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2021 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition – CICEE

A look at the CICEE Event Entrance

Overview of CICEE

On May 19, Camamach received the opportunity to attend the 2021 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Changsha, China! CICEE is an annual professional international construction equipment exhibition that features the newest upcoming products from construction manufacturing brands all across the world.

Manufacturers from China, the United States, South Korea, Japan, and other countries exhibited their latest equipment at CICEE. Chinese construction brands XCMG, SANY and Zoomlion; along with American brands Caterpillar and John Deere were among the many notable exhibitors that attended CICEE. Hundreds of other exhibitors also displayed their products at the exhibition.

Camamach and CICEE

Camamach was in attendance with an estimated 200,000 other visitors from countries and regions all across the world. At the event, Camamach was able to observe the newest technologies that these manufacturers had to offer and also gain valuable insight of future projections regarding the construction equipment industry. We at Camamach are a Chinese sourcing agent for construction equipment and spare parts; we service businesses all across the world and help them locate and source the best Chinese construction equipment in the market.

From excavators to cranes, a wide range of new innovative equipment were showcased at this event. Below are a list of popular construction equipment models showcased at CICEE from various brands.

Next Generation Excavators Featured at CICEE

LiuGong 920E Excavator

LiuGong 920E Excavator for Sale

The LiuGong 920E is a new model which belongs to the LiuGong E excavator series. The 920E is powered by the Cummins B5.9 engine, which features increased power output, greater breakout force, and quicker cycle times. This new excavator model is heavily regarded for its powerful engine, advanced hydraulic system, intelligent power control, and automated functions.

Shantui 9W Excavator Series

Shantui Large and Mini Excavators for Sale

These are the newest excavator models manufactured by heavy equipment manufacturer Shantui. The models shown from left to right are the SE75-9W, SE215-9W, SE245-9W, and the SE370LC-9W, all apart of the Shantui 9W excavator series. All excavator models in this series are equipped with Weichai’s high-end customised engines, which is the first domestic combination of Weichai Power with Linde hydraulic system. They also posses nine energy-saving technologies and ten noise-reduction technologies, making them industry leading machines.

Sunward SWE 215E Excavator

SUNWARD SWE 215E Excavator

The SWE 215E excavator is a new medium-sized excavator model manufactured by SUNWARD in 2020 – 2021. The E215E uses a hydraulic transmission with an electric drive type, which is why this model is highly regarded for both its effectiveness and efficiency through its low fuel consumption. Many Sunward supporters believe that Sunward is manufacturing some of the best excavators in China recently.

Zoomlion ZE550EK-10 Excavator

New Zoomlion Excavator Models – Zoomlion Equipment for Sale

Zoomlion is a leading Chinese heavy equipment manufacturing brand which specializes in a wide range of different equipment. The Zoomlion ZE550EK-10 is a new excavator model which was just released in 2021. The ZE550EK-10 employs an integrated, broad cross-section design with a lifespan of more than 18,000 hours and is driven by a high-powered Cummins engine that is both dependable and robust. Several innovative characteristics were implemented into this new excavator model, including an enhanced D-ARCS bucket form, and cutting angle that makes excavation lighter and overall, more efficient. Learn more details about this brand from our Zoomlion Company Visit!

YUAN SHAN Wheel Excavator YS 775-8Y

Buy Wheel Excavator by Yuan Shan

The YS 775-8Y is a mini wheel excavator manufactured by Yuan Shan, a new and upcoming heavy equipment manufacturer in China. Yuan Shan mainly specializes in wheel loaders, forklifts, road rollers, motor graders, backhoes, and of course, excavators. The YS 775-8Y is ideal for smaller sized construction projects due to the lightweight characteristics and manoeuvrability of this excavator,

Wheel Loaders for Sale at CICEE

LiuGong 820C Wheel Loader

LiuGong 820C Wheel Loader for Sale

The 820C wheel loader manufactured by LiuGong is a new and innovation model from the LiuGong wheel loader series. The 820C has an operating weight of 6.400kg with a rated power of 66 kW (89hp) at 2.3000 rpm. Multiple buckets, pallet forks, grapples, snow pusher blades, and sweeper brooms are among the many optional attachments that can come with this product.

Foton Lovol FL Wheel Loader Series

Heavy Duty Fovol Lovol Wheel Loaders for Sale

Foton Lovol are renowned for their high-quality agricultural equipment, but they also manufacturer high-quality construction equipment, including wheel loaders. The Foton Lovol FL series wheel loaders are extremely tough and rigid, making it ideal for operation in harsh conditions.

