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Sinotruk Truck Head vs. Shacman Truck Head: What is the Difference and Which is Right for You?

Sinotruk truck head and Shacman truck head have a similar general function – they both pull trucks, tankers, and trailers carrying heavy loads. Still, they have differences in power during operation, making each machine unique towards its specific job. Choosing the right construction equipment is essential for any project, which is why we will explain and compare the difference between a Sinotruk truck head versus a Shacman truck head.

Sinotruk Truck Head

Sinotruk truck head is a heavy construction machine built for pulling tankers and trailers carrying heavy loads. They have the latest 6-cylinder 4-stroke engine outputting 420 horses of power, making them more powerful for construction purposes. 

Sinotruk 420hp 6×4- Sinotruk truck head for sale
This is a 420hp 6×4 from Sinotruk, one of the many truck heads for sale from Camamach

Shacman Truck Head         

Shacman truck head is a heavy construction machine similar to Sinotruk truck head but has a few differing characteristics. Shacman truck head has a 4- stroke 6- cylinder engine outputting 380 horsepower. 

Shacman 6×4- Shacman truck head for sale
This is a 6×4 from Shacman, one of the many truck heads for sale from Camamach.


1.      Efficiency

The main difference between the two truck heads is that the Sinotruk truck head is more powerful than the Shacman truck head. The engine outputs whooping with 420 horsepower for the Sinotruk truck head and 380 in the Shacman truck head. The Sinotruk truck head consumes less fuel because of the efficient engine than Shacman truck head which consumes more fuel. 

2.      Durability

Sinotruk truck head is made of a sturdy body to ensure that they are long-lasting. The Sinotruk truck head is strong, and constructors can use it for long periods without wearing it off. They also have spare parts that replace the wearing parts. On the other hand, the Shacman truck head has many spare parts, but they wear off. 

3.      Reliability

Shacman truck head is more reliable because it is nimble, hence improves its mobility. It is also easy to use it on wet and slippery roads, such as on snow. This makes it more reliable than the Sinotruk truck head, which is more powerful but cannot be used on a slippery road.


Although both Sinotruk truck head and Shacman truck head are similar in their functionality, they have different characteristics that make both machines ideal in different specific construction operation scenarios. 

Sinotruk Truck Head

  • German VDO electrical control system controls the combustion of the engine and ensures the output power is reliable. It also controls the engine's operation from overheating.
  • It gives a superior cruising experience. Sinotruk Company equips it with the latest features, and the production uses the latest technology.
  • They are reliable for long distances as they do not emit excess carbon dioxide.
  • It provides motives power for hauling a tow. The combination of the tractor-trailer distributing the load across multiple axles while being more maneuverable than an equivalent rigid truck. 


Sinotruk 6×4- Sinotruk truck head for sale
This is a 6×4 from Sinotruk, one of the truck head for sale from Camamach.

Shacman Truck Head

  • It transmits the traction force to the trailer smoothly and buffers an impact on the load. 
  • Shacman truck head is reliable – it is easy to shift gears. It is comfortable to drive and is safe. They ensure that there is a connection between the traction vehicle and the trailer. The connection is quick and convenient. 
  • Shacman truck head has an anti-skid to help on wet and slippery roads by preventing the driving wheels from idling. The traction control system smoothens acceleration performance on snow and also prevents a transverse movement of a vehicle.
  • It has a heavy-duty capacity of 40 to 100 tons.  
  • It is flexible because it is handy, making the motor train have better mobility.


Sinotruk Truck Head vs. Shacman Truck Head: which construction machine is better for your project?

It is important to consider your project's scope and details when choosing the right construction equipment for your construction tasks. Both Sinotruk truck head and Shacman truck head provide the function of carrying heavy loads, but one can be more practical than the other depending on the specifics of your projects. 

Sinotruk truck head would be most ideal for pulling tankers due to its powerful engine. In contrast, the Shacman truck head would be most ideal for transportation due to its ability to move on slippery roads and snow.  

Wondering Where to Find Sinotruk or Shacman Truck Head for Sale?

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