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5 Top Tips for Buying a Crawler Crane (with 2 bonus Tips!)

What is a Crawler Crane?

Crawler Crane for Sale

Crawler cranes are cranes mounted on an undercarriage with a set of tracks, the tracks allow movement on soft ground and provide a stable base for the crane to move while carrying a heavy load.

Crawler Cranes are essential for the construction and industrial sectors since they can lift and lower weights beyond manpower.

Camamach has these machines fully stocked with updated features. They are designed to ensure the safety of the operator and the environment and improve the productivity and efficiency of the operation.

Crawler Crane for sale

Crawler Crane Features

The general features include:


The crane is the main structure and base of the machine. It has rotating functions and holds the boom, stabilizing it while the heavy load is carried.

The Boom

The boom has cables running through it and has a hoist or a hook attached to it. It provides support to the components lifting and lowering the load.

The Hoist

The hoist or hook is the main component that allows the load to be lifted or lowered.

The Jib

The jib is an extension attached to the top of the boom. It is used for adding height to lift particular loads and to reach heights that are beyond manpower.


Counterweights are installed at the sides of the crane to provide stability and to balance the weight of the load as well as the crane.

Wide Tracks

The wide tracks of the crawler crane allow the entire machine to rotate for 360 degrees.

Crawler Crane Uses

Large-Scale Construction

Crawler Cranes can lift the most amount of weight compared to any other crane. They are highly advantageous in various projects such as construction of buildings, dams, bridges etc.

Oil and Gas Operations

Crawler Cranes have can carry and lift heavy loads which for the installation of pipelines.


Crawler Cranes are ideal in agricultural projects when needed to install heavy equipment or construct agricultural buildings.

Crawler Crane Types

Here are the crawler cranes for sale at Camamach:


Crawler Crane at Camamach

Where to Buy Crawler Crane?

Camamach stocks only the finest quality crawler cranes for sale. If you require bulk of this equipment, this is the place to be.

Which Countries Manufactures Crawler Cranes in Bulk?

Crawler Cranes are widespread in the construction industry. They are in high demand, notably in developing countries.

The best equipment is manufactured byChina, Germany, Finland, and the United States.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Crawler Cranes?

China is a major manufacturer of Lifting machinery. Camamach has selected the top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and evaluated them in every way. Crawler Crane at Camamach are:


 Contact us now for detailed specifications and videos along with the pricing.

What’s more in the store?

Camamach has a lot more to offer in the lifting machinery category. Some of the machinery includes:

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  2. Telescopic Handler
  3. Truck Crane

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