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5 Tips to Buy the Perfect Road Roller - Must Check #3

What is a Road Roller?

a road roller from Chinese XCMG company

road roller, also known as roller or roller compactor, is a compactor vehicle for compacting soil, concrete, or gravel during roads, landfills, and agriculture. The road roller's primary function is to crush loose materials on the construction and smooth the ground by applying the heavy drums' pressure. There are many types of road roller compactor machines that we sell, and they vary depending on the size, the feature of the rollers, and the extraordinary capabilities they have.

a road roller is constructing an asphalt road.

Road Roller Features

Road roller is the leading equipment and machinery in wide constructing utilization. The key features are:

1.      Drums

A road roller is usually made up of two drums with one drum being driven and provides the pressure, while another rotate and driving the machine’s body. In Camamach, we have road rollers with different kinds of drums based on the different use. Check our Camamach Products Page to learn more.

2.      Vibrating

Some road rollers have vibrating systems, which can help the smaller machine perform the same as the heavy ones. The vibration usually comes from a free-spinning hydrostatic motor inside the drum.

3.      Water Lubrication

The surface of the drums usually has a layer of water lubrication in order to prevent the asphalt from sticking to the drums.

A worker is driving a double drums road roller.

Road Roller Uses

There are a lot of forms of road rollers, and the usages of the equipment depend on the forms:

·         Crush rocks and gravels

Road rollers can smooth the natural empty spaces of soil and rocks, and they can also crush the stones and gravels that block the construction process.

·         Pave road

One of the significant road usages rollers is paving and flattening the surface of roads. The type of road rollers that the construction requires depends on the project's scale and the pavement structure.

Road Roller Types

Camamach stocks many types of road roller compactor machines in the best quality for you. Here are some of the common road roller types:

·         Single Drum

As the name suggests, a single drum roller is a road roller with one heavy drum in the front. The back of the machine consists of strong and large heavy-duty tires

·         Double Drums

The Double-drum roller has two large drums in both the front and the back. It allows the machine to smooth and crush the road in the front and from behind simultaneously. It is the best product to flat things

·         Vibratory Roller

The vibratory roller contains a vibrating function while the roller flattens the ground. The vibration helps increase the force to crush the gravel and compress the road.

Where to Buy Road Roller?

The best way to purchase a high-quality road roller is from the manufacture directly. Buying from manufacture can guarantee quality as well as good prices.

If you don’t have access to the manufactures directly, Camamach can help you find the road rollers with affordable prices and the best qualities. Visit us at Road Roller for saleto get details and pricing.

Along with dump trucks, we also sell and export other road construction machinery such as:


Which Countries Manufacture Road Roller in Bulk?

Consumption of road roller has increased dramatically across the world, especially in developing countries. The main producers of road rollers are China, Sweden and Japan.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Road Rollers?

There are many companies in China that produce road rollers. Camamach, after years of experience in the equipment export industry, has selected XCMG, a leading Chinese producers of construction vehicles, and the top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for you. You can check the producers here:


Feel free to contact us for detailed description, pricing and videos of this product.

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