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Overview of Sinotruk Equipment and How to Buy Sinotruk Products in 2024!

  • Location: Headquarters in Shandong
  • Founded: Incorporated in 2007 as a subsidiary of the China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, founded in 1935
  • CEO & Chairman: Cai Dong

Introduction to Sinotruk

Sinotruk is a big leader in the world of moving things. They make very strong trucks that can handle many different needs across lots of businesses all around the globe. Sinotruk's trucks are always there when you need them, work well, and last long. They help move goods around the world for buying and selling stuff.

Sinotruk makes many types of trucks for big city deliveries, rough roads and different transport needs. These machines are built tough to handle hard tasks, giving the best results and making sure important things move smoothly in different areas.

Sinotruk's trucks are more than just cars. They are essential helpers for moving goods smoothly in business and industries. These trucks are known for being strong and dependable. They can handle difficult places, helping to make supply chains worldwide more efficient and productive.

Overview of Sinotruk Company

Started many years ago, Sinotruk began a trip based on a dream to change how people move things. The small business began to grow bigger. It used new smart tools and always focused on doing things well. Now, Sinotruk is a big company in the heavy truck making business. People love it because they make good trucks with new technology.

The company's growth path shows its strong commitment to advance. Sinotruk, which started small and then grew worldwide. They show strength, creativity and always strive for good engineering skills. This change has made it a strong power, changing the future of big transport.

Evolution and Growth of Sinotruk

Sinotruk's growth shows how much they care about always getting better and making new things. The business has always been working to make its truck versions better over time. This includes improving engine technologies, using stronger materials and adding smart design things. This change has made Sinotruk a leader in the industry, setting goals for greatness in making big trucks.


SINOTRUK means the trucks made by Sinotruk. These trucks come in different sizes and can do many things, helping to meet lots of needs for moving stuff. SINOTRUK's trucks are small and fast or big and strong. They cover many types of needs in moving stuff quickly and well.


Sinotruk Engine Manufacturer

Besides making trucks, Sinotruk also makes good engines that power their cars. These engines are the main source of power, giving enough strength and speed to push big loads. Sinotruk's engines are reliable and good. They make sure their trucks work really well.

Sinotruk Specializations and Market Position

Categories of Specialization

  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Specialized Vehicles
  • And much more

Market Position

Sinotruk is a big name in the heavy truck market. They make many special types of vehicles for different business needs. Their trucks are made for different jobs, like moving things, helping build projects and working hard in the tough mining industry. Sinotruk's trucks are well-known for being strong and long-lasting. They are usually picked to do difficult tasks that need lots of strength.

    • The brand ranks 102nd among the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises and 222nd among the top 500 Chinese enterprises.
    • It ranks 9th in Construction Machinery Manufacturing for Hong Kong and 1st in China’s domestic Heavy Duty trucks industry.
    • It supplies equipment to more than 110 countries in the world.
    • Annual export volume exceeds $1.47 billion USD.
  • Sinotruk HOWO

Sinotruk HOWO is a top model from the Sinotruk brand. It's famous because it works well, can handle tough situations and has many uses. These HOWO trucks include many kinds, made for different transport needs in all sorts of businesses.

The HOWO series has trucks made for many uses such as moving stuff, building work and more. These big trucks have fancy gadgets, strong build quality and powerful performance. People like to use them for tough jobs everywhere in the world.

  • Who makes Sinotruk in China?

Sinotruk, sometimes called China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, is the main company making this brand. Sinotruk is a big part of China's heavy truck business. They make advanced trucks in their modern factories with skilled workers who put together many types, like the popular Sinotruk HOWO series.

The company is really good at making things. It also likes to make new stuff and keep quality high. This has helped it become a major player in China's truck market for big trucks. Sinotruk's tireless drive for top-notch engineering has made it a sign of dependability and greatness in the world of big machines.

