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How to Choose the Right Plow? 5 Things You Must Know!

What is a Plow?

Plow for Sale

Plows also called ploughs, are instruments used in agriculture farming to turn or break up the soil, plant seeds, and help control weeds.

Plows are one of the most important and essential machines in agriculture. They have been in use since the very beginning of farming.

Plow for sale

Plow Features

The general features include:


The most basic type of plow has a mouldboard. It is a curved iron plate attached above a plow share. Its function is to lift and turn the soil for plantation.


Plowshare is the leading edge of a mouldboard that also cuts through the soil, following the coulter.


A coulter is a vertical component of a plow that cuts about 7 inches deep into the soil according to the condition of the soil.

Reversible Plow

This is one of many advanced types of plows. It has two mouldboards attached back-to-back, one turning right, the other turning left. This update was made to increase productivity as one works the land, the other is upside down in the air.

Disc Plow

Another type is a Disc Plow. It consists of a frame that holds and supports the disc, the disc is a circular cutting blade, an arbor bolt is what the discs are mounted on, a spacer to ensure stability and bearings to provide rotation.

Furrow Plow

Furrow Plows make trenches cut by the ploughs which are called furrows.

Plow Uses


Since ancient times, plows have been used to prepare the fields for farming purposes. In these modern times, machinery has advanced and made it more efficient for the farmers to work productively, requiring less manpower.


Plowing can be beneficial for gardening purposes. Plows dig deep into the soil and bring the fresh nutrient above the surface, preventing any unwanted weeds to grow in a garden.

Plow Types

Here are the Plows for sale at Camamach:


Plow at Camamach

Where to Buy Plow?

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Which Countries Manufactures Plows in Bulk?

Plow is a fundamental equipment in agriculture industry. They are in high demand, especially in developing countries where the agricultural sector contributes the most to GPD.

The best equipment is manufactured byChina, India, and the United States.

Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Plows?

China is a major manufacturer of agricultural equipment. Camamach has selected the top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and evaluated them in every way. Plows at Camamach are:


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