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Overview of Shantui Equipment and How to Buy Shantui Products

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Shantui Quick Facts:

  • Location: Jining City, Shandong Province, China
  • Founded: 1952
  • CEO & Chairman: Tan Xuguang
  • Categories of Specialization:
    • Bulldozer
    • Pipelayer
    • Road Roller
    • Motor Grader
    • Paver
    • Loader
    • Excavator
  • Market Position:
  • Ranked 38 in global Construction Machinery Manufacturing
    • Supplies more than 160 countries and regions
    • Annual sales volume exceeds $7.06 billion USD


How is Shantui Quality?

Shantui has been in the manufacturing industry for many years, allowing them to advance to become one of China’s top machinery manufacturing companies. With over 69 years in the industry, Shantui has demonstrated numerous times the high-quality characteristics of their equipment. This can be recognized through their many notable accomplishments:

  • Shantui bulldozers have ranked first in global production and sales for 16 consecutive years.
  • In 2019, the world’s first 5G remote-controlled high-power bulldozer was commercialized by Shantui.
  • The company is known as the bulldozer king in China, holding 40% of the domestic market in 2006. The company went on in 2010 to become the largest producer of bulldozers, making over 10,000 units that year or 2 in 5 crawler-type dozers made in the world.


What is Shantui known for?

Shantui has a vast selection of diverse products; some of which are very well-known across the world. Shantui is particularly well-known for its bulldozers. Shantui is known as the ‘bulldozer king’ in China and is the largest producer of bulldozers in the world.

What Are Some Common Types of Shantui Machinery? 

Shantui Bulldozer

  • Shantui is known to excel in construction machinery but none of its products are as good as its bulldozer. A bulldozer is a powerful tractor with a broad upright blade at the font for clearing ground. Bulldozers can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as shallow digging and ditching, short-range transportation of material, spreading soil dumped from trucks, rough grading, removing trees, stumps, and boulders, and cleaning and leveling around loading equipment.


  • Among the Shantui dozers for sale, one of the most popular is the Shantui SD22 which features high technologic content, an advanced and reasonable design, strong power, high productivity, easy maintenances, and repairs and can adapt to severe working condition


Buy Shantui Bulldozer

Shantui Excavator

  • The Shantui excavator is brilliant at what it does, from digging trenches and breaking holes to excavating mines and lifting away waste. The main features of the excavator are the bucket, arm, rotating cab, and movable tracks. Shantui excavators vary is size and use, boasting a giant excavator, a mini excavator an electric excavator, and more. The Shantui SE210 and Shantui SE220 being among the most versatile and popular. Learn more details about excavators.


Excavator– Buy Shantui Excavator

Shantui Forklift

  • Forklifts are vehicles with a pronged device in front for lifting and carrying heavy loads. Forklifts can carry all kinds of weights. You can have electric forklifts, all-terrain forklifts, fork trucks, and more meaning you can always find the right one for the job. Shantui offers two forklifts, the SF100 and the SF50, which can carry a maximum load of 10,000kg and 5,000kg respectively. Learn more details about forklifts.


Buy Shantui Forklift

Shantui Paver

  • A paver is a machine used to lay asphalt on roads, bridges, parking lots and other such places. It lays the asphalt flat and provides minor compaction before it is compacted by a roller. Aside from asphalt pavers, you can also have concrete pavers, making them usable for any type of roads, from streets to highways. Learn more details about pavers.


Buy Shantui Paver

Shantui Loader

  • A loader is used to move or load materials such as soil, rock, sand, and demolition debris into another type of machinery, such as a dump truck or railroad car. Shantui offers a huge range of loaders, including backhoe loaders, excavator loaders, and wheel loaders, meaning all sorts of needs are covered.


Buy Shantui Forklift

What are the Most Popular Shantui Products?

Shantui has developed some very successful and popular products over their years in the industry. As Shantui continues to strengthen and innovate their machinery equipment, their selection of popular product models will only continue to expand. Here is a list of some of Shantui’s most popular products:

Shantui Bulldozer – Shantui SD22

  • Shantui bulldozers offer great versatility and flexibility and Shantui prices are hard to beat. Mounted on the front are broad and heavy blades and the most popular bulldozers also feature front-mounted scooping blades. Crawler bulldozers like the Shantui 22-ton SD22 are usually used to push heavy materials such as sand from one area to another.
  • Camamach offers various other Shantui bulldozers, including the SD13, SD16, SD32, SD42, and SD90.


Bulldozer – Shantui SD22 for Sale

Shantui Bulldozer – Shantui SD52

  • The Shantui SD52 can be used for building dump, leveling automobile dump, gathering dispersed ore and rock, leveling working plate and building site, and much more. It can be used not only for auxiliary work but also for main mining. The Shantui SD52 offers flexible operation and convenient rotation, a small required working face, and fast speed.


Shantui SD52 for Sale

Shantui Bulldozer – Shantui DH16J

  • This dozer machine has a turbocharged, air-to-air intercooled, electronically controlled diesel engine which provides excellent power and durability and the electronically controlled, dual-circuit hydrostatic drive system provides many benefits such as the ability to automatically adjust the power output and the traveling speed to adapt to load changes. This large bulldozer has a heavy, durable, and strong chassis which provides for reliable operations in any environment.


Shantui DH16J for Sale

Shantui Loader – Shantui SL50W

  • While a small offering in wheel loaders, the Shantui SL30W still offers mid-range performance for its size. It has auto-lubrication in the bucket and arm joints and comes with a choice of three engines: Xichai, Wei-chai and Dong-feng. The sealed glass cabin offers a wide field of vision and a shock absorbing seat for greater driver comfort and safety.