Sinotruk Product Quality and Reputation

Trustworthy Trucks for Tough Tasks

Sinotruk is famous for making excellent trucks. People rely on their trucks because they are powerful, function right and stay for a long time. When you need a truck that can deal with heavy stuff and hard work, Sinotruk's trucks shine for their quality and trustworthiness.

Why Sinotruk Trucks Are Trusted:

  • Strength and Toughness: Sinotruk trucks are built very strong to manage difficult tasks.
  • Reliable Performance: They work correctly and usually don't cause issues. This makes them trustworthy.
  • Long-Lasting: These big cars are built to stay strong for a long time, so people believe in them because they're tough.
  • Good Reputation: Many folks and companies believe in Sinotruk because they are known for creating quality trucks.

Sinotruk is known for making trucks that people trust. These trucks are used to deliver things, do construction work and other heavy jobs.

How is Sinotruk Quality?

Sinotruk is one of the biggest heavy-duty truck manufacturers in the world. It’s the first international heavy truck enterprise for China and is, without a doubt, the best the country has to offer. The brand was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007, while the parent company, which was China’s first heavy-duty truck manufacturer, has been in business for 86 years.

Sinotruk Quality Standards

Upholding Superior Quality

It's clear that Sinotruk cares about quality throughout its production process. The company closely follows global quality rules like ISO 9001 to make sure every truck reaches high standards. They carefully choose good materials and use the latest technology for each part. It gets checked many times to make sure it works well. The quality team at Sinotruk very carefully checks parts. They make sure each truck is strong, works well and is safe to use. By constantly making new things and following high standards, Sinotruk keeps its name for good quality trucks that work well in tough conditions.

Continuous Improvement

Sinotruk's quality rules are not only about fulfilling needs, but also always trying to get better and improve. The firm puts money into studying and improving old trucks, as well as inventing new ones. Listening to what customers say and understanding the market helps them improve their cars. This focus on getting better means that Sinotruk trucks change along with the needs of different businesses, including adding new features, upgrading materials and improving safety measures.

Certification and Recognition

Sinotruk's strong focus on high quality has gained it many prizes and acceptance in the global business world. The company's trucks follow several quality certifications around the world. This makes sure they meet safety, environment and performance rules. Sinotruk has gotten great prizes and confirmations because they always make things well. This makes them a trusted brand in the big truck making business.

Reputation and Recognition

Global Trust and Reliability

People trust Sinotruk because they always make good trucks that work well and quickly. For many years, businesses in different fields have used Sinotruk for its strong vehicles that can deal with hard jobs. The world knows this brand because it always makes trucks that work well, last long and use fuel good.

Customer Satisfaction

Sinotruk puts customers first, building strong ties with them by offering good quality products. The company's promise to give trucks that are better than what people want has made many happy customers. People all around the world like Sinotruk because it is trustworthy and works well. They often choose it to move heavy things.

Industry Recognition

Sinotruk's name is well-known, not just for making people happy but also in the truck business. The company has gotten respect and recognition from experts in the industry, rivals, and people connected to it. Sinotruk, known for its good quality and progress made in big truck technology, is a top company worldwide.

Sinotruk Parts and Spare Parts

Ensuring Operational Efficiency

Sinotruk's promise to do good work also applies not only on trucks but also parts needed for repairs. The business makes a wide variety of real parts meant to easily fit and work in their trucks. These parts go through hard tests to make sure they fit, last a long time and work well. This helps trucks do their best the whole time they are used.

Support and Availability

You can find Sinotruk parts and spares at many places because they have good service support. Dealers and service places make sure that people can use real parts. This keeps trucks in good shape as the maker wants them to be. This support network reduces time without work and improves the way businesses operate for those who use Sinotruk trucks.

Quality Assurance in Spare Parts

Sinotruk's extra truck parts go through the same hard quality checks as their trucks. The company checks each part to make sure it's really good. This gives customers confidence that the extra parts they buy are true and can be trusted. The commitment to using real parts makes Sinotruk trucks work better and last longer.

