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Monthly Archives: September 2021

  • What is Cummins, and how to buy from Cummins?

    Cummins Quick Facts:

    • Location: Main headquarters in Columbus, Indiana, United States
    • Founded: 1919 
    • CEO & Chairman: N. Thomas Linebarger

    Categories of Specialization

    • Engines
    • Filteration products
    • Power generation products
    • And much more

    Market Position

    • Cummins, a Fortune 500 company,  is China’s largest foreign investor in diesel engines.
    • It ranks 2nd in the automotive and components category after general motors.
    • Cummins serves countries in 190 countries and has annual exports of around $3 billion USD.

    How is Cummins Quality, and What is Cummins known for?

    Cummin engines hold unanimous global recognition as superior engines for their high horsepower, torque, fuel efficiency, low emissions, and unmatched durability. The reason behind the success of Cummin engines entirely lies in the company’s goal to target the industrial sector. It meets every requirement of heavy industrial machinery.

    As of 2020, the brand had total assets of $22.624 billion USD and a net income of $1.811 billion USD. In China, with over $240 million USD, the brand has established five engine factories and has invested in 14 joint ventures and owned manufacturing enterprises that produce engines, filters, turbochargers, fuel systems, and exhausts.

    It’s one of the largest foreign company in China and intends to widen its roots in the worlds biggest market. Numersous analytics suggest that Cummins is beginning to expand and influence the construction industry of the entire region.

    What are the Most Popular Cummins Products?

    Cummins manufacturers engines of the highest industrial quality. They are used in numerous top-branded industrial machines such as excavators, heavy-duty trucks, lifting towers, mining generators, fire trucks, agricultural machinery, etc.

    Here are some of the most popular engines made by the company.

    Popular Cummins Engine – QSK95

    The QSK95 is one of the most powerful and largest engines built by cummins. This beast of an engine provides upto 5100 Horsepowers and upto 17802 lb-ft of torque. It features a quad-turbocharger, a modular common rail system, forged steel pistons, and hardended cylinder bores. It is designed to serve in long and extreme work environments such as for freight and passenger locomotives, marine vessels, and heavy-duty mine trucks.

    Popular Cummins Engine – B4.5 (Stage V)

    Cummins B4.5 (Stage V) Engine

    The B4.5 engine by Cummins is ideal for agricultural, construction, mining, and rail machinery. It is a 4 cylinder engine that offers 16% more power and 11% more torque than its previous engines. It carries the signature wastegate turbo design for exceptional power and faster cycles.

    Popular Cummins Engine – Power Unit (Stage V)

    Cummins Power Unit (Stage V)

    This is a performance series stage V power unit by Cummins that is ideal for mining machinery, construction machinery, and agricultural machinery. This version of the engine offers upto 675 HP of power and 2050 lb-ft of torques while having lower installation cost and high power density.

    Popular Cummins Engine – X15

    Cummins X15

    This is the Cummins X15 engine from the performance series. It is capable of providing upto 565 HP of power and 2050 lb-ft of torque. It’s most commonly used in heavy-duty trucks, especially the fire and emergency vehicles.

    Popular Cummins Engine – QSK78-Series

    Cummins QSK78 Engine

    The QSK78-series engine by Cummins is a power house of an engine most commonly used for mining and crushing applications. It can dilever upto 4060 HP of power with advanced combustion technology and durable engine components.

    What are the Costs of Cummins Products?

    Cummins manufactures hundreds of high quality engines that span over all types of machineries. Be it a locomotive, an excavator, or even a pickup truck, Cummins has a well established reputation with all. The cost of Cummins products is competitive with the rivals, and according to Camamach, the products are worth the price.

    However, direct ordering might not get you the best rates. Contact Camamach now for a free quotation and get the most recent and best rates.

    Why is it better to import from China?

    Chinese manufactures have significantly improved the direct ordering process. But it is still slow and requires a foreign buyer to follow the regulations imposed by the Chinese government.

    Apart from these, there are some common barriers that almost every customer will face when importing from a foreign country. Some of the barriers are as as follows:

    • At various stages of the ordering process, different languages create a communication barrier.
    • Brands usually don't prioritize small orders with direct ordering.. 
    • Cummins may not have a local distributor in your country.
    • Without the services of a recognized supplier such as Camamach, small orders do not receive better pricing

    These are just a few of the reasons why you should use an intermediary like Camamach. We manage the whole ordering procedure for you based on your demands. 

