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5 Ways Camamach Helped a Construction Company in Peru to Get the Backhoe Loader

XCMG 8-ton Backhoe Loader at Camamach

This is the XCMG Integrated 8-ton Backhoe Loader, the exact model that we supplied to the client. It is a multipurpose lightweight machine used for several tasks on a construction site. Click on the product page to check out the detailed specifications of the product.

Introduction – Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Here we’ll take you through all the steps we took while serving our client from Peru with a Backhoe Loader order. Importing a Backhoe loader that comes from a reputable source can be a complicated process. Fortunately, this construction company puts its trust in Camamach, where a client is treated with utmost importance, and all variables regarding equipment delivery are considered.

Determining What Kind of Heavy Construction Equipment Our Client Needs

  • The client is a Peruvian construction company that required a multipurpose construction machine to handle small demolitions, lightweight construction material transportation, excavation, landscaping, and asphalt breaking.
  • The client contacted Camamach to have their needs resolved with a Backhoe Loader order.
  • At Camamach, we have multiple Backhoe loaders for sale to best meet specific client requirements.
  • We worked towards finding the ideal earth-moving equipment deals and determining the best Backhoe loader for our client.


Finding the Right Backhoe Loader

  • Camamach, with specific client requirements, initiated the search for the ideal Backhoe Loader.
  • We pinpointed the brand new and cost-friendly Integrated 8-ton Backhoe Loader as it was the perfect match for our client.


Here are some similar models also available at Camamach:

SDLG 8-ton Backhoe Loader

The SDLG 8-ton Backhoe loader is a similar model from another reputable Chinese manufacturer. It’s the perfect alternative for what the client ordered.

Lovol 8.3-ton Backhoe Loader

The 8.3-ton Backhoe Loader – FLB468 by Lovol, another high-quality alternative available from a reputable Chinese Manufacturer available at Camamach.

XCMG 10-ton Backhoe Loader

The 10-ton Integrated Backhoe Loader by XCMG is a bigger and more powerful version of the product ordered by our client. It holds the same brand quality. 

Identifying Suitable Chinese Construction Machinery Manufacturers

  • After receiving the order details, we searched for Backhoe Loaders offered by the tried and tested Chinese manufacturers.
  • In the process, we reached out to 4 Chinese manufacturers for the construction equipment.
  • After a detailed comparison of different manufacturers, Camamach shortlisted the XCMG brand based on their Backhoe Loaders’ quality to price ratio and specific client requirements.


Achieved Cost-Savings to provide a Reliable but Cheap Backhoe Loader from XCMG

  • After selecting the best-suited supplier for the client, we briefed them with all the details of the XCMG Backhoe loaders.
  • Once we made sure that the client was delighted with what we presented, we completed the order process for the XCMG Backhoe loader. ‘
  • Following strict customer service protocols, we were able to fulfill the order in a tight time frame while providing an exceptional 20% saving for the client.


What Does This Mean for YOUR Personal/Commercial Construction Projects?

We can all agree that finding the right construction equipment is a challenging process. With time, cost, performance, and long-term sustainability in mind, one must look for the very best.

Fortunately for this Peruvian construction company, Camamach has more than enough experience in the industry. If you are in the market for a specific Backhoe loader from XCMG, other alternative Earth Moving Equipment, or other kinds of machibery for your company, we have got you covered! The process couldn’t be more straightforward; all you have to do is:

Wondering Where to Find Quality Backhoe Loader for Sale?

Contact Camamach if you are also looking for a Backhoe Loader or need a reliable partner that provides its clients with affordable yet quality equipment. Just fill us in with your company’s specific needs, such as the Integrated 8-ton Backhoe Loader – XC870 for multipurpose construction industry use, and we at Camamach will fulfill your request and complete the entire process for you efficiently while saving cost!

How can we help you with your equipment/parts requirements?

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✅ Unsure if you will get the right equipment?

✅ Unsure if you will get the right after sales and spare parts?

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