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Overview of Foton Lovol Equipment and How to Buy Foton Lovol Products

Foton Lovol Logo – Buy Foton Lovol Equipment.

Foton Lovol Quick Facts:

  • Location: Changping, Beijing, China
  • Founded: 1996
  • CEO & Chairman: Gui Min Wang
  • Categories of Specialization:
    • Construction machinery
    • Agricultural equipment
    • Vehicles
    • Road Machinery
  • Market Position:
    • Ranked 64th out of Top 500 Chinese Enterprises
    • Top 41 in Construction Machinery Manufacturing
    • Supplies more than 120 countries and regions
    • Annual export volume exceeds $210 million USD


How is Foton Lovol Quality?

Foton Lovol has been in the manufacturing industry for many years, allowing them to advance to become one of China’s top machinery manufacturing companies. With over 24 years in the industry, Foton Lovol has demonstrated numerous times the high-quality characteristics of their equipment. This can be recognized through their many notable accomplishments:

  • In 2005, Foton Lovol ranked No.1 in auto industry and No. 11 in the “Top 500 Most Valuable Brands”.
  • In 2012, Foton Lovol brand value climbed to RMB 17.736 billion, ranking the 64th among China's top 500 most valuable brands
  • Lovol has emerged as one of the domestic brands with fastest growth of brand value in recent years.


What is Foton Lovol known for?

Foton Lovol has a vast selection of diverse products; some of which are very well-known across the world. Foton Lovol is particularly well-known for its backhoe loaders. The Foton Lovol backhoe loader is known as being a multi-function engineering machine type. Harvesters, horsepower tractors, motorcycles, loaders, excavators, and drilling rigs are among the construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and vehicles that the company designs, produces, and distributes. The equipment by Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry is sold all over the world.

What Are Some Common Types of Foton Lovol Equipment?

Foton Lovol backhoe loader

  • The Foton Lovol backhoe loader carries a capacity of 1000kg, which is quite high in comparison to other backhoe loaders. The cab is designed with a comfort seat that allows the operator to use the backhoe loader machine for long hours. The machine is made out of hardy material to ensure durability.


Foton Lovol backhoe loager- Buy 8.3-ton backhoe loader

Foton Lovol garbage truck

  • Foton Lovol garbage trucks, or also known as trash trucks, uses a CY4102-C3C engine which is water-cooled, with a 4 cylinder power train producing 140 horses of power. They have top notch cab design and features, with cabins that have breathable brakes, clutch booster, exhaust brake, and power steering to add to your comfort when on the wheel. Learn more about garbage trucks.


Foton Lovol garbage truck- Buy 6-wheeler compression garbage truck

What are the Most Popular Foton Lovol Products?

Foton Lovol has developed some very successful and popular products over their years in the industry. As Foton Lovol continues to strengthen and innovate their machinery equipment, their selection of popular product models will only continue to expand. Here is a list of some of Foton Lovol’s most popular products:

Foton Lovol Excavator- FR60E

This excavator has an exclusive three-pump throttling system, intelligent confluence and regeneration with 8% torque increase and 6% fuel consumption decrease. It has a large passage main valve, large diameter pipeline, optimized pipeline direction, low pipeline friction loss, and reduces the energy loss of the hydraulic system by 5%. The FR60E is a highly regarded piece of excavation equipment used by many around the world. Learn more about excavators.

Foton Lovol Excavator- Buy FR60E excavator

Foton Lovol Wheel loader- FL936H

The FL936 is a popular Chinese wheel loader used by many around the globe. Millions of impact fatigue tests have been performed on the new strengthened frame and unique composite hinge construction of the FL936. The shaft sleeve is made of 20CrMnTi honeycomb material, with a proprietary spraying method on the inner surface. It has a self-lubricating function and a long service life. To increase production efficiency, the engine is precisely linked with an efficient driving system and hydraulic system.

Foton Lovol Wheel loader- FL936H wheel loader for sale

Foton Lovol TE series (third generation) tractor: TE254

This Foton Lovol tractor is a popular agricultural tractor, which uses in-line diesel engines for great fuel economy and minimal maintenance costs. It has optional single/double-acting clutches for various purposes and operations and unique ceramic friction plates with great dependability and minimum use and maintenance. Learn more about tractors.

Foton Lovol TE series (third generation) tractor: Buy TE254 Foton Lovol tractor

Foton Lovol tractor 904

This Foton Lovol tractor has four cylinders and double intake valves and turbocharger which produces more power with less fuel consumption. The Lovol engine has a maximum torque reserve of 30%, making the work more efficient and energy-saving. The new front axle is used on the tractor making for a stronger bearing capacity and higher ground clearance. The double steering cylinders structure makes operation easier and allows for flexible steering.

Foton Lovol tractor 904 for sale

Foton Lovol tractor 704

This tractor has 8+2 gear transmission, an optional 16+4 crawling gear, and a strengthened chassis that can provide a reliable strength and a reasonable velocity configuration, and can meet the various operating needs. It has a second-generation hood that provides high reliability. The Foton Lovol 704 is an effective and cost friendly farm tractor for sale.

