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5 Ways Camamach Helped a Construction Company in Tanzania with a Mobile Crushing Equipment Order

Mobile Jaw Crusher by OEM

This a Mobile Jaw Crusher, the exact model, selected by our Tanzanian client . Click on the product link to see detailed specifications and descriptions.

Introduction – Industrial Machinery and Equipment

This case study will show how we proceed with orders from international clients. Our client is a Tanzanian Mining and Mineral processing company that required quality crushing equipment.

Cushing equipment, especially a mobile jaw crusher, must be imported with care and assured of quality from the supplier. Camamach serves its clients with just that. The supplied equipment comes from renowned and trusted brands. 

Determining What Kind of Heavy Mining and Mineral Processing Equipment  Our Client Needs

  • Our Tanzanian client wanted a Mobile Crushing machine for the mining and mineral processing site as it allows flexibility, quality crushing, and screening.
  • The client contacted Camamach explaining all the user end requirements.
  • Despite having multiple options available to serve the client, we at Camamach strived to find the best-suited and priced mobile crusher under the mining and mineral processing category.


Finding the Right Mobile Crushing Equipment

  • After receiving detailed client requirements, Camamach began its search for the best suite mobile crusher.
  • We found that a Mobile Jaw crusher checks all the right boxes for our client.


Here are some similar models of Mobile Crushers available at Camamach:

Mobile Cone Crusher by OEM

This is a Mobile Cone Crusher by an Original equipment manufacturer available at Camamach. It boards a different type of crusher than what our client ordered.

Mobile Impact Crusher

The is the Mobile Impact Crusher by an Original Equipment Manufacturer. It comes with an Impact crusher on board which would’ve been ideal for the client with different requirements. Check out the details by clicking on the product link. 

Identifying Suitable Chinese Construction Machinery Manufacturers

  • Upon receiving complete requirements, the first step was to search for the ideal Chinese Mobile Crusher manufacturer.
  • We looked at the products and deals offered by multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and picked the most reliable one.


Ordering Process at Camamach

Achieved Cost-Savings to provide a Reliable but Cheap Mobile Crusher from OEM

  • After evaluating the manufacturer on all metrics, we informed our client of our findings and suggestions.
  • After getting the Clients approval, we proceeded with the ordering process of the Mobile Jaw Crusher.
  • We swiftly completed the order and even got our client 20% in cost savings.


What Does This Mean for YOUR Personal/Commercial Construction Projects?

Everyone will agree that ordering such heavy equipment is no easy job. Ensuring the quality and performance of the equipment isn’t enough; you also have to deal with importing equipment from international soil.

Luckily for this Tanzanian client, Camamach is a place where we take care of it all. All the client has to do is follow these simple steps, and we handle it all.

Wondering Where to Find Quality Mobile Crushers for Sale?

Contact Camamach now if you need crushing equipment for your company. We’ll need your specific requirements regarding the product and its use in your company. After that, we’ll do all the work and get you the best product you could find and that too at an affordable rate.

How can we help you with your equipment/parts requirements?

✅ Are you a company of 11 - 50 people?

✅ Do you spend too much time finding the right equipment manufacturers?

✅ Unsure if you will get the right equipment?

✅ Unsure if you will get the right after sales and spare parts?

If your answer is YES, Contact Us Now for a FREE Consultation

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