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Camamach’s Company Visit to Chinese Heavy Equipment Manufacturer ‘Foton Lovol’

Foton Lovol Logo – Buy Construction Equipment from Foton Lovol.

Introduction: Overview of Camamach and Foton Lovol Heavy Industry

Camamach is a heavy equipment supplier who partners with the most well-known Chinese heavy machinery manufacturing companies, such as Foton Lovol. Foton Lovol, founded in 1996 and headquartered in Changping, Beijing is one of China’s largest construction machinery enterprise and ranks an impressive 64th largest in the global industry. Discover more details about Lovol.

Purpose of Factory Visit

Camamach performs frequent visits with all of its partners; it is an integral part of our company values. When our Camamach team-members scheduled a visit to one of Foton Lovol’s factories, we did so for the following purposes:

  • as a standard visit
  • to become familiar with the organization's qualities
  • to become familiar with the organization's current circumstance
  • to reinforce the Camamach – Foton Lovol respective organization
  • to examine potential issues and quickly resolve them

Factory Location

Despite the many factories Foton Lovol has in China, they have also developed influence across the world and have factories located in various countries across the globe, including Japan and Europe.

The particular factory we visited was the LOVOL Heavy Industry Co., Ltd located in Tianjin, China. This specific manufacturing site is where Foton Lovol manufactures their backhoe loaders, which is used in in road construction or in industrial construction projects.

LOVOL Heavy Industry Co., Ltd
Foton Lovol backhoe loader for sale

Foton Lovol Backhoe Loader Factory

At Camamach, we offer Foton Lovol backhoe loaders for sale. These backhoe loaders are used to dig into hard surfaces. Backhoe loader models from Foton Lovol that we provide include:

  • Foton Lovol 8.3-ton backhoe loader FLB468
  • This backhoe loader carries a capacity of 1000kg, which is quite high in comparison to other backhoe loaders.
  • The cab is designed with a comfort seat that allows the operator to use the backhoe loader machine for long hours.
  • The machine is made out of hardy material to ensure durability.
Foton Lovol 8.3-ton backhoe loader FLB468

We reviewed and learned details about the current backhoe loader models that we provide, and also discussed and learned more about Foton Lovol’s new upcoming equipment. Camamach also provides Foton Loval garbage trucks.

Projections Regarding Heavy Machinery Exports

Camamach and Foton Lovol have worked together for many years, and we are continuing to strengthen and expand our partnership and continue to discuss projections regarding exports of Foton Lovol’s heavy machinery equipment. We primarily source Foton Lovol backhoe loaders, but are working towards the process of sourcing additional popular Foton Lovol equipment in the future, including:

  • Foton Lovol Rollers
  • Foton Lovol Forklifts
  • Foton Lovol Skid Steer Loaders
  • Foton Lovol Graders
  • Foton Lovol Bulldozers
  • Foton Lovol Concrete Pump

We look forward to our continued co-operation with Foton Lovol as they continue to offer affordable, industry-leading, heavy construction equipment for the entire global market.

Interested in Foton Lovol Construction Equipment for Sale?

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