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How to Buy Truck Crane and Overview of SANY Truck Crane STC250

What is a Truck Crane?

Truck Crane STC250 for sale by SANY

A truck crane, also known as a mobile crane, is heavy construction equipment mounted on a truck or any other carrier, and a cable controls it. It is ideal for lifting, lowering, or moving construction materials. Truck cranes are helpful in many industries and worksites, including;

  • Road construction industry
  • Building construction
  • Transport industry
  • Landscaping industry


Truck cranes are an extremely common piece of machinery found on most construction sites. The typical truck crane price ranges from $10,000 to $125,800.

50-ton Truck Crane STC500 for sale by SANY

What are the SANY Truck Crane STC250 Special Features?

1.      Boom system

The four-sector boom system of SANY truck crane STC250 makes it the best for your construction projects. The system is made of solid steel plus tested optimized cross-sections. As a result, it reduces stress and improves the weight distribution for higher safety rates. Besides, this track crane has pre-set jib angles that boost worker efficiency.  

2.      Enhanced chassis system

The SANY truck crane STC250 has a double-axle drive system that results in efficient chassis performance. This system increases traffic ability and comfortability in various environments and road circumstances. As a result, the driver experiences a reliable driving performance that doesn’t strain them.

3.      Intelligent electric control system

This truck crane adopts a CAN-bus full-digital network control technology that improves reliability and ensures stable control signals. Besides, the SANY truck crane STC250 intelligent protection system works with 3% accuracy. As a result, it provides a comprehensive interlock and logic control system for reliability and safety.

4.      Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of truck crane STC250 from SANY is efficient, environmental, and highly stable to provide more vital lifting ability. Besides, it ensures stable braking operations. This hydraulic system comprises load feedback, a triple gear pump, and a constant power control system to improve micro-mobility.



20-ton Truck Crane STC200S for sale by SANY

Why Buy a SANY Truck Crane STC250, and which construction projects are they for?

The SANY truck crane STC250 is new and improved with many new additional special features to make work at the construction site easier. The SANY truck crane STC250 is particularly useful in various construction tasks and activities, including:

  • Transporting
  • Lifting
  • Lowering


The SANY truck crane STC250 is customizable and can be fitted with other attachments based on specific construction projects. This truck crane can be used both for commercial and private construction projects. However, it would be ideal for medium to more extensive projects due to the heavy-duty characteristics of this specific model. SANY can also customize the truck crane STC250 to suit your specific needs; just let Camamach know what you intend to use this machine for!

Where to Find a SANY Truck Crane STC250 for Sale?

Ordering the truck crane STC250 from SANY directly has become more accessible over the years. However, it can still be a slow and time-consuming process, especially when buying small quantities of equipment. You might also face difficulties such as language barriers and non-ideal prices. Therefore, Camamach may be a better choice for you. At Camamach, we have experience with reliable products and equipment from SANY and other Chinese construction machinery manufacturers, all while helping you get the machine you desire at a competitive price.

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