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5 Key Tips for Choosing the Right Screening Equipment (2 Bonus Tips!)

What is Screening Equipment?

Circular Vibrating Screen  for Sale


Screening equipment is used for sorting ore granules based on size. Different screening machines are work on the same principles of gravity, vibration, density, and electrostatic force. They can evenly send massive granules into the feeding bins while analyzing the materials’ coarse sieving.

They are used for crushing and screening production lines in metallurgy, mineral dressing, abrasive materials, etc. The good thing about these vibrating machines is that the consistent material flow comes with low production and maintenance cost while having several design options to suit your requirements.

Screening Equipment model


Screening Equipment Features


The exciter’s eccentric block is rotated through the electromotor at a certain speed.

Feeder Tray

The feeder tray channels the material in the desired direction. The tray needs to be rigid so that all the parts have the same vibrating frequency. Otherwise, there will be irregularities in the material flow. This is why our products have feeder trays of the highest quality.

Spring Support

The screening equipment at Camamach has the spring system set up to make the natural frequency of the oscillating tray match the electromagnetic drive’s frequency. This keeps the stress to a minimum while maintaining a smooth and quick material flow.

The Base

The base supports the spring and makes sure that the vibrations don’t affect the supporting structures.

YK Series Vibrating Screens

These screens of the circular vibrating feeders have multi-decks and provide high-efficiency and precise vibrations. They also have a larger capacity and are extensively used in quarry screening aggregate. 

Screening Equipment Uses

Screening equipment is used in all industries to handle bulk materials. It is generally used as:

Vibrating Conveyor

Using the vibrating screen as a vibtrating conveyer gives a torn and burn-resistant metal belt.

Vibrating Feeder

The conveyer feeds another machine with the material.

Vibrating Extractor

The vibratory feeder, installed at a silo or hooper bottom, acts as a vibrating extractor with uniform flow.


Vibrating feeders modified with bars or perforated plates can act as a vibrating feeder and screen combo called Grizzly.

Screening Equipment Types

Camamach has high-quality vibrating screens that’ll give you optimal results with long-term sustainability. The stocked products are:


Screening Equipment made by OEM is for sale at Camamach


Where to Buy Screening Equipment

Camamach has top-class mining equipment for sale that’ll fit all your requirements while being on a budget.

Which Countries Manufactures Screening Equipment in Bulk?

Screening equipment has extensive usage in the mining industry and is involved in the initial steps of material refinement. Given the mining industry’s significance in a country’s economy, demand for this equipment is rightly high.

Some mass producers of this mining machine include China, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Screening Equipment?

You will find several Chinese brands that manufacture the screening machine. However, at Camamach, you’ll have tried and tested Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with the best rates. The equipment at Camamach is:


Head over to Camamach and contact us now for detailed specifications, prices, and videos on mineral processing products.

What’s more in the store?

At Camamach, you have mining machinery for all the stages. Some of the equipment includes:

  1. Briquette Machine
  2. Beneficiation Equipment
  3. Mobile Crushing

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