Truck Equipment Featured at CICEE

BYD T8 / Q3 Electric Truck Head

BYD T8 and Q3 Truck Head for Sale

BYD is a popular upcoming Chinese manufacturing company that is beginning to have a strong influence in the electric construction equipment industry. The BYD T8 and Q3 are fully electric truck heads, which allows it to excel in both its environmental and cost friendliness due to its extremely low fuel consumption. Electric vehicles are beginning to have a large influence on many different industries, and BYD is leading this race in the production of quality electric construction equipment.

SANY Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump

SANY Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

The SANY truck-mounted concrete pump is a highly regarded concrete pump in the heavy machinery industry. The new 2021 truck-mounted concrete pump showcased at CICEE is packed with innovative characteristics and new industry-leading technologies. All kinds of SANY equipment can be found in countries and regions around the world, including their truck-mounted concrete pumps.

SANY Cement Mixer Trucks

New SANY Cement Mixer Trucks – Buy Construction Equipment by SANY

The SANY STM cement mixer trucks series were one of the many new SANY products showcased at CICEE. These transit mixers are implemented with new advanced technology, reliable components, and manufactured with quality robust material. SANY’s concrete machinery is a go-to for many construction companies around the world.

New Crane Equipment for Sale at CICEE

SANY STC Truck Crane Series

SANY STC Series Truck Crane for Sale

The SANY STC truck crane series is very well-known in the global truck crane market. The SANY STC series are known for their compact and precision design, as well as their optimized fuel efficiency. The STC series has been extremely popular in recent years and has been a direct competitor towards other well-known truck crane manufacturers, including Caterpillar.  

Zoomlion 2021 Crawler Crane

Buy Crawler Crane by Zoomlion

Zoomlion are especially renowned for the quality of their cranes; the Zoomlion crawler crane along with their tower crane are undoubtedly one of their best selling products. Zoomlion crawler cranes are extremely large in size but still very portable and manurable, making it ideal for large scale construction projects around the work site.

Additional Upcoming Chinese Construction Equipment at CICEE

LiuGong Heavy Equipment

 Earth Moving Equipment  - Buy Popular Chinese Construction Equipment

This part of the CICEE trade floor showcased the diverse selection of construction equipment manufactured by LiuGong. All products showcased at this event are new models designed and manufactured within recent years. LiuGong showed off their innovative earth moving equipment, including their newest bulldozers, motor graders, excavators, and backhoe loaders.

Sunward Lifting Equipment

SWA Series Telescopic Handler – Sunward Heavy Construction Equipment for Sale

Sunward introduced their newest SWA series telescopic handlers at their aerial work platform, both in crawler and wheel form. One of the featured telescopic handlers was the SWA16J, an all new wheel telescopic handler that is highly manoeuvrable, adjustable, and durable.

Shantui Road Construction Equipment

Shantui Road Construction Machinery – Find the Best Construction Equipment in China

Shantui showcased their newest equipment, many of which were equipment for road construction. Shantui has developed their newest generation of road graders, bulldozers, and road rollers, all at competitive price points. Shantui has been a long time partner manufacturer at Camamach, and we are looking forward to their continued success in the construction equipment industry.

What Values can Camamach Bring to YOU?

The products showcased at CICEE are familiar products to us. It is Camamach’s goal to search for the right equipment based off of your specific needs and requirements through a timely and cost friendly process. Camamach is able to add a lot of value for businesses in need of heavy equipment, including:

  • Supplier Selection: How do you know what equipment is appropriate for your needs and budget? Camamach will do the legwork to locate the specific equipment you need at a reasonable cost.
  • Product Selection: Our engineering team will communicate with you to determine which products are required for your project. We'll conduct the research and manage the risk by locating the best supplier and ensuring that the equipment meets your needs. We also offer post-sale inspections.
  • Quality Control: To ensure that you receive high-quality equipment, we will conduct in-house and third-party inspections using inspection agencies from the world.
  • Product and Supplier Development: We take the time to get to know your business and work with suppliers to personalise equipment for you.
  • Logistics: We collaborate with the manufacturer to expedite the delivery of your equipment to your country/region.
  • Customized Tracking: We provide personalised tracking so you can monitor your order from the moment it is received at the shipping port, all the way to when it reaches your location.
  • Engineering Support: We have an engineering team on standby to assist you with any issues you may have.
  • Spare Parts Selection: We understand that our work does not finish even after you receive your equipment, which is why we provide spare parts and after-sales services. We are always interested in forming long-term partnerships with our clients.


Wondering Where to Find CICEE Featured Construction Equipment for Sale?

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