What is the Fuel Consumption of SINOTRUK?

Efficiency and Economy

Sinotruk's fuel use changes in many ways and is affected by things like type of truck, engine kind, how much cargo it can carry and where you drive. Usually, Sinotruk trucks are made to get the most out of fuel use without losing power. Small city delivery models usually use their fuel more efficiently. But, big hauling trucks might need to burn a lot of it because they can carry heavier loads.

Fuel Consumption Rates

The amount of fuel used by Sinotruk trucks can change a lot. For example, a normal 6x4 HOWO truck might use about 32-35 liters for every 100 kilometers when it's working the usual way. On the other hand, an A7 type of truck may have different fuel efficiency since it is designed and built differently with its engine set up being unique too.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Sinotruk also puts money into green technology, such as engines that follow strict emission rules. These efforts try to lower the harm their trucks have on nature, while keeping good fuel use. This matches up with world rules about protecting our environment and what customers want for green ways of moving things around.

What is the Top Speed of Sinotruk?

Speed and Safety

Sinotruk trucks have different top speeds based on their type, use and engine details. These trucks are made to work safely at speeds fit for driving on highways and tough terrain. Small city delivery trucks might go about 70-90 kilometers per hour. Heavy load haulers could have faster top speeds up to 90-120 kilometers per hour.

Speed Limitation Factors

Safety concerns, load limits and road conditions often control how fast Sinotruk trucks go. Different car types have different speeds because of things like how heavy they are, their shape for wind and tires.

Performance and Stability

Sinotruk trucks are made to give a mix of speed and safety at their best speeds. These cars are checked really well to make sure they stay steady and in control. This way, you can drive them safely even when going very fast.

How Many Cylinders Does Sinotruk Have?

Engine Configuration

Sinotruk trucks usually have engines with 4, 6 or 8 parts. These are picked according to what the truck is meant for, how much power it needs and being good at using less fuel. Trucks with smaller motors might have 4-part setups, while big trucks usually use engines with 6 or 8 parts to make more strength and turning power.

Cylinder Types and Performance

The amount of cylinders in Sinotruk trucks connects with how well they work. Engines with more parts that work together make the car go faster and stronger, making them good for big loads or tough tasks. These engines make the trucks stronger, helping them carry heavy things and go up hills easily.

Engine Efficiency and Power

Sinotruk carefully matches the engine's size and numbers of cylinders to make both fuel use better and delivering power more effectively. Their engines are made and tested a lot to make sure they work the best, last long, and don't break down under different working situations.

Who is the Sinotruk Engine Manufacturer?

In-House Engine Expertise

Sinotruk is happy because they make their engines. They show skill and accuracy in designing and making them. The truck company makes their own engines to give them total control over the details. This ensures perfect fit and best performance with their trucks.

Engine Innovation and Development

Sinotruk's promise to make engines requires constant changes and growth. The business puts money into new ideas and discoveries, making engine tech better for speeding up performance, saving fuel use while also being kinder to the environment. Sinotruk's engines show the latest technology, meeting new industry rules and customer desires.

Quality Assurance in Engine Production

Making engines at Sinotruk has strong quality checks. Each engine is checked and tested very carefully to make sure it meets high quality standards. This careful checking makes sure that Sinotruk engines work great, are dependable and last a long time in their trucks.


Who Makes Sinotruk in China?

Manufacturing Excellence

Sinotruk is a big company in China that makes heavy trucks. The business runs modern factories with top technology and has trained workers. Sinotruk is very dedicated to making top trucks. They make sure their vehicles are of the best quality and meet worldwide rules for all types of work areas.

Global Footprint

The main factories of Sinotruk in China make trucks which are sent all over the world. The company's worldwide reach, thanks to its strong building skills in China helps send good and fast trucks all around the world markets. This makes it a well-known trustworthy brand across borders.

