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3 Top SANY equipment for Construction Projects - Find Your Perfect Match

Sany logo – Sany Heavy Industry Heavy Equipment for sale Sany logo – Sany Heavy Industry Heavy Equipment for sale

SANY is the largest Chinese and the 3rd largest heavy equipment manufacturer in the world. Its equipment is prioritized globally for its performance, long-term sustainability, and competitive pricing.

Being a long-standing global supplier of SANY equipment, in this article, experts at Camamach have listed the brand’s best-performing and most demanded products in the construction industry.

Best SANY Construction Equipment

Although SANY is well established in all departments of heavy construction equipment, it is best known for its excavators and concrete machinery. Here we have listed the best categories and their best products for the construction industry:

SANY Excavators

Excavators are earth-moving machines that have superior digging, breaking, and lifting loads capability. The machines consisting of a boom, a dipper, a cabin, and a bucket are among the fundamentally required machines at a construction site.

Excavators are the crown jewel products of SANY. In fact, the brand ranks No. 1 in global excavator sales. Here are its two best excavators for commercial construction projects:

14 Ton Wheel Excavator | SANY SY155W

The 14-ton SY155 wheel excavator from SANY listed for Sale by Camamach

The 14-ton wheel excavator from SANY is one of its popular products. It is known to be the middle ground choice for buyers that don’t want to spend too much but still want adequate performance and easy maneuverability of the wheels.

In terms of specifications, the SY155 weighs 13500 kg and sports a powerful Isuzu 6BG1 engine. It has a hydraulic pulse absorber to reduce noise, a level 4 intensive fuel filter protection, and a luxuriously designed cabin.

25-Ton Medium Excavator | SANY SY235C

A 25-ton yellow Medium Crawler Excavator model SY235C by SANY listed for Sale by Camamach

The 25-ton Crawler excavator by SANY is the ideal and most demanded model for heavy-duty commercial construction projects.

It features a powerful Isuzu engine customized for SANY’s signature performance and power-saving standards, even in harsh working environments. All parts of the structure, especially the boom and the bucket, are highly durable while roller tracks are designed to maintain stability under the worst of conditions.

SANY Crawler Cranes

A crawler crane has a crawler-type undercarriage mounting an upper carriage with a boom. A crawler crane is used for large-scale construction projects where they lift heavy loads to great heights. For any contractor, it’s the high-capacity crane of choice.

Here is the best SANY crawler crane according to our experts:

55-ton Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane | SANY SCC55TB     

55-ton lifting capacity crawler crane from SANY

The 55-ton telescopic crawler crane is the most preferred product of its category for large-scale construction projects. It features a heavy-duty Cummins engine and can lift up to 55 tons with a maximum boom length of 42 meters.

Moreover, the model features a state-of-the-art safe control system and comes with guaranteed performance even in extreme cold/hot weather.

SANY Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Truck-mounted concrete pumps are used to deploy liquid concrete on a construction site, especially at heights. SANY is known for its quality of concrete machines and concrete pumps are its best-selling products.

Here’s the best one by Camamach experts:

62m Truck Mounted Concrete Pump | SANY


[Alt Text: A truck-mounted concrete pump from SANY with a white truck head, red pipes, and yellow housing body]

The 63m truck-mounted concrete pump features a Mercedes Benz engine and chassis for stable power and fuel efficiency. It has one-button stabilization technology for precise movements and an anti-vibration boom design.

The entire machine is built to be human-centric to handle variations of concrete deployment effectively and easily.

Where to buy SANY construction equipment?

The best practice is to import directly from the buyer instead of looking into the local market. Direct imports give you several perks such as cost benefits.

Camamach is an international supplier of heavy construction equipment from SANY and all the top Chinese brands. We have an extensive clientele in the global construction sector that has been in business with us for decades.

Contact us now for your SANY construction equipment and get a free quotation. You can also avail the assistance of a 24/7 available expert to help you decide on a product that best suits your requirements.

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