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How to Buy Construction Equipment Blog

  • What is a Truck-mounted Concrete Pump, and How to buy a Truck-mounted Concrete Pump?

    What is a Truck-mounted Concrete Pump?

    truck-mounted concrete pump

    A truck-mounted concrete pump, also known as truck-mounted mobile, has a concrete pump with a boom for placement attached to the truck’s frame. This concrete machine can pump concrete anywhere within the range of the boom.

    The boom’s variable reach saves a significant amount of human labor and time. The truck-mounted concrete pumps are popular in mega construction projects such as stadiums and highways.

    Truck-mounted boom concrete pump

    Truck-mounted Concrete Pump Features

    The standard features include:

    The Hydraulics System

    The truck-mounted concrete pumps have innovative hydraulic systems that can pump concrete at high and low pressure in any direction the boom navigates. The hydraulics can also have smart filtering mechanisms to ensure pure concrete deployment.

    The Boom

    The boom mounts the back of the track and is attached to the pumping line. It acts as a robotic arm – manually controlled – that aids in concrete deployment at places that would otherwise require a lot of human labor. The boom is made of strong alloy steel and passes harsh testing before deployment.

    The Truck

    The entire concrete pumping system either rides the chassis of a high-performance truck or is attached to the truck as a trailer.

    Truck-mounted Concrete Pump Uses

    The most common uses of truck-mounted concrete pumps include:

    Large Construction Site

    Truck-mounted concrete pumps are capable of pumping high concrete volumes at variable positions. They are best suited for large-scale construction sites where human labor is dangerous – restricted access – and time-consuming.


    Truck-mounted concrete pumps can be used for highway projects with huge surface areas. They are also ideal for mega-concrete bridge construction.

    Truck-mounted Concrete Pump Types

    Camamach brings you multiple high branded options in concrete pump truck for sale:

    Truck-mounted Concrete pump for sale

    Where to Buy Truck-mounted Concrete Pump?

    If you are looking to buy bulks of this heavy equipment, you have come to the right place. Camamach has the best-priced truck-mounted concrete pumps in many versions.

    Which Countries Manufacture Truck-mounted Concrete Pump in Bulk?

    The consumption of truck-mounted concrete pumps has been rising worldwide, notably in developing countries.

    The top manufacturers include China, Germany, and Italy.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Truck-mounted Concrete Pump?

    You’ll find a lot of Chinese options for Truck-mounted concrete pumps, but only at Camamach, you’ll have tried and tested companies and products. We have selected the top-rated manufacturers for you. The available brands for truck-mounted concrete pumps are:

    concrete truck for sale
    Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
    buy concrete truck
    Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
    concrete truck for sale
    Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
    buy concrete truck
    Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
    concrete truck for sale
    Camamach has XCMG Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach also stocks other cement and concrete machinery for sale. Some of which are

    1. Concrete batching Plant for Sale
    2. Trailer Concrete Pump
    3. Cement Bulker
  • What are Tower Cranes, and how to buy Tower Cranes?

    What are Tower Cranes?

    Cranes for Sale

    Tower cranes are the massive vertical structures used for heavy lifting and lowering in the construction industry. They are mounted at fixed positions on construction sites with horizontal booms capable of turning 360 degrees.

    Heavy Lifting Machinery

    Tower Crane Features

    There are several types of tower cranes – as you'll see below. However, they all have common features. The most prominent of them are:

    The Mast

    The mast is the main structure of the lifting machine. It is that long skeleton of trussed steel that supports the entire tower crane – the tower.

    The Slewing Unit

    The slewing unit is the rotatable unit located at the top of the mast between the machine's horizontal and vertical steel skeletons.

    The Jib

    The Jib is the extended arm of the tower crane equipped with a moving trolly which carries the lifting hook.

    The Operator's Cabin

    The operator's cabin is located above the slewing unit at the mast and the Jib intersection point. The strategic location allows the operator with the machine's most optimal view. It contains an anemometer, an indicator system, and other controls.

    The Hoist Winch

    This part contains all the equipment such as a hoist rope, drum, motor, and gearbox used in the carried load's vertical and horizontal movements.

    The Hook

    On the lower side of the Jib, the Hook is used to lift heavy loads in a tower crane.

    Tower Crane Uses

    Uses of construction cranes depend on tower and Jib types as well as the mounting. Some of the popular uses include:

    Dam Construction

    Dam construction is a hectic task that demands heavy lifting of cement and other dam material in a brief window of time. A minimum of a 5-ton tower crane is mandatory in the process.

    Buildings Construction

    Tower cranes are the machines responsible for constructing buildings with great heights. They don't just carry heavy equipment up the skyscrapers but also act as building-to-building transport in case of multiple megastructures.

    Bridge Construction

    Constructing bridges is one of the most expensive uses of tower cranes. They lift heavy steel parts that hold the concrete bridge structure.

    Tower Crane Types

    Camamach has several types of cranes to offer you. The available types of cranes for sale are:

    Construction Crane

    Where to Buy Tower Cranes?

    If you require bulk quantities of this equipment, contact us for tower cranes details and pricing on our website at Tower Cranes. Over the years, we have maintained a stellar reputation in being the top-quality suppliers of lifting machinery.

    Which Countries Manufacture Tower Cranes in Bulk?

    Consumption of tower cranes has dramatically increased worldwide, especially in developing countries.

    Major producers are China, the UAE, Germany, and France.  

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Tower Cranes?

    Many companies in China manufacture Tower cranes. Through years of experience in factory auditing, supplier development, testing, and after-sales service, Camamach has chosen top local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of tower cranes as suppliers. We are confident to offer you the latest tower cranes. Feel free to contact us for specifications, pricing, and videos of this product.

    We have the following brands:

    What's more in the store?

    Here at Camamach, we have many other types of lifting machinery for sale, such as:

    1. All Terrain Crane
    2. Crawler Crane
    3. Fork Lift

    We export worldwide, so you can contact us for a FREE quotation today via email at [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response at +86-131-2037-9271.

  • What are Forklifts, and how to buy Forklifts?

    What are Forklifts?

    Forklift for Sale

    Forklifts are compact industrial machines that can lift and move heavy objects on the forks located at the front through hydraulics and roller chain pulleys. They are mostly the inhabitants of warehouses and storage facilities.

    They come in electrical and combustion engine versions – varying in power – and have small operators' areas for driving and controlling the machine.

    Forklift in a warehouse

    Forklift Features

    Forklifts can have various features depending on the usage, but they have similar structures. Some standard features include:

    The Frame

    The frame is the most basic forklift feature. It provides the base for the operator's area, fork, mast, counterweight, and wheels.

    The Counterweight

    Since forklifts lift heavy loads in the front, a counterweight is installed at the machine's rear end to keep it stable during operation. The weight is usually cast iron.


    Forklifts can either have a combustion engine – located beneath the operator's seat – or lead Acid batteries for electric vehicles. The combustion engine may use any kind of fuel.

    Mast and Carriage

    The mast is the vertical metallic structure in the front that is used by the carriage with an attached fork to move up and down. Both components use interlocked rails – for horizontal control – and rollers.

    Forklift Uses

    The main uses of forklifts are:


    Forklifts are most used in warehouses. They load and unload heavy objects from trucks and shelves.


    Forklifts can serve as snow or sand plows with modified fronts. They prove extremely handy in harsh winters when heavy snowing slows down the moving processes outside a warehouse.