Commitment to Innovation

Sinotruk's factory work in China does more than just make trucks. They also keep working on new ideas and better ways to do things. The company puts money into new technology and making things better. They help to create new ideas that make their trucks from China even smarter, stronger, and faster.

Who are SINOTRUK Competitors?

Industry Landscape

SINOTRUK meets rivalry from some important companies in the big truck making business. Other big players like Shacman, FAW have trucks just as strong. They want to sell more and make customers happy too.

Competitive Strategies

People in the big truck business try to win by using different methods like making new products, setting lower prices, advertising strongly and being nice when they deal with customers. Each person, including Shacman and FAW, brings special things to their trucks with different skills. They aim at specific parts of industries or what customers need.

Shacman / FAW

Shacman and FAW are big rivals in the heavy truck business with SINOTRUK. Shacman, known for strong and long-lasting trucks, flights directly with SINOTRUK. They provide different types of big vehicles that are very dependable. But, FAW has a range of different trucks. They focus on new ideas and using advanced technology to meet the needs of their customers better.

Market Positioning

Competitors like Shacman and FAW place themselves differently in the market. Shacman works on making sure trucks are strong and long-lasting. They target businesses that need hardy, tough trucks. FAW, known for its improvements in technology, wants to attract people looking for new features and modern design on big trucks.

Competing for Excellence

When fighting in the big truck business, SINOTRUK always improves its plans to keep their spot in the market. This contest makes people better and drives new ideas. It helps customers by giving them more good choices for big transportation stuff.

Are Sino Trucks Good?

Reliability and Performance

SINOTRUK and other Sino trucks are known for being dependable and doing their job well. People like these trucks because they are strong, work well and can handle hard jobs. The trucks keep working well and last long, making them known as reliable cars for tough jobs.

Customer Satisfaction

People who use Sino trucks are very happy because these trucks do their job really well. Companies in different businesses use Sino trucks because they work well and last long. This makes them happy with the brand.

Industry Acknowledgment

Sino trucks are known for being reliable and strong, which has been recognized in the heavy truck business. The company makes good cars all the time and helps heavy truck technology get better. This keeps it as a liked brand among its rivals.

What is Sinotruk known for? 

Sinotruk sold more than 500,000 commercial vehicles in 2020, out of which 300,000 were heavy-duty trucks. There was a 67% increase in year-on-year sales for heavy-duty trucks and an 80% year-on-year growth rate for light trucks. With over USD 1.47 billion in exports, the company far outpaces any other manufacturer in the Chinese industry.

Needless to say, Sinotruk has a well-established reputation in the world, and it has more than enough numbers in revenue to keep living up to the expectations.

The brand is mainly known as the manufacturer of the best heavy-duty truck in China,  but it also manufactures special purpose vehicles, buses, engines, transmissions, and chassis.  

Sinotruk Products Overview

What are the Most Popular Sinotruk Products?

Sinotruk’s reputation is rooted deep within the industry, and the sole credit belongs to the sustained quality of products. Over the years, the company has introduced products and continues with the innovation to deliver new and improved products.

Here are the most popular products by Sinotruk:

Heavy Duty Trucks

As the name suggests, heavy-duty trucks are engineered to carry heavy loads over long distances. sHaving powerful and cost-saving trucks in your business is vital for a reliable and optimal workflow. Heavy duty trucks by Sinotruk are:

Popular Truck Head – Sinotruk 6 x 4 371HP / Sinotruk 6 x 4 420HP

6 x 4 371 HP truck head by Sinotruk - Sinotruck

The 6 x 4 371 HP truck head by Sinotruk has a 10-wheel tire design and a turbocharged diesel engine that has been built with Steyr technology and is best suited for carrying tanker trailers low bed trailers, and flatbed trailers.

