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