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Top XCMG Equipment for Construction Projects in 2024!


XCMG is among the top 5 manufacturers of construction equipment globally and the leading brand in China. It has roots in over 170 countries making it a reliable brand for after-sale services.

What is the best XCMG Equipment for Construction?

XCMG’s product range, supplied by Camamach, covers all modern machinery required across the industrial sector. But for this blog, we’ll specifically cover XCMG’s crown jewel product categories in the construction industry.

Though XCMG is one of the leading brands of concrete machinery, it is mainly renowned for its Excavators and heavy-duty crane vehicles.

Here is the best XCMG equipment for the construction industry:


Excavators are digging and lifting machines required across the construction, agriculture, and mining industries. Their categorization is based on the size and power of the machine, which depends on the scale of a project.

XCMG, being a top brand for excavators offers machines for projects of all scales. Below are some of the best and most popular XCMG excavators.

XCMG XE740C 47-Ton Excavator | Top Construction Equipment

A photo of an XCGM 47 Ton Large Size Excavator, model XE470C listed by Camamach for Sale This is an XE740C 47-Ton Excavator from XCMG, one of the many Earth Moving Equipment for sale from Camamach.

The XE740C 47-Ton excavator is a large-sized heavy-duty machine capable of performing in virtually all kinds of environments. The competitive pricing and reliability of a 284 kN digging force make it the most demanded large-sized excavator from XCMG.

It features an original Cummins engine with Europe II emission standards, an automatic preheating system, a turbocharger, a large-scale silencer, and a state-of-the-art error prevention system.

Its advanced hydraulic system, designed for maximum efficiency, features double-pump and convergence technology.

XCMG XE15U 2-Ton Mini Excavator | Top Construction Equipment

XCMG XE15U – XCMG 2-Ton Mini Excavator for Sale This is a 2-Ton XE15U from XCMG, one of the many excavators for sale from Camamach.

The XE15U 2-Ton Excavator from XCMG is a fast and sturdy machine ideal for small-scale projects. Its 16 kN digging force and 0.04 m3 bucket weight capacity work with the same advanced hydraulic system.

Crane Trucks

XCMG manufactures both Truck Cranes and Truck Mounted Cranes. Truck cranes are special vehicles built specifically to feature heavy-duty cranes. Truck-mounted cranes are regular trucks with cranes attached to the chassis. Both machines are essential in the construction industry.

Here are some best products from XCMG.

XCMG QY25 25-Ton Truck Crane | Top Construction Equipment


XCMG QY25 – XCMG 25-Ton Truck Crane for Sal This is a 25-Ton QY25 from XCMG, one of the many Truck Cranes for sale from Camamach.

The QY25 25-ton Truck Crane by XCMG is the most popular machine in its category. It features dual control engines, a bi-hexagonal cross-section boom of 10.4m to 34m, a strong bearing capacity, and a strong anti-bending lifting capacity.

The truck crane’s exceptional performance relies on its open fixed displacement pump and variable displacement motor system that smoothly deals with light and heavy loads.

XCMG SQ10ZK3Q 10-Ton Truck-Mounted Crane | Top Construction Equipment

SQ10ZK3Q 10-Ton Truck-Mounted Crane for Sale This is an SQ10ZK3Q 10-ton Truck-Mounted Crane by XCMG, one of the many Truck Cranes for sale from Camamach.

The SQ10ZK3Q 10-Ton Truck-Mounted Crane features Single-cylinder synchronization technology and a symmetrically designed boom with anti-bending. Since it’s a hybrid vehicle, the point bridge structure design lowers the accessional stress on the chassis when traveling while the anti-slewing equipment ensures safety.

What is the best XCMG Equipment for your construction projects?

The best equipment depends on the scope of your construction project. The above-mentioned equipment, though best in the business, is requirements-oriented.

It’s important to have comprehensive requirements specifications to get the most out of these heavy-duty machines and spend the minimum amount possible.

For example, in the case of Excavators, operating weight and digging force are considered to be the primary selection metrics. For lighter loads but hard surfaces, going with a Mini XE15U 2-Ton Excavator is the ideal choice. However, for projects requiring bulk work, speed, higher load capacity, and digging force, an all-rounder option like the XE740C 47-Ton excavator is the preferred choice.

If you still need more help deciding, just ask an expert at Camamach for a detailed analysis of your project and the best recommendation.

Where to buy XCMG Equipment for Construction?

Camamach internationally supplies XCMG construction equipment at competitive rates. With a straightforward ordering procedure and 24/7 customer service, our clients are guaranteed an exceptional experience.

Contact us for a FREE quotation today via email at [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response at +86-131-2037-9271. Feel free to check out our blogs to learn more about excavators, truck cranes, and other construction equipment!

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