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What is Heli, and how to buy from Heli?

Heli Quick Facts:

  • Location: Hefei, Anhui
  • Founded: 1958
  • CEO & Chairman: Bruce Pelyino and De Jin Zhang

Categories of Specialization

  • Forklifts
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Tractors
  • And much more

Market Position

  • With a market cap of 1.12 billion USD, Anhui Heli is the largest Chinese manufacturer of Forklift trucks and ranks 7th in the global production of the lifting vehicle.
  • It exports equipment to more than 150 countries.
  • The export volume is over 350 million USD.

How is Heli Quality, and What is Heli known for?

Anhui Heli is the largest and most reputable forklift manufacturer in China and supplies to both domestic and international markets. Though forklift is the signature product, the brand also manufacturers industrial vehicles such as wheel loaders, tractors, and mining machinery – vehicles involving loading, unloading, stacking, handling traction, etc.

It is listed in the Shanghai stock exchange with the ticker 600761, and with several national and international awards, it has been serving as a leading supplier of industrial vehicles for decades.

There are 1700 forklift models, with 512 having intellectual property rights. The brand also has hundreds of networking agencies spread all over the globe which promote exports. 60% of all Heli exports are attracted by Europe and America. The brand is committed to “Repay the society with the refined product” and integrate the world’s top 5 brands.

In monetary terms, the brand at present lies in relatively non-volatile stocks and has remained stable for the past year. It is forecasted to have a 14% growth rate in the next three years after having experienced a 15.4% growth rate for the past five years.

What are the Most Popular Heli Products?

As said above, Heli is known for manufacturing the best forklifts. But it also manufactures other top-class industrial vehicles. Here we have listed the best products currently offered by the brand.

Popular Electric Forklift Truck (Lithium-ion) – G Series Lithium Battery 1-1.8t | H3 series 1-2.5t Lithium Battery

G series Lithium Battery Forklift

This is an environment-friendly electric forklift truck running on Lithium-ion batteries. The G series lithium battery 1-1.8t has zero-emission, low noise, and no acid mist volatilization with a 95% energy conversion rate. This machine is capable of giving you 6 to 8 hours of working time with just 2 hours of charging.

H3 series 1-2.5t Lithium Battery Forklift

This H3 series 1-2.5t Lithium Battery Forklift is environment friendly, safe, maintenance-free, has high efficiency, is energy-saving, and has a long service life. The product guarantees 10,000 thousand hours of seamless working.

Popular IC Forklift Trucks– G Series 1-1.8t

G Series 1-1.8t Forklift

The G series 1-1.8t Forklift has a smart diesel power unit with emissions under the EC and EPA standards. The cabin is ergonomically designed to ensure both comfort and safety of the user while the hydraulics prevent material from falling if the hose breaks.

Popular Tractors – 1-5T BD10-50

This is the 1-5T BD10-50 Tractor by Heli. It is an electric truck with a ball steering gear structure. The truck is used to carry passengers and luggage on a worksite while being energy efficient, low exhausting, and sleek in appearance.

Popular Wheel Loader – 5-6T Wheel Loader

The 5-6T Wheel Loader by Heli is one of the most reliable industrial vehicles in the market. It is engineered to have easy maintenance, energy efficiency, comfortable operation, and a big breakout force.

What are the Costs of Heli Products?

What is the Cost of Electric Forklifts for Sale?

  • Electric Forklifts with lithium-ion batteries range from $8,500 to $12,237 USD. The price depends on the size and features of the model. Heli has multiple options for you in the electric forklift category.


What is the Cost of IC Forklifts for Sale?

  • The diesel engine forklifts for sale range from $5500 to $9500 USD, depending on the size and features of the model. Diesel engine forklifts are cheaper than electric forklifts but end up costing more with fuel and aren’t as environmentally friendly.


What is the Cost of Tractors for Sale?

  • The AC electric tow tractor, also known as an electric platform truck, for sale by Heli ranges from $12,000 USD and higher. The price is dependent on the size and model of the truck. The size defines the loading capacity, while the model defines the engine type and other features in the vehicle.


What is the Cost of Wheel Loaders for Sale?

  • Wheel loaders by Heli range from $30,000 to $60,000 USD. These are heavy-duty machines that usually work in harsh environments. Like the above products, the price here is dependant on the size and model as well.


Why is it better to import from China?

The current era has made it a lot easier for you to order heavy industrial equipment from a reputable foreign brand like Anhui Heli. But, handling the processes yourselves still remains time-consuming and requires you to know all the legal and logistic guidelines of the country. 

Some common barriers that you might face include:

  • Different languages cause communication barriers.
  • Small orders are often not as prioritized as bulk orders by the manufacturer.
  • Heli’s local distribution might not be available in your country.
  • You might not get the best rates with small orders.


For these very reasons, Camamach serves as a reliable middle man between you and Heli. We have years of experience with the brand and handle everything from quality assurance to exporting until the product is delivered to your doorstep. We can get better pricing and feedbacks for you, all while providing you the flexibility to order exactly what your business needs.

Why Should you Choose Camamach for importing equipment from China?

Importing equipment from a brand like Heli doesn’t just guarantee top-quality but also comes with production and cost reduction benefits. The baseless bias against Chinese products has been nothing but propaganda which has been crushed by the country’s ascent to becoming the next superpower.

The quality of this Chinese manufacturer, combined with the reputable assistance of Camamach, will get you the best products in record time while you just type up your requirements.

Some of the benefits that Camamach offers include:

Frequent Factory Visits

Camamach keeps an eye out for your product right from the start. With frequent factory visitations, we make sure that all standard guidelines and procedures are being followed to the letter.

Identification of Quality Products from Reliable Manufacturers

With years of experience in the supplier’s industry, we have perfected the art of finding the best and most popular products manufactured by a brand. We combine manufacturing reliability with market success and feedback to bring you the best possible product.

End to End Procurement

Camamach has maintained its reputation over the years by following every single step from the moment of the order to the moment of delivery. This assures our clients that we leave no stone unturned.

Cost Savings

China is a huge marketplace for almost everything your business needs. This allows you to get top-quality equipment at affordable rates, especially when you have Camamach working with you.

Experienced Manufacturers

Being a regular exporter to over 20 countries with years of experience, Camamach only selects experienced manufacturers that live up to our quality standards.

Long Term Cooperation

Camamach aims at keeping clients for the long term. That is why we assist in any issue the client might face regarding the order after the delivery as well.

Continuous QA/QC

We maintain consistent quality assurance and control checks with every order, which ensures

every process in the order remains consistent, and our client gets the best product.

Where and How to Buy Heli Equipment and Products?

Here at Camamach, we have premium quality construction equipment from Heli and other Chinese manufacturers for sale at reasonable rates. The ordering process remains as simple as ever, and our excellent customer service is always there to assist you.

We export worldwide, so contact us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.

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