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5 Expert Tips for Buying an Underground Mining Truck LHD - Don't Miss #3

Underground mining trucks are special machines built to withstand harsh underground conditions. They have high engine power, good loading capacity, and great traction; all purposed for underground conditions.

They are used for loading, hauling, and dumping loads in and out of the mine. Their narrow size makes them ideal for the job while safekeeping the operator. Camamach has different types of these machines available from reputable Chinese manufacturers.

XYUK-20 Underground Mining Truck

Underground Mining Truck Features

Here are some of the general features of the underground trucks at Camamach:

Compact Design

These heavy-duty machines for sale have a compact design but a high loading capacity. This makes them preferable underground, especially when they offer a small turning radius and good speeds.

Powerful Engine

Underground mining trucks carry and load heavyweights on rough terrains. They are equipped with powerful engines that get the tough job done. The engines have air cooling, turbocharging, and low fuel consumption.

Comfort and Safety of the Operator

These machines are known for their durability as they work in harsh environments. This also offers safety to the operator who sits in an ergonomically designed cabin with state-of-the-art controls system.

The operator has a bidirectional view of the site and hydraulic controls to make the job a lot more convenient. For additional safety, there is also an automatic alarm system for oil pressure, oil temperature, and electrical system.

Uses of Underground Mining Trucks

Mining Sites

The most common use of these machines is on mining sites. Underground mining, such as for high-value ores, is both expensive and dangerous. It requires such heavy-duty and durable vehicles.

Construction Sites

Underground mining trucks are used for mega construction projects with underground development.

Underground Mining Truck Types

Following are the types of underground mining trucks available at Camamach:


XYUK-5 Underground Mining Truck

Where to Buy Underground Mining Trucks?

Camamach can get you the best-quality underground mining trucks for sale in the market. It is a perfect choice if you are looking to get your hands on the best pricing, deals, and after-sale services.

Which Countries Manufacture Underground Mining Trucks in Bulk?

These machines are crucial in mining operations and hence remain highly demanded in the mining industries, especially the ones of developing countries.

The most popular and reliable underground mining trucks are manufactured by China, the United States, Belarus, and Japan.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Underground Mining Truck LHD?

China is one of the largest manufactures of underground mining trucks. Camamach has filtered through the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the country by testing them on all merits. The underground mining trucks LHD available at Camamah are from:


Contact Camamach now for detailed specifications and videos along with the pricing.

What’s more in the store?

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