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5 Expert Tips to Buy Road Markers - Must Check #4

What are Road Markers?

Road Marker for sale
Road Marker for sale

Road markers are road construction machines used for painted surface markings that symbolize road boundaries, directions, vehicle positioning, and parking spots for vehicles and pedestrians. Road surface marking is the final and essential step in road construction.

Different versions of this equipment lay thermoplastic paint over roads depending on the required work scale – surface area and time.

All in one kneader/ Road marking machine
All in one kneader/ Road marking machine

Road Marker Features

Thermoplastic Heating Cylinders

Thermoplastic paint used by the road markers is solid at room temperature. It melts in a heat mixer that is usually a part of the machine – it may also be transferred to the marker tank from a separate heat mixer that can accommodate larger amounts.

Distribution Tank/Die Shoe

Once ready for deployment, the heated paint drops into the distributing tank with specific shoe widths and distance from the surface to ensure precise and even markings. The heat mixer and the distributing tanks open and close through levers located next to the push/pull handle.

Glass Beads Dispenser

Glass beads are a standard part of the road marking process. They serve as a reflective medium that helps identify the road markings at night. There is a glass beads dispenser located next to the die shoe in the road marking machine.

Wheel holder

Road markers have a wheel holder located at the rear that locks the machine to move in only one direction.

Road Marker Uses

This road machinery usagedepends on the form – hand pushed, engine driven, size, etc. Road markers are the paintbrushes that use roads as their canvas. Countries may differ in how they symbolize the markings, but they essentially serve the same purposes. The main uses of road markers are:

Traffic Lanes

Road markers lay down traffic lanes separating left from right along with road boundaries. These lanes are also often categorized for large and small vehicles such as trucks and motorbikes to establish a smooth and safe traffic flow. Road markings are the most effective measure for managing traffic, and not even modern solutions can match them.


Road markers are behind the crosswalks and zebra lines used by pedestrians to cross the road. They also help navigate through a structured pathway for pedestrians where swarms of people walk regularly.

Parking Spots

Road markers give structure to extensive concrete lands, so they may serve as parking lots.

Road Marker Types

Camamach stocks the best quality road markers that fit your different requirements. The available types of road markers are:


Thermoplastic Kneader
Thermoplastic Kneader

Where to Buy Road Markers?

It is preferred for high-quality road markers to import directly from the manufacturers as they come with certifications and cost savings that local distributors don’t offer.

If you require bulk quantities of this equipment, contact us for road marker details and pricing on our website at Road Markers. All stocked products are verified to provide you the most optimal road marking experience. Products purchased from us are known and trusted by thousands of customers as we cross-check all the concerns you might have before investing in such equipment.

Which Countries Manufacture Road Markers in Bulk?

Road markers are essential in the road construction industry, and their consumption, especially in developing countries, has increased dramatically across the world.

The leading producers of road markers are China, Germany, the USA, Denmark, and Austria.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Road Markers?

Many companies in China manufacture road markers. Through years of experience in factory auditing, supplier development, testing, and after-sales service, Camamach has chosen top local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of road markers as suppliers. We are confident to offer you the latest road makers. Feel free to contact us for specifications, pricing, and videos of this product and other construction equipment for sale.

What’s more in the store?

Here at Camamach, we have many other types of road construction machinery for sale, such as:

  1. Asphalt Concrete Paver
  2. Asphalt Mixing Plant
  3. Bitumen Sprayer


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