    Why Should you Choose Camamach for importing equipment from China?

    Cummins is a well-known brand in China that provides production and feedback benefits. It is one of the best examples of how misinformation against Chinese products is totally baseless. The country is on its way to become a superpower, and rigorous restrictions are in place to maintain high standards and quality.

    When buying from a China, it is preferable to leave the ordering to Camamach. Camamach provides the following advantages:

    Frequent Factory Visits

    The first step in ensuring that our clients receive the best quality items is to supervise the manufacturing process. We verify that the company properly conforms to all regulations and procedures through frequent factory visits.

    Identification of Quality Products from Reliable Manufacturers

    Camamach has stringent manufacturer selection criteria that has been honed through decades of industry experience.

    End to End Procurement

    Camamach oversees the whole procurement process, from order to delivery. This ensures that our clients are completely satisfied.

    Cost Savings

    China is a great place to get high-quality equipment at a reasonable cost. Camamach supports its clients by locating the finest available deals.

    Experienced Manufacturers

    Camamach has years of industry expertise with manufacturers. Camamach has delivered heavy machinery to over 20 countries in conjunction with companies such as Cummins.

    Long Term Cooperation

    Camamach strives for long-term business ties with its customers. As a result, it allows for a lengthier engagement in which clients are assisted with any order-related difficulties.

    Continuous QA/QC

    Camamach guarantees that every step in the order is consistent and that our customers receive the best quality product via continuous quality assurance and control.

     Where and How to Buy Cummins Equipment and Products?

    Here at Camamach, we have premium quality construction equipment from Cummins and other Chinese manufacturers for sale at reasonable rates. The ordering process remains as simple as ever, and our excellent customer service is always there to assist you.

    We export worldwide, so contact us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.

  • Concrete vs. Mortar Mixer: What is the difference and which is right for you?

    Concrete mixer and mortar mixer have a similar general function- they are both mixing machines. Still, both have differences in the ingredients they mix, making each machine unique towards its specific job. Therefore, choosing and working with the right construction equipment is essential for any project. This is why we will explain and compare the difference between a concrete mixer versus a mortar mixer.  

    Concrete Mixer

    A concrete mixer, also known as a cement mixer, is a heavy construction machine that combines cement or concrete mixture (cement, gravel, pieces of stones, and sand) smoothly until it is ready for use. It has a rotating drum or barrel without a paddle that keeps rotating when mixing the concrete.

    OEM 4 CBM concrete mixer- OEM concrete mixer for sale
    This is a 4CBM concrete mixer from OEM, one of the many concrete mixers for sale from Camamach.

    Mortar Mixer

    The mortar mixer is similar to a concrete mixer but comes with a few differing characteristics. Its barrel is stationary and has an internal paddle that rotates to mix the mortar simultaneously.

    1000L mortar mixer- mortar mixer for sale
    This is a 1000L mortar mixer, one of the many mortar mixers for sale from Camamach.


    1.     Ingredients

    A concrete mixer combines concrete ingredients while a mortar mixer combines mortar for road construction purposes. Both concrete and mortar differ in terms of their consistency.

    Cement has a thinner consistency when mixed, while mortar has a thicker consistency because its most significant component is water. Besides, concrete is stronger than mortar and hence, suitable for building the foundation.

    2.     Features

    A concrete mixer has a rotating barrel, while a mortar mixer has a stationary one. Besides, a concrete mixer doesn’t have a paddle, while the mortar mixer has an internal paddle. Hence, the cement mixer mixes the ingredients through the rotational movement of the drum, while the mortar mixer uses the rotational movement of the paddle.

    3.     Adaptability

    A mortar mixer is tough enough to adapt in several jobs such as terrazzo, paint, drywall mud, plaster, and stucco. On the other hand, a concrete mixer is best for larger aggregated mixtures like cement.


    Although a concrete mixer and mortar mixer are similar in their functionality, they have different characteristics that make both machines ideal in different specific road construction operation scenarios.

