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5 amazing tips to buy best Asphalt Paver - Don't miss #3

What are Asphalt Pavers?

Aspahlt Pavers

Asphalt pavers distribute partially compacted asphalt over flat surfaces on construction sites. These are the machines responsible for constructing roads, parking lots, bridges, and other similar places.

General Features of Available Asphalt Pavers

Self-propelled pavers are mostly used with two main parts:

The Tractor

For asphalt paving machines, the tractor component is used as a feeding system for asphalt at the front. It pushes the paver forward as the asphalt is transported to the screed at the rear and distributed with a certain width. It is composed of the engine, the driving wheels, the temporary storage area called the hopper, the conveyer mechanism for asphalt transportation, and the distributing augers.

The Screed

The screed is located at the asphalt paver’s rear end where it uniformly layers the construction surface with asphalt. It is composed of a screed plate that compresses the asphalt, burners that heat the screed to match asphalt temperature, vibrators that amplify compactness, and slope sensors.

What are the types of Available Asphalt Pavers?

Features of Asphalt Pavers

CamaMach brings you the best quality asphalt pavers at competitive prices. The XCMG’s 28-ton RP600 available at CamaMach is an engineering masterpiece worthy of your construction business. It has:

  • A uniform asphalt spreader equipped with unique preventive maintenance technology to build roads of thin wearing course. This technology allows asphalt spreading and paving at the same time.
  • Symmetrical structure and a wide crawler for stability in traveling.
  • A high-tech pulse spreading system enabling highly viscous asphalt to be precisely distributed.
  • Electrical heating and hydraulic controls for easy usage of the retractable screed.
  • Cutting-edge spray paver technology allowing automatic and straightforward deployment of asphalt at desired speeds and widths.
  • Durable conveyer belt and auger to withstand high temperatures for longer durations.


Properties of asphalt pavers

Available Types of Asphalt Pavers

CamaMach takes pride in stocking the best quality asphalt pavers for sale. The available products are:


Which Countries Manufacture Asphalt Pavers in Bulk?

Consumption of Asphalt Pavers has increased dramatically across the world, especially in developing countries. The main producers of Asphalt Pavers are China, the USA, and Switzerland.

How to buy Asphalt Paver?

Things to consider:

  • Operator Comfort: To ensure productivity, ensure that the road machinery provides adequate operator comfort since these machines come with long working hours.
  • Budget: Lower budgets can limit product options. Such heavy machinery needs to be considered an investment.
  • Reputability: It is better to buy from a reputable manufacturer. Different manufacturers provide different features.
  • Maintenance: How much does it cost to maintain the product over a longer duration? Does your machine have easily accessible components?


Asphalt Paver Price

Finding quality road construction equipment within your business’s budget is crucial. That is why we at CamaMach, bring you the best quality products that are both reliable and affordable. We pride ourselves on looking through every single specification of the equipment we sell.

Where to Buy Asphalt Pavers?

You may be able to find Asphalt Pavers in your area. But if you want to buy high quality and competitively priced Asphalt Pavers, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. They can issue certifications and provide cost savings which is better than buying the equipment locally or from a distributor.

If you require bulk quantities of this equipment, you can buy asphalt paving machines on our website. CamaMach ventures to serve its customers with the most elite road machinery models in the market. From long term product sustainability to ease of use and user comfort, we consider all things for the customer. Our asphalt pavers for sale are equipped with the most optimal engines, improved automation, and onboard diagnostics.

Such measures by CamaMach leave customers with a lower cost of operations that yields faster results. And like all our products, we also ensure that every delivery is robust, cost-effective with fuel, and resellable at fair rates.

What’s more in the Store?

Here at CamaMach, we have many other types of road construction equipment for salesuch as:

  1. Asphalt Mixing Plant
  2. Motor Grader
  3. Road Roller


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