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3 Tips To Buy the Beneficiation Equipment (2 Secret Tips!)

What is Beneficiation Equipment?

Ball Mill is used to grind the structural bonds during beneficiation process

Beneficiation is the process of refining ores based on their mineralogy. There are several different types of equipment to serve the common purpose of improving the ores for further processing.

Camamach has different types available that operate on different principles like flotation, shaking, and magnetism. The entire process is crucial and fundamental in the mining industry as it separates out the desired mineral.

Magnetic Separator is used to filter out magnetic materials


Beneficiation Equipment Features

Beneficiation equipment isn’t limited to a singular machine. Here are some key features from different machines:


Flotation is a popular mineral separating and concentrating mechanism done after the grinding. It works on the hydrophobic or hydrophilic principle.

Magnetic Separation

As the name suggests, magnetic separation uses magnets to filter out magnetic materials. The magnets are located inside the liquid-filled drums, where magnetic particles are drifted with movements. The basic method is usually used in iron ore beneficiation.


Grinding is a standard beneficiation process that reduces the mineral size by mechanical forces breaking the structural bonds. The two types of machines available at Camamach include the ball mill and MBS type rod mill. The former working with steel balls and the latter with a steel rod.


Shaking involves the separation of materials based on size, density, specific gravity, and shape on a shaker table.

Beneficiation Equipment Uses

The primary purpose of the mineral processing equipment include is to increase the economic value by obtaining concentrated material of high grade after gangue removal. There are several requirements and mineral dependant machines for beneficiation, but the fundamental objective is the same.

Beneficiation Equipment Types

Camamach has mining machinery for all your requirements. The available products include:


Shaking Table is used to separate the material materials based on size, density, specific gravity, and shape.


Where to Buy Beneficiation Equipment?

Camamach has stocked all kinds of mining equipment for sale. You’ll find products of the highest quality at competitive rates.

Which Countries Manufactures Beneficiation Equipment in Bulk?

Beneficiation equipment is fundamental in the mining industry. The mineral potential of a country contributes a significant portion to the GDP. That is why the demand for beneficiation equipment is rising, especially in developing countries.

The equipment’s largest manufacturers are China, Japan, Germany, and the United States.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Beneficiation Equipment?

China is a mass producer of the mining machine. Camamach has filtered through several manufacturers to bring you the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the market. The beneficiation equipment at Camamach is:


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What’s more in the store?

At Camamach, you’ll find all kinds of mining equipment such as:

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