Buy Foton Lovol 704 tractor

Foton Lovol Tractor 254

This tractor uses a simple floor structure and an external divider for easy maintenance. It has an optional single-acting or double-acting clutch is optional. The various gear configurations, such as 8+2, 8+8, and 16+4 are optional, and the velocity distribution is reasonable to meet different operating needs. The operation is easy, flexible, reliable, and is what makes the Foton Lovol 254 one of the best compact tractors for sale.

Foton Lovol 254 for Sale

What are the Costs of Foton Lovol Products?

What is the Cost of a Foton Lovol garbage truck for Sale?

  • The typical Foton Lovol garbage truck featured through Camamach ranges from $48,000 to $55,000 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


What is the Cost of a Foton Lovol backhoe loader for Sale?

  • The typical Foton Lovol backhoe loader featured through Camamach ranges from $37,000 to $45,000 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


What is the Cost of a Foton Lovol excavator for Sale?

  • The typical Foton Lovol excavator ranges from ‎$79,000 to $81,000 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


What is the Cost of a Foton Lovol tractor for Sale?

  • The typical Foton Lovol tractor ranges from $48,500 to $49,600 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


What is the Cost of a Foton Lovol wheel loader for Sale?

  • The typical Foton Lovol wheel loader ranges from $30,000 to $32,000 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


How do I Import from China?

Directly ordering from Foton Lovol and other Chinese manufacturers has gotten considerably easier in recent years, but it is still a cumbersome and time-consuming process, specifically when acquiring modest amounts of equipment. This is why finding a Chinese sourcing agent to assist you with the purchasing and logistics procedure is essential. Camamach can assist you in meeting your construction equipment requirements by overseeing the full procurement process. We purchase directly from Foton Lovol and its subsidiaries, which results in a quick and easy process.


Does China have Import Barriers?

Yes, there are obstacles to importing from any foreign market, some of which are cultural and others which are more technological. The following is a list of the various obstacles that businesses encounter while importing directly from China:

  • Communication and language issues
  • Uncompetitive pricing for small orders
  • Slow feedback for small orders
  • Foton Lovol distributors may not be able to sell to your region
  • When ordering modest quantities, after-services are slow.


Camamach procures in volume directly from Foton Lovol, removing the barriers that a business would encounter when ordering directly from the manufacturer and allowing us to offer better pricing and faster feedback. Camamach offers flexibility to buy the equipment that meets your requirements, and budget from top Chinese manufacturers such as Foton Lovol.

Why Should I Import from China and What are the Benefits of Working with Camamach?

Importing Foton Lovol equipment from China can present your company with a number of benefits, including increased production and lower costs. There seems to be a bias against purchasing from Chinese manufacturers, but the truth is that buying from manufacturers like Foton Lovol, especially with Camamach's help, has many great advantages for your company. The following are some of the primary advantages of importing from China and working with Camamach:


Periodic Factory Visits

  • Factory inspections are necessary at all stages of the manufacturing process to ensure that things are manufactured in conformity with established rules and procedures. All through the manufacturing process, Camamach makes regular visits to the plant (before, during, and after production).

Recognizing Reliable Manufacturers of High-Quality Products

  • It has always been a major focus to provide clients with high-quality merchandise from credible producers. Camamach looks for reputable manufacturers and only works with them if their production method fits our requirements.


Procurement process

  • Camamach's procurement procedure is end-to-end. This implies that we look at every step of the process, from the moment a company places an order to when the things are delivered to the destination, and we'll be there to assist you every step of the way and handle all of the logistics. End-to-end procurement ensures optimal ease and happiness for customers.


Reduced Costs

  • Our primary goal of decreasing costs and increasing profitability for our customers is one of the most significant reasons why businesses want to work with Camamach. China can be a great place to buy low-cost, high-quality items if you know your way around the sector. Camamach is ready to handle your sourcing needs in a professional and organized manner.


Experienced Manufacturers

  • When looking for a partner manufacturer, Camamach searches for one with a lot of experience. Manufacturers with extensive experience have a comprehensive understanding of the area and industry. For many years, Camamach has worked closely with the majority of our manufacturers, and together we have transported construction equipment to more than 20 countries across the globe.


Long-Term Collaboration

  • Camamach provides after-sales support, which includes guidance with any challenges you may encounter as well as potential order interests. We seek to cultivate positive connections with our clients and place a premium on long-term collaboration.


Continuous Quality Assurance as well as Quality Control Processes

  • Continuous quality assurance and quality control processes greatly improve the possibilities of detecting and correcting errors. It enables us to detect any supply chain irregularities. Our QA/QC process is what sets us apart from the competition in terms of quality.


Where and How to Buy Foton Lovol Equipment and Products?

Camamach has Foton Lovol equipment for sale, as well as other high-quality construction equipment, all at reasonable and cheap pricing. We offer a simple and uncomplicated ordering approach, as well as excellent customer support throughout the process. We sell our products all around the world, so you can contact us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.

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