 6 x 4 420HP truck head by Sinotruk

The 6 x 4 420HP truck head by Sinotruk houses a super-notch 4-stroke 6-cylinder turbocharged engine. The main difference between this and the previous item is the engine. Both provide competitively good performance for the given specifications.

Popular Product – Sinotruk 6 x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck | Sinotruk 6 x4 compress Garbage Truck

Sinotruk 6 x 4 Hook Arm garbage truck

The Sinotruk 6 x 4 Hook Arm garbage truck features a hydraulic hook system on the chassis for efficient loading and unloading. The truck head houses a 4-stroke 6-cylinder engine with turbocharging, inter - and water -cooling technologies.

Sinotruck 6 x4 Compress Garbage Tuck

The Sinotruk 6 x4 Compress Garbage Tuck features compression technology. It has a high compression ratio, high loading capacity, and proper sealing. It also acts as a dumpster truck.

Popular Cargo Truck – Sinotruk 6 x 4 / Sinotruk 8 x 4

6 x 4 Cargo Truck by Sinotruk

This is the 6 x 4 Cargo Truck by Sinotruk. It features the 6-cylinder 4-stroke 336 horsepower diesel engine with inter- and water-cooling technology to haul your cargo for long distances.

8 x 4 Cargo Truck by Sinotruk

The 8 x 4 Cargo Truck by Sinotruk features more room and a much powerful engine than the previous product. The truck head has the same 6 cylinder and 4 stroke engine with 371 horsepower, inter, and water cooling technology.

Popular Dump Truck – Sinotruk 6 x 4 Mining / Sinotruk 6 x 4 / Sinotruk 8 x 4

6 x 4 Mining Dump Truck by Sinotruk

The 6 x 4 Mining Dump Truck by Sinotruk is engineered to withstand heavy and rough loadings and unloading of a mining site. It features a 371 HP diesel engine with turbocharging and water cooling. The truck also has a specially designed super braking system for safety on rough terrains.

6 x 4 Dump Truck by Sinotruk

This is the 380 HP 6 x 4 Dump Truck by Sinotruk. The engine carries all the signature features of a Sinotruk truck head. The carrier is controlled with advanced hydraulics, and to ensure safety with added heavy loads, the truck also features a 3-style braking system, a traverse stabilizer, a floating suspension, and shock absorbers.

8 x 4 Dump Truck by Sinotruk

The 8 x 4 Dump Truck by Sinotruk features hydraulic rams for lifting the truck. The truck head houses the classic engine system along with a sophisticated electrical system.


Specialized Vehicles

Special vehicles are equipped with sophisticated technologies to perform specific tasks. There is a wide variety of special vehicles supplied by Camamach. Special Vehicles by Sinotruk include:

Popular Fire Truck – Sinotruk 15 ton Water Foam Fire Fighting Truck

15-ton Fire Truck by Sinotruk

This is the top-of-the-range 15-ton Fire Truck by Sinotruk. It is amongst the biggest HOWO series by the brand, giving you assurance in regards to demanding emergencies. The engine packs 266 HP, and the chassis houses a massive water foam tank that can store 15 cubic meters.

Popular Mobile Workshop – Sinotruk Customized Mobile Workshop

Customized Mobile Workshop by Sinotruk

The Customized Mobile Workshop by Sinotruk is one of the most popular special vehicles supplied by Camamach. It comes with a powerful truck head and a buyer-specific workshop in the container.

Popular Tankers – 6 x 4 oil Tank Truck / 6 x 4 Water Tank Truck

6 x 4 Oil Tank Truck by Sinotruk

The 6 x 4 Oil Tank Truck by Sinotruk is one of the most recommended petrol tankers. It features a 20 CMB cargo body and comes engineered with the lowest possible Kerb weight and best safety measures.

6 x 4 Water Tank Truck by Sinotruk

This is the 6 x 4 Water Tank Truck by Sinotruk. It comes with both left and right and driving options. The truck head contains a standard Sinotruk engine, and the tank body is capable of storing 20 cubic meters of water.