    Concrete mixer                 

    • It has protruding fins attached to the inside of the drum that gives a tumbling action to mix the ingredients smoothly.
    • The drum of a concrete mixer doesn’t allow foreign materials to enter into the ingredients while mixing them.
    • Its speed is enhanced; hence you can mix as much concrete as you need for your road construction project.
    • It is suitable for largely fragmented ingredients such as cement and sand.
    • Lastly, an advanced type of concrete mixer transfers the cement mixture directly to the construction site.

    Integrated 12 CDM standard concrete mixer by XCMG for sale at Camamach

    Mortar Mixer

    • It is suitable for various construction jobs such as terrazzo, grout, drywall mud, and stucco.
    • It is ideal for smooth mortar mixture instead of large aggregated mixtures because they cause the paddles and rubber strips to wear.
    • Its mixing speed is fast; thus, you can save on time.
    • It produces low noise while working, thus making it environmental-friendly.         
    • Its structure is unique- it offers road construction services for long without breakage.

    Concrete Mixer vs. Mortar Mixer- which road construction machine is better for your project?

    Before you begin your construction project, it is vital to understand its scope and details to choose the right construction equipment. Both concrete mixer and mortar mixer provides the function of mixing ingredients, but one can be more ideal than the other depending on the specifics of your projects.

    A concrete mixer would be ideal when building the foundation and support beam because it produces a stronger concrete mixture. In contrast, a mortar mixer would be suitable for bonding construction materials like stones because it provides a thicker consistent mixture.

    Wondering Where to Find Concrete Mixer or Mortar Mixture for Sale?

    Whether you are interested in a concrete mixer, mortar mixture or still unsure of which machine is more suitable for you, please ask an expert at Camamach! We have years of experience in the heavy construction machinery industry and are happy to help others find the best construction equipment based on their specific needs. Contact us, and we can make professional recommendations based on your site plans and requirements.

  • How Camamach Helped This Construction Company with a Large Cement Mixer Truck Order

    XCMG 12 CBM standard concrete mixer truck from Camamach

    This is a XCMG 12 CBM standard concrete mixer truck; the exact model we provided to our construction company client. This concrete mixer truck may be modified to meet your demands, and Camamach can also help you find additional models from various brands.

    Introduction – Industrial Machinery and Equipment

    We at Camamach are going to explain how we were able to satisfy one of our clients from Kenya with an order of cement mixer trucks. Importing niche equipment, like cement mixer trucks, can be not only time consuming, but also daunting and confusing. Thankfully for this construction company, Camamach has strong company values that guides us to provide the best service possible and handle the entire importing process for our client!

    Determining What Kind of Heavy Construction Equipment Our Client Needs

    • The client is a Kenyan based construction company who needed to transportingconcrete to the construction site.
    • The client contacted Camamach to resolve their needs, and made an order for 2 cement mixer trucks.
    • At Camamach, we have a variety of cement mixer trucks for sale, but it is crucial to research and find the best unit based on our client’s individual specifications.
    • We worked towards finding the best cement mixer truck deals and determining on the best cement mixer trucks to buy.

    Finding the Right Large Cement Mixer Trucks

    • Camamach began the search for a cement mixer truck that would be the most ideal for the client.
    • We pinpointed a brand new and cost-friendly cement mixer trucks; exactly what our client was looking for.
    • This particular cement mixer truck can be customized to your specific needs with interchangeable spare parts.

    XCMG 12 CBM standard concrete mixer truck for sale

    This is the XCMG 12 CBM standard concrete mixer truck, the specific model that our client ordered. This concrete mixer truck is known for its efficiency and durability. Learn more about this concrete mixer truck’s specifications by clicking on the product page.
    Buy concrete mixer truck

    This is the concrete mixer truck manufactured by XCMG, a reputable Chinese manufacturing company. This specific model is a 6 CBM concrete mixer truck, but they also manufacture other high efficiency concrete mixer truck as well.
    OEM concrete mixer truck from Camamach

    This is an OEM 4 CBM concrete mixer truck. This small concrete mixer truck is affordable and efficient. It is one of the best and most convenient concrete mixer trucks for small construction projects.

    Identifying Suitable Chinese Construction Machinery Manufacturers

    • After the order details from the client were received, we handled the rest of the process and began our search for suitable Chinese cement mixer truck manufacturers.
    • During the process, we identified and reached out to 4 Chinese construction equipment manufactures.
    • After a thorough comparison and analysis between the 4 potential manufactures, Camamach shortlisted 1 supplier based on the quality to price ratio of their cement mixer trucks.

