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5 Things You MUST Know to Choose the Right Concrete Mixer - Don't Miss #4

What are Concrete Mixers?

Concrete Mixer for Sale

Concrete mixers are large rotating devices that mix cement with aggregates like sand, gravel, or water makes concrete. The most common mixer is a rotating drum that’s carried on a truck. Such in-transit mixers can mix the concrete and move it around a construction site.

In-transit concrete mixer

Concrete Mixer Features

Standard concrete mixer features are as follows:

The Drum

The drum in a concrete mixer is the round vessel that keeps rotating with the moving truck. It has internal blades that aid in mixing cement and aggregate. The main reason that the drum keeps spinning is to keep the concrete fresh for deployment – it would settle and harden otherwise.

The Transport Truck

Concrete mixers are run on diesel engine-powered trucks. They keep the drum spinning and allow mass transportation and deployment of concrete.

The Spiral Blades

Drums of concrete mixers have spiral blades rotating in the same direction. The blades keep the mixture in deployable form.

Swiveling Discharge Tube.

The drum’s blades move anticlockwise when it’s time to deploy the concrete. This happens through the swiveling discharge tube.

Concrete Mixer Uses

Concrete mixers have the following primary uses:

Cement and Aggregate Mixing

The primary purpose of concrete mixers is to make uniform concrete. The process requires a rotating drum and blade and a truck for in-transit mixing.

Concrete Transportation

The in-transit concrete mixers have made the construction process a lot easier and time-saving. The concrete is prepared en route to the construction site.

Concrete Mixer Types

At Camamach, you’ll find several high-quality options that best fit your work requirements and budget. The concrete mixer for sale at Camamach includes:


Cement Mixer

Where to Buy Concrete Mixer?

Camamach is known to stock the best quality cement mixer for sale in the market. If you are looking for bulk quantities of concrete mixers, contact us for details and pricing at Cement Mixer Trucks.

Which Countries Manufacture Concrete Mixers in Bulk?

A concrete mixer is the most basic machine at a construction site. With increasing infrastructural demands, its consumption has risen significantly, especially in developing nations.

The top manufacturers of this machine are China, the US,  and Australia.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Concrete Mixers?

China is home to many concrete mixer manufacturers. With extensive experience in factory auditing, testing, sales services, and supplier development, Camamach has selected the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for concrete machines. We also exclusively supply the following brand:


What’s more in the store?

Camamach also has other types of concrete equipment for sale at  Cement and Concrete Machinery:

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  2. Cement Bulker
  3. Trailer Concrete Pump

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