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What is Weichai, and how to buy from Weichai?

Weichai Quick Facts:

  • Location: Headquarters in Weifang, Shandong, China
  • Founded: The company was founded in 1946 and was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1998.
  • CEO & Chairman: Xu Guang Tan


Categories of Specialization

  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Specialized Vehicles
  • And much more


Market Position

  • Weichai ranks 83rd in China’s top 500 enterprises, 23rd among China’s top manufacturing enterprises, and 1st in the country’s machine industry.
  • Its equipment is exported to over 110 countries and regions.
  • Weichai’s annual revenue exceeds 300 billion RMB.


How is Weichai Quality, and What is Weichai known for?

Weichai is a multibillion-dollar enterprise from China with diversified business sectors. It has been in the heavy machinery manufacturing business for decades. The Weichai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd was listed on the Shenzen stock exchange in 1998. The main production by the brand includes electric push equipment, power engines, power generation equipment, remote control equipment, and etc.

With decades of reputation and continuing innovation in the manufacturing process, Weichai needs no praise when it comes to equipment quality. The brand has over 95,000 employees spread across the globe, and in 2020, despite the pandemic, earned a remarkable 300 billion RMB. It has also established long-term supply relationships with other renowned brands such as MAN, WOODWARD, and ELWOOD to always be reliable in terms of stock and quality.

Though manufacturing world-class heavy-duty engines is what the brand is most known for, manufacturing heavy-duty vehicles is a major part of the diversified Weichai group. The most prominent of these heavy-duty vehicles include heavy-duty vehicles such as truck heads, mine cars, and dump trucks to special vehicles such as ambulances, sweepers, and tankers.

What are the Most Popular Weichai Products?

Weichai has established a strong global reputation in the heavy machinery industry. The company continues to keep consumer faith with high-quality products. Some of the most popular Weichai products include:

Heavy Duty Automobiles

Heavy-duty automobiles by Camammach include all types of heavy vehicles, ranging from dump trucks, cement bulkers, and sanitation trucks to fire and recovery trucks. Here we have listed the most popular of these heavy-duty automobiles.

Popular Dump Truck – F2000 Series Dump Truck | New Energy Series – LNG

F2000 Series Dump Truck

The F2000 Series Dump Truck runs on the Weichai power engine with a 260HP to 420HP output. It is one of the most popular and successful products by the company and has been around since 2009. The driver’s cabin, apart from being ergonomically designed, has advanced technologies thanks to the brand’s collaboration with MAN.

New Energy Series – LNG Truck

The brand’s New Energy Series – LNG Truck is a popular truck head running on natural gas. It has the signature Weichai power engine with up to 380 HP output, 1500 Nm torque, fast transmission, and a 4 point air suspension system.

Popular Special Vehicle – Detachable Compartment z | Mine car YZT3860 | YZT5162TXS Sweep Car Wash

Detachable compartment garbage truck

The Detachable compartment garbage truck by Weicahi features a hydraulically controlled telescopic boom for smooth loading and unloading of rubbish. The operator does the entire process with a simple humanized control system consisting of a joystick and buttons.

Mine Car YZT3860

The Mine Car YZT3860 by Weichai is a powerful and reliable vehicle built to carry heavy loads over tough terrains. It is an engineering marvel with a powertrain engine, wide design, balanced suspension, and computer-aided finite element analysis.

YZT5162TXS Sweep Car Wash

This is the Sweeper car wash by Weichai used for cleaning roads and adapts to different road cleaning requirements – the cleaning operator can be adjusted to the road sub-pollution engine speed for best results.

What are the Costs of Weichai Products?

What is the Cost of Dump Truck for Sale?

  • The typical Weichai F2000 series Dump truck ranges from $35,800 to $36,800 USD. This price depends on the size and model of the dump truck and may vary.


What is the Cost of LNG Truck Head for Sale?

  • Heavy-duty vehicles with the new energy LNG truck heads range from $42,500 to 53,400 USD. This price range varies with the size, model, and customization of the vehicle. Therefore, it is best practice to contact us for the latest price quotes.


What is the Cost of Garbage Truck for Sale?

  • Garbage trucks by this brand, including the detachable garbage truck, range from $19,800 to $49,500. Contact us now for the latest pricing on this special vehicle as per your requirements. These prices vary with size, model, and customizations.


What is the Cost of Mine Car or Sale?

  • Weichai’s mine car, also called a mining dump truck, ranges from $80,000 to $120,000 USD. The price range for this heavy-duty vehicle depends on the dimensions and model of the vehicle. Thus, for the best and latest prices, contact us for a free quote.


What is the Cost of Sweeper Car Wash Truck for Sale?

  • The sweeper car wash truck offered by Weichai ranges from $34,000 to $35,000. But with constantly changing models, this price range may vary. Contact us now for free latest quotations.


Why is it better to import from China?

Chinese manufacturers have made the direct ordering process a lot easier, but it consumes a lot of time and demands that customers familiarize themselves with the importing regulations of a foreign country. It is highly likely that customers come across one of the following barriers:

  • Communication barriers due to different languages.
  • Customers ordering small quantities of heavy equipment from a different country might not be prioritized as much as bulk orders. This includes uncompetitive prices and slow feedbacks.
  • Weichai’s local distributors might not operate in a customer’s country.
  • Delay in after services for small orders.


In light of these common barriers and more, it is absolutely imperative that you let Camamach be your middle man. We will smoothly handle everything from the ordering to shipping.

Camamach works directly with Weichai and handles all of the challenges that a customer experiences when ordering directly. We can offer better pricing and feedback while still allowing you to purchase exactly what your business requires.

Why Should you Choose Camamach for importing equipment from China?

With China on its way to being the next superpower and being home to one of the largest consumer markets in the world, you can ignore the baseless propaganda surrounding Chinese products. Chinese brands, especially reputable ones like Weichai, offer several benefits with top-quality products.

And to get the best possible benefits, you should definitely give Camamach your business. Here are some of the Camamach regulations followed with every order process.

Frequent Factory Visits

Camamach conducts frequent factory visits to not only make sure your customized order is just as you have asked but also to make sure that the manufacturer is following standard quality regulations to the letter.

Identification of Quality Products from Reliable Manufacturers

Camamach has a strict manufacturer selection process. All brands listed on our website have been tried and tested with hundreds of orders and complete customer satisfaction.

End to End Procurement

End to End Procurement allows Camamach to oversee the entire order to shipment process and ensure that the customer gets exactly what they ordered.

Cost Savings

Compared to direct ordering, Camamach not only finds you better prices but works with customer requirements to find the best possible product.

Long Term Cooperation

To establish a long-term relationship with customers, Camamach offers cooperation even after product delivery.

Continuous QA/QC

The customer’s order remains error-proof with constant quality assurance and control checks.

Where and How to Buy Weichai Equipment and Products?

Here at Camamach, we have premium quality construction equipment from Weicha and other Chinese manufacturers for sale at reasonable rates. The ordering process remains as simple as ever, and our excellent customer service is always there to assist you.

We export worldwide, so contact us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.

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