    Achieved Cost-Savings to provide a Reliable but Cheap Cement Mixer Trucks from XCMG

    • After we located the best potential suppliers, we informed our client with the details of our findings. We let them know that we had located high-quality cheap cement mixer trucks from XCMG.
    • Once our client was happy with what they would be receiving, we continued to complete the order process for the XCMG cement mixer trucks.
    • As a result, we were able to fulfill the order within a tight timeframe while also managing to achieve almost 20% of cost savings for the client!

    What Does This Mean for YOUR Personal/Commercial Construction Projects?

    We can all admit that finding the right products for your company can be a hassle, especially when time, cost and price are important factors. Thankfully for this Kenyan construction company, we are experienced in our industry and always find the best deals for our clients. If you are looking to import this specific cement mixer trucks from XCMG, other alternative cement mixer trucks, or other kinds of machinery for your company, then Camamach can help you out! The process is very simple, all you need to do is:

    1. Send us your requirements/specifications
    2. Include the quantity
    3. Include port of destination
    4. That’s it!

    Wondering Where to Find Quality Cement Mixer Trucks for Sale?

    Contact Camamach if you too are looking for a cement mixer truck, or need a reliable partner that provides its clients with affordable yet quality equipment. Just fill us in with your company’s specific needs, such as cement mixer trucks for transporting loads of concrete, and we at Camamach will fulfill your request and complete the entire process for you efficiently while saving cost!

  • What is an All Terrain Crane, and how to Buy an All Terrain Crane?

    What is an All Terrain Crane?

    All Terrain Crane for Sale

    All-terrain crane is a mix between a mobile truck crane and a rough terrain crane. It can easily operate on sand and gravel and can travel smoothly on asphalt surfaces like roads.

    Terrain Cranes are highly beneficial for the construction industry since they can lift and lower weights beyond manpower. Camamach has these machines fully stocked with updated features. They are engineered to increase productivity while ensuring safety.

    All-terrain Crane for sale

    All Terrain Crane Features

    The general features include:

    The Operators Cabin

    The Truck has a cabin fitted for the operator to control the Boom as well as the mobility of the crane. It ensures the safety of the operator and provides optimal visibility for the accuracy of the operation.

    Telescopic Boom

    It is the steel arm of the crane that carries the load.

    Hoist and Hook

    A hoist is located at the base of the boom, it has a hook attached to it. The function of these is to raise or lower the load.

    Hydraulic pumps

    Hydraulic pumps provide pressure to the system to lift and move heavier loads.

    Counterweights and Outriggers

    They are components located at the sides of the crane to stabilize by distributing weight while the boom carries heavy loads.

    All Terrain Crane Uses

    Construction Purposes

    All-Terrain Cranes are built to operate in conditions with rough, mild, or smooth terrain. They are suitable to work in remote construction sites, making the process easier for the workers.


    The main factor of having an All-Terrain Crane is that it can lift heavy loads. Hence, it is commonly used in the installation of oil and gas pipelines, wind turbines, etc.


    All-Terrain Cranes even operate in areas with forestation due to their accessibility and are used for carrying heavy trees and other loads to clear out the area.

    All Terrain Crane Types

    Here is the product offered by Camamach:

    All Terrain Crane at Camamach

    Where to Buy All Terrain Crane?

    Camamach has got the highest quality All terrain cranes for sale in stock. If you require bulk quantities of this equipment, then Camamach is the best choice.

    Which Countries Manufactures All Terrain Cranes in Bulk?

    In the industrial sector, all terrain cranes are quite common. They are in high demand, particularly in underdeveloped nations.

    The best equipment is manufactured byChina, Germany, Sweden, and the United States.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of All Terrain Cranes?

    China is a major manufacturer of Lifting machinery. Camamach has selected the top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and evaluated them in every way. All Terrain Crane at Camamach is:

     Contact us now for detailed specifications and videos along with the pricing.

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach has a lot more to offer in the lifting machinery category. Some of the machinery includes:

    1. Forklift
    2. Crawler Crane
    3. Truck Crane

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