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What Are Top Sinotruk Heavy-Duty Trucks in 2023?

Official logo of Chinese Heavy-duty Trucks Manufacturer Sinotruk

Sinotruk is the oldest and the top heavy-duty truck manufacturing company in China. With annual export volumes repeatedly exceeding the billion-dollar mark ($1.47 billion in 2020), Sinotruk has maintained its top spot in China for 17 consecutive years!

Though the brand produces a multitude of industrial vehicles, Heavy-duty trucks are the crown jewel products of the brand.

In this article, Camamach, from years of supplier experience, has picked the best heavy-duty trucks for construction projects of different scales. The article will help with the indecisiveness of choosing from multiple options with similar properties.

What are Heavy-Duty Trucks?

Heavy-duty trucks are generally classified as trucks exceeding 13 tons. They are engineered for carrying heavy loads and housing heavy structures at the rear.

The multi-purposed heavy-duty trucks are commonly used for the transportation of trade goods, towing, moving houses, recovering stranded heavy vehicles, etc.

Top Heavy-Duty Trucks by Sinotruk

At Camamach we sell both heavy-duty truck heads and specialized vehicles from Sinotruk. Here’s a list of the brand’s top products spanning all available categories:

6x4 A7 Truck Head | Sinotruk

White Colored 420hp 6x4 A7 Truck Head by Sinotruk available for sale at Camamach

The 6x4 A7 truck head by Sinotruk is the most popular truck head available at Camamach. It stands out among its counterparts for its compatibility with trailers/semitrailers from all international brands and the upgraded horsepower of 420, making it suitable for most jobs and working conditions.

The in-house engine from Sinotruk is a turbocharged 4-stroke direct injected diesel engine with 6 cylinders and a state-of-the-art intercooling and water-cooling system.

Some other sellable features include an ultra-effective braking system with three different braking mechanisms and an ergonomically designed Cabin that has a comfortable sleeper and great heating and air-conditioning system.

8x4 Dump Truck | Sinotruk

Three different colored 8x4 dump trucks by Sinotruk available for sale at Camamach

The 8x4 Dump Truck (Tipper) is the top-selling heavy-duty truck of its category by Sinotruk. Hauled by a powerful 380hp engine, the dump truck is capable of reaching up to 80 km/h top speed and smoothly carrying up to 7 tons of dump load.

It has a high-end electrical system to control the cargo box and comes equipped with all kinds of accessories required for road safety and driver’s comfort such as reverse lights, backing alarm, smart cabin, etc.

6x4 Cargo Truck | Sinotruk

A 6x4 Sinotruk Cargo Truck in Red parked outside a warehouse of Camamach

The 6x4 Cargo Truck is among the best-selling products from Sinotruk, especially in the South Asian and African regions.

The biggest selling point of this model is its value for money. Under $50,000 the truck offers a 336 HP engine of all the top-end features, a large fuel tank, customizable cargo box, the finest braking system, and a durable build to withstand long and rough working hours.

6x4 Compressor Garbage Truck | Sinotruk

A Parked white Compressor Type Garbage Truck by Sinotruk in front of trees and a building

The 6x4 Compressor types are the most commonly used garbage trucks. They are cheaper compared to Hook Arm garbage trucks and are perfect for handling local waste management.

The Compressor Garbage truck from Sinotruk for sale at Camamach features a 290 HP engine and a performance-enhanced hydraulics system for loading and unloading garbage. As for the driver’s comfort, this product carries the signature Sinotruk ergonomic design in the cabin.

What are the best Sinotruk Heavy-duty trucks for your Project?

The best fit for you is dependent on your project requirements/scope. The above-listed products are all-rounder options picked out by the experts at Camamach. Within the limitations of their specifications, they are the best options to go with.

Still, if you are unsure, there’s always an expert at Camamach waiting for you

Where to buy Sinotruk Heavy Duty Trucks?

Here at Camamach, we offer a wide selection of Sinotruk heavy-duty trucks and other premium construction equipment for sale at affordable prices. We provide a simple ordering procedure and guarantee exceptional customer service throughout the process.

We export worldwide, so you can contact us for a FREE quotation today via email at [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response at +86-131-2037-9271. Feel free to check out our blogs to learn more about Sinotruk Heavy Duty Trucks and other construction equipment!

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