Sinotruk Spare Parts

Heavy Equipment Spare Parts

Keeping Trucks Going Strong

Sinotruk parts are needed to keep trucks working well. These parts are like puzzle pieces that help to repair or change damaged and old parts in the trucks. Using real Sinotruk replacement parts makes sure that the trucks work smoothly and well.

Key Points about Sinotruk Spare Parts:

  • Genuine Parts: Using real Sinotruk replacement parts keeps the truck working well.
  • Reliability: These pieces are made to fit perfectly and work well, making sure the truck stays dependable.
  • Durability: Sinotruk parts are strong, they last longer and you don't have to change them often.

These extra parts are very important for making Sinotruk trucks last long and work well.


What are the Costs of Sinotruk Products?

What is the Cost of Truck Heads for Sale?

  • The typical Sinotruk truck head available for sale at Camamach ranges from $43,750 to $47,375 USD. The price is dependent upon machine size and model. The prices continually change, so it’s recommended to contact us first for the latest prices.

What is the Cost of Dump Trucks for Sale?

  • The Dump Trucks supplied by Camamach range from $50,000 to $63,125 USD. The prices vary depending on truck size and model. It’s better to contact Camamach for the latest prices.

What is the Cost of Garbage Truck for Sale?

  • Garbage trucks supplied by Camamach range from $45,000 to $140,000 USD. The prices, depending on the model and size, constantly change from the manufacturer. Contact Camamach for the latest prices on Garbage trucks.

What is the Cost of  Fire Trucks for Sale?

  • Fire truck by Sinotruk currently costs $98,400 USD. However, the price keeps changing. Contact us now for the latest prices.


What is the Cost of Cargo Trucks for Sale?

  • Cargo Trucks by Sinotruk range from $45,650 to $48,750 USD. These prices are determined by the size and model of the cargo truck and constantly change. Contact us now for the latest rates.

What is the Cost of Mobile Workshop for Sale?

  • The Mobile Workshop by Sinotruk costs $87,500. However, the price is determined by the specific customizations of the workshop. Contact us now with requirements to get a free quote.

What is the Cost of Tankers for Sale?

  • The tankers by Sinotruk vary from $41,600 to $42,250. The prices are dependent on the model and size of the tankers. Contact Camamach for the latest prices as they keep changing.

Buying Sinotruk Equipment: Process and Tips

Your Guide to Procuring Quality Machinery

Buying Sinotruk tools means following some important steps so you can have a happy and easy purchase. It usually starts with figuring out exactly what gear you need, doing a lot of looking into the chosen types and talking to approved sellers or suppliers.

Tips for a Successful Purchase:

  • Assess Your Needs: Know exactly what your equipment needs are.
  • Research Thoroughly: Check out different designs, features and costs of what's on offer.
  • Connect with Dealers: Contact certified Sinotruk dealers for trustworthy items and assistance.
  • Evaluate Financing Options: Look at the ways you can get money or borrow something for buying what you want.
  • Inspect Before Buying: When you can, check the gear yourself or get help from an expert.

How and Where to Buy Sinotruk Equipment and Products?

Finding Your Reliable Source

If you want to buy Sinotruk equipment, it's important to talk with trusted sellers or distributors who are connected directly with the company. These shops work all over the world, making sure people can get real Sinotruk products. They also give helpful services to support what they sell.

Places to Buy Sinotruk Equipment:

  • Authorized Dealerships: Buy directly from official Sinotruk stores to make sure it's real.
  • Online Platforms: Some approved sellers let you buy things on their websites.
  • Trade Shows & Exhibitions: Go to business events where Sinotruk displays its items.

