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Exclusive Look at XCMG LW1200KN Wheel loader- Full Product Overview

1. General Introduction

Are you interested in a quality and cost-friendly wheel loader for your construction operations? If so, then Camamach has got you covered with the LW1200KN wheel loader by XCMG!

2. Briefly introduce the product and describe it with 1-2 sentences

The LW1200KN is a unique wheel loader designed to scoop and move materials and is widely used in many construction projects around the world. The LW1200KN wheel loader aims to provide both efficiency and convenience to the user.

3. Describe the appearance and specifications of the product

The LW1200KN dimensions of 11280mm in length by 3886mm in width by 4250mm in height, makes this wheel loader an ideal choice for both large and small sized projects.

4. Describe the features and list in bullet points

Furthermore, the LW1200KN wheel loader is powered with 391kw of rated power, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient construction process. The LW1200KN also includes many additional special features, including:

  • Total operating weight of 48000kg.
  • Engine with high-capacity torque converter for maximum efficiency.
  • Low emission and low fuel consumption
  • High quality structures to ensure strong power, stability, safety and comfort.
  • Enhanced drive shaft for stronger torsion resistance and reliable drive.

5. Describe the most important features

Most importantly, the LW1200KN has a hinge angle of 40 degree, to help ensure stronger site adaptability, shorter running distance and higher working efficiency at lower working cost. These special features are what makes the LW1200KN by XCMG stand out from alternatives in the market.

6. Call to action

Perhaps you have tried to import a LW1200KN before, but were not sure where to start or perhaps what you received did not meet your expectations.

Here are Camamach, we pride ourselves through our business track record and customer-oriented business model, to help YOU get the machine and parts you need.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and quotation to your country, and discover how Camamach can supply you with a LW1200KN wheel loader from the manufacturer directly to you. Contact us via [email protected] or visit the Camamach website at www.camamach.com (check description below)



The wheel loader, also known as front loader, is a common but special heavy construction equipment that can perform a range of distinct tasks. From landscaping to construction, the wheel loader is truly a unique multi-functional earth-moving machine, capable of almost anything.

XCMG is a leading Chinese heavy machinery manufacturer that is well known for the production of all kinds of heavy-duty equipment, including wheel loaders. If you’re looking for a quality but cost friendly wheel loader, then the LW1200KN might just be the perfect machine for you.

The XCMG LW1200KN wheel loader is a remarkably efficient and versatile machine, providing you with the power and maneuverability you need to succeed with your construction operations. The LW1200KN was created to endure rough environments and excel in any task you throw at it. This innovative machine promises to deliver what it was designed to do.

If you’re wondering where to find a wheel loader for sale, then you have come to the right place. After all, we at Camamach pride ourselves through our business track record and customer-orientated business model to help YOU get the specific machine and parts you need.

From large to mini wheel loader, we have a wide variety of different wheel loader models available for personal customization and selection.

For more information of the LW1200KN wheel loader price and specifications, click on the product page below.


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