Shantui SL50W for Sale

Shantui Excavator – Shantui SE210

  • The Shantui SE210 excavator provides all the elements of an excellent excavator whilst also being a reasonable price. The Weichai WP7 engine which has powerful hydraulics gives you the power to move your material with speed and precision. The SE210 is optimized in terms of efficiency, productivity, safety, and flexibility.


Shantui SE210 for Sale

Shantui Excavator – Shantui SE220

  • The Shantui SE220 maximizes efficiency whilst maintaining a very high level of flexibility, safety, and comfort. Work comfortably with a new air conditioning system and operate easily with the new generation LED Monitor provides customizable machine operator preferences. The Shantui SE220 has increased lifting, swinging, travel and multi-functioning performance to help you get the job done more efficiently, and the front blade allows for easy clean up.


Shantui SE220 for Sale

Shantui Excavator – Shantui SE220LC

  • The Shantui SE220LC is designed specifically to give you the confidence to complete any given excavating task. This machine is purpose-built to be just to get your everyday jobs done. This machine is the perfect blend between productivity, flexibility, and affordability.


Shantui SE220LC for Sale

What are the Costs of Shantui Products?

What is the Cost of a Bulldozer for Sale?

  • The typical Shantui Bulldozer featured through Camamach ranges from $67,816.00 to $1,020,360.00 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


What is the Cost of a Forklift for Sale?

  • The typical Shantui Forklift ranges from $6,687.00 to $14,500.00 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


What is the Cost of an Excavator for Sale?

  • The typical Shantui Excavator ranges from $23,260.00 to $208,570.00 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


What is the Cost of a Paver for Sale?

  • The typical Shantui Paver ranges from $35,000.00 to $158,000.00 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


What is the Cost of a Loader for Sale?

  • The typical Shantui loader ranges from $8,000.00 to $18,000.00 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


How do I Import from China?

With globalization and are modernizing world, ordering directly from Shantui and other Chinese manufacturers has become much easier than it used to be. However, the process can still be slow and tedious. Therefore, it is always a good idea to reach out to a Chinese sourcing agent to help you out with the process. At Camamach, we can do just this. We prioritize efficiency and cost effectiveness and will manage the entire procurement process for you. We source directly from Shantui and its subsidiaries, resulting in a smooth and fast buying process.

Does China have Import Barriers?

Yes, importing from any foreign market poses barriers, some of which are cultural and others more technical. Here is a list of the different barriers that business face when importing from China:

  • Language and communication barriers
  • Uncompetitive pricing when ordering in small quantities
  • Slow feedback when ordering in small quantities
  • May not sell to your country because of Shantui local distributors
  • Slow after services when ordering in small quantities


Camamach procures in volume directly from Shantui, removing the barriers that a business would encounter when ordering directly from the manufacturer and allowing us to offer better pricing and faster feedback. Camamach offers flexibility to buy the equipment that meets your requirements, and budget from top Chinese manufacturers such as Shantui.

Why Should I Import from China and What are the Benefits of Working with Camamach?

Camamach logo

There are many benefits to be accrued by importing Shantui equipment from China, such as higher quality items and cost reduction. There is a reason that most people order their construction machinery from Chinese manufacturers, and companies like Shantui ensure that they meet the demands of their clients. We at Camamach realize this and are proud to offer you many advantages for procuring with Camamach’s assistance. Some of these benefits include:

Frequent Factory Visits

  • To ensure that items are made in accordance with the rules, factory inspections are mandatory throughout the manufacturing process. Camamach regularly conducts these plat visits before, during, and after production.

Identification of Quality Products from Reliable Manufacturers

  • One of Camamach’s top priorities is to ensure that clients are provided with high-quality items from reputable manufacturers. We are proud to say that we will only work with dependable producers who meet our standards

End to End Procurement

  • Camamach follows an end-to-end procurement process which means that we are involved with every stage of the process, examining from the moment you put in your order to when the items are delivered to the target location. We will help every step of the way and deal with all the logistics. This style of procurement ensures maximum convenience and customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings

  • Among the primary reasons that business like to work with Camamach is due to our promise that we will reduce costs and increase profitability for our clients. China is an extraordinary location to get low-cost, high-quality goods and Camamach is ready to manage your sourcing requirements in a planned and professional manner.

Experienced Manufacturers

  • When Camamach looks for a potential partner manufacturer, an important indicator of whether they will be a good match is experience. Experience leads to a thorough understanding of the sector and industry, leading to them being much more reliable. Camamach has been partnered with a majority of our manufacturers for many years now, and together we have shipped construction equipment to over 20 countries around the world.

Long Term Cooperation

  • Once you have received your item, Camamach will continue to offer after-sales support, which includes assistance with any problems that might arise of interests in future orders. We strive to build strong relationships with our clients, and we prioritize successful long-term cooperation.

Countinuous QA/QC

  • Camamach’s QA/AC process is what puts our quality level ahead of competitors. Continuous quality assurance and quality control dramatically improves the chance of identifying and correcting defects. It allows us to reliably catch any inconsistencies in the supply chain.

Where and How to Buy Shantui Machinery and Products?

Here at Camamach we have Shantui equipment and other premium-quality construction equipment for sale, all at competitive and affordable prices. We provide a simple and straightforward ordering procedure and ensure exceptional customer service throughout the entirety of the process. We export worldwide, so you can contact us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.

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