Best Practices for Purchasing Sinotruk Products

For an optimal buying experience, follow these best practices when purchasing Sinotruk products:

Key Practices:

  • Authorized Sources Only: Buy directly from approved Sinotruk sellers or shops.
  • Verify Authenticity: Look for real Sinotruk trademarks and certification.
  • Research and Compare: Check out product details, warranties and services after buying.
  • Seek Expert Advice: Talk to people who know about the topic or have used it before for helpful advice.
  • Review Warranty and Support: Know the conditions of the warranty and what support services you can get.

Sinotruk HOWO Parts

Sinotruk HOWO parts are very important for keeping your vehicles working well and strong. True spare parts are important to make sure they fit well and last a long time.

Key Points about Sinotruk HOWO Parts:

  • Authenticity Matters: Always use real Sinotruk HOWO parts for the best performance.
  • Warranty Consideration: See if the parts have warranty protection.
  • Authorized Dealers: Buy parts from official Sinotruk stores to make sure they are real.
  • Compatibility Assurance: Make sure the parts you buy work with your HOWO model.

Why is it better to import from China?

In recent years, ordering heavy equipment directly from Chinese manufacturers such as Sinotruk has become easier. However still, the process can be time-consuming, especially when you are not ordering bulk equipment. You are likely to come across many obstacles when importing equipment from foreign soil. That is why, at Camamach, we serve as the middle man between you and Sinotruk – and its subsidiaries. We handle every ordering and importing process for you and do quality assurance checks before the equipment is delivered to you.

These barriers include:

  • Communication barriers, primarily due to different languages
  • Ordering in small quantities might not be prioritized by the brand — slow feedback and after services. 
  • Sinotruk’s local distributor might not supply in your country.
  • Uncompetitive prices for small orders.

We at Camamach deal directly with Sinotruk and take care of all the obstacles a business faces when ordering directly. We can get better pricing and feedback for you, all while providing you the flexibility to order exactly what your business needs.

Why Should you Choose Camamach for importing equipment from China?

Getting your equipment from the Chinese brand Sinotruk comes with the benefits of production and cost reduction. Long has the baseless bias against Chinese manufacturers existed around the world. China is en route to becoming the next superpower and offers several advantages along with high-end quality. Importing from a reputable Chinese manufacturer such as Sinotruk combined with the trustworthy assistance of Camamach will get you the best results possible.

Some of the benefits that Camamach offers include:

Frequent Factory Visits

The first step in ensuring that our clients receive the best quality products is to supervise the manufacturing process. We make sure that the manufacturer follows all regulations and procedures to the letter with frequent factory visits.

Identification of Quality Products from Reliable Manufacturers Frequent Factory Visits

Camamach has strict manufacturer selection criteria that has been perfected with years of experience in the industry. This makes sure that our clients receive products of the highest quality.

End to End Procurement

With end to end procurement, Camamach oversees every process from the moment to order to delivery. This gives our clients the highest form of convenience.

Cost Savings

China is perfect for ordering high-quality equipment at affordable rates. Camamach helps its clients by getting them the best possible deals in the market.

Experienced Manufacturers

Camamach has been in the industry for years and only works with experienced manufacturers with a stellar reputation. We have exported equipment with such manufacturers to over 20 countries.

Long Term Cooperation

Camamach aims to establish a long-term business relationship with its clients. That is why it offers long-term cooperation where clients are assisted in any issue they face regarding the order.

Continuous QA/QC

With continuous quality assurance and quality control, Camamach makes sure every process in the order remains consistent and our client gets the best product.

Where and How to Buy Sinotruk Equipment and Products?

Here at Camamach, we have premium quality construction equipment from Sinotruk and other Chinese manufacturers for sale at reasonable rates. The ordering process remains as simple as ever, and our excellent customer service is always there to assist you. We export worldwide, so contact us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.

How can we help you with your equipment/parts requirements?

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✅ Do you spend too much time finding the right equipment manufacturers?

✅ Unsure if you will get the right equipment?

✅ Unsure if you will get the right after sales and spare parts?

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