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Overview of YTO Equipment and How to Buy YTO Products

YTO Logo – Buy YTO Equipment.

YTO Quick Facts

  • Location: Luoyang, China
  • Founded: 1955
  • Parent Company: Sinomach
  • Categories of Specialization:
    • Crawler Tractor
    • Road Roller
    • Bulldozer
    • Road Paver
    • Garbage Compactor
    • Asphalt Mixing Plant
    • Mining Dump Trucks
    • Motor Grader
    • Concrete Mixing Plant
    • OEM Spare Parts
  • Market Position:
    • Ranked 154 out of Top 500 Chinese Enterprises (2018)
    • Supplies more than 100 countries and regions
    • Annual export volume exceeds $8 billion USD
    • Annual export volume exceeds $8 billion USD
    • China’s largest agricultural machinery manufacturer


How is YTO Quality?

YTO has a lengthy history in the agricultural machinery industry, making them China's top agricultural machinery manufacturer. Over the course of their 55-year history in the business, YTO has demonstrated many times the high-quality characteristics of their equipment on several occasions. This may be shown by their significant accomplishments:

  • In 2013, Ethiopia ordered $100 million worth of agricultural equipment, primarily tractors, from YTO.
  • YTO partnered with Valtra, a Finland agricultural machinery manufacturer, and together began research on developing new innovative agricultural machinery.
  • YTO is the both the largest agricultural manufacturer in China, and the largest manufacturer of tractors in China.


What is YTO known for?

YTO is a leading Chinese manufacturer in agricultural equipment and farming machinery. YTO is especially well-know for their tractors; they are the largest manufacturer of tractors in China and one of the largest in the world, closely trailing behind John Deere. Apart from their outstanding agricultural equipment, they are also known to manufacturer construction machinery and mobile vehicles.

What Are Some Common Types of YTO Equipment?

YTO Tractor

  • A tractor is a type of industrial machinery that is designed to produce a high tractive effort at moderate speeds for towing a trailer or machinery. Tractors are primarily used in the agricultural industry, and is probably the first equipment that comes to mind when you think of ‘farming equipment’. Tractors manufactured by YTO are one of the best in the world, renowned for their high-quality and innovative features/characteristics, and affordable pricing. Learn more details about tractors.


Tractor – Buy YTO Tractor

YTO Crawler Tractor

  • A crawler tractor is a tractor that operates on tracks rather than wheels. It is also known as a track-type tractor or tracked vehicle. The crawler tractor has a front blade that is meant to push huge amounts of material, as well as accessories such as a ripper and a winch for pulling. Learn more details about crawler tractors.


Crawler Tractor – YTO Crawler Tractor for Sale

YTO Plows

  • A plow, or also commonly referred to as a plough, is a common type of equipment used in the agricultural industry. The primary function of the plow is to loosen or turn the soil on a field prior to spreading or planting seeds.


Plow – YTO Reversible Plow for Sale

YTO Trailers

  • Agricultural trailers are, as their name suggests, a trailer used specifically in the agricultural industry. They are typically towed using a pick-up truck, and are used solely to transport materials around the farm. There are many kinds of agricultural trailers with different purposes, ranging from water trailers to dump trailers.


Trailer – Buy YTO Dump Trailer

YTO Forklift

  • A forklift is a self-propelled industrial vehicle that is used to lift and transport goods over short distances. YTO forklifts are built with the operator's safety, comfort, productivity, and efficiency in mind. Learn more details about forklifts.


Forklift – YTO Diesel Forklift for Sale

YTO Motor Grader

  • A motor grader, also known as a road grader or simply a blade, is a heavy-duty machine with a long blade for leveling a flat surface. Motor graders have multiple construction purposes, ranging from the construction to agriculture industry. Learn more about details about motor graders.


Motor Grader – YTO Motor Grader for Sale

YTO Road Paver

  • A paver also commonly called an asphalt concrete paver or road paving machine, is a type of construction equipment that is used to spread asphalt on roads and similar locations. Before being compacted by a roller, the paver lays the asphalt flat and evenly throughout the surface. Learn more details about road pavers.


Asphalt Concrete Paver – Buy Road Paver by YTO

What are the Most Popular YTO Products?

Popular Tractors – YTO LX704F

  • The 4 wheel drive YTO LX704F Fruit Garden Type tractor is a well-known compact tractor manufactured by YTO. As its name suggests, the LX704F is designed to work in special operation circumstances, such as in fruit gardens. Its small mass makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, making it a popular choice for small farm projects.


YTO LX704F – YTO Tractors for Sale

Popular Forklifts – YTO 3-ton CPD30 Electric Forklift

  • The YTO CPD30 Electric Forklift is a forklift that runs using a large battery.  This eco and cost-friendly forklift has a rated capacity of 3000kg and a lift height of 3000mm, making it an effective, but versatile compact piece of equipment. The best part is, instead of running with diesel like the typical forklift, it is fully electric to help save cost and reduce air pollution.


YTO CPD30 – YTO Electric Equipment for Sale

Popular Crawler Tractors – YTO C502

  • The YTO C502 50hp Crawler Tractor is a unique and popular model in the YTO crawler tractor series. Its overall compact dimensions makes the C502 a manoeuvrable but powerful machine.


YTO C502 – YTO Agricultural Machinery for Sale

Popular Plows – YTO Disc Plow

  • The YTO Disc Plow is one of many kinds of popular plows manufactured by YTO. The disc plough ensures that farm soil is mechanically processed to create ideal physical conditions for the plants you wish to grow.


YTO Disc Plow – YTO Agricultural Accessories for Sale

Popular Trailers – YTO Water Trailer

  • The YTO Water Trailer is one of the many different types of agricultural trailers manufactured by YTO. The YTO Water Trailer provides on-site water supply for a variety of purposes, including potable water usage, dust control on building sites, heavy equipment cleaning, racing track use, fire suppression and wildfire management. However, the YTO Water Trailer is most commonly used for watering plants and crops in the agriculture industry.


YTO Water Tank – Buy Water Trailer by YTO

What are the Costs of YTO Products?

What is the Cost of a Tractor for Sale?

  • The typical YTO Tractor featured through Camamach ranges from $9,343.00 to $45,500.00 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


What is the Cost of a Crawler Tractor for Sale?

  • The typical YTO Crawler Tractor featured through Camamach ranges from $36,177.00 to $48,478.00 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


What is the Cost of a Forklift for Sale?

  • The typical YTO Forklift featured through Camamach ranges from $50,080.00 to $792,285.00 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


What is the Cost of a Plow for Sale?

  • The typical YTO Plow featured through Camamach ranges from $14,000.00 to $20,349.99 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


What is the Cost of an Agricultural Trailer for Sale?

  • The typical YTO Agricultural Trailer featured through Camamach ranges from $5,950.00 to $11,00.00 USD. The price will vary depending on the machine size and model number. Given that models are constantly changing, you may contact us for the latest pricing.


What is the best way to import from China?

While ordering directly from YTO and other Chinese firms has been more effective in recent years, it can still be a lengthy process, particularly when purchasing a small quantity of equipment. This is where Chinese sourcing agents come in. Camamach is here to make the process as easy as possible for you. Our objective is to make the logistics and supply chain process as simple and efficient for you as possible.

Does China have Import Barriers?

Yes, there are barriers to importing from any global market, some of which are cultural in nature and others which are technological in nature. The following is a list of some of the challenges that firms encounter while purchasing from China:

  • Communication and linguistic barriers
  • Prices that aren't competitive when buying modest quantities of equipment.
  • When buying modest quantities, the chances of receiving feedback are slim.
  • YTO local distributors may not be permitted to sell to your country.
  • Small quantity orders results in the after-sales assistance to be slow.


Camamach purchases in bulk from YTO, removing the constraints that a firm would face if purchasing directly from the manufacturer and allowing us to provide better pricing and faster service. Camamach allows you to select the product that best meets your demands and budget from leading Chinese manufacturers such as YTO.

Why Should I Import from China and What are the Benefits of Working with Camamach?

Camamach logo – Buy Camamach Equipment.

Importing YTO goods from China provides a number of advantages for your business, including improved productivity and efficiency gains. When equipment is purchased through a sourcing agent like Camamach, these benefits are amplified because the overall process is typically less expensive. The following are some of the most significant benefits of sourcing from China and working with Camamach:

Frequent Factory Visits

  • Factory visits are necessary at various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure that products are made in accordance with the specifications. Therefore, Camamach conducts periodic site visits. These trips to the facility enable us to work closely with the production staff. As a result, we are able to provide our customers custom-made equipment.


Identification of Quality Products from Reliable Manufacturers

  • Camamach makes it a priority to deliver high-quality products from recognized manufacturers to its customers. We are happy to say that we will only deal with trustworthy manufacturers who satisfy our criteria.


End to End Procurement

  • Camamach uses an end-to-end procurement procedure, which means we are involved in every stage of the process, from the time you place your order until the time the products are delivered to the destination. We will be there to assist you every step of the way and handle all of the details. This method of buying provides optimum client pleasure and ease.


Cost Savings

  • Among the primary reasons that business like to work with Camamach is due to our promise that we will reduce costs and increase profitability for our clients. China is an extraordinary location to get low-cost, high-quality goods and Camamach is ready to manage your sourcing requirements in a planned and professional manner.


Experienced Manufacturers

  • When Camamach is looking for a manufacturing partner, expertise is a key factor in determining if they would be a suitable fit. Experience allows manufacturers to have a complete grasp of the business and industry, making them far more dependable. For many years, Camamach has worked closely with the majority of our manufacturers, and together we have supplied construction equipment to more than 20 nations across the world.


Long Term Cooperation

  • Once you have received your item, Camamach will continue to offer after-sales support, which includes assistance with any problems that might arise of interests in future orders. We strive to build strong relationships with our clients, and we prioritize successful long-term cooperation.


Continuous QA/QC

  • Camamach's QA/AC procedure is what sets us apart from the competition in terms of quality. Continuous quality assurance and quality control increases the likelihood of detecting and fixing problems substantially. It enables us to reliably detect any supply chain discrepancies.


Where and How to Buy YTO Equipment and Products?

Camamach sells YTO construction equipment as well as other high-quality construction equipment at competitive prices. We have an easy-to-understand purchasing procedure and provide exceptional customer service throughout. We ship construction equipment all over the world! You may now reach out to us for a FREE quotation by contacting [email protected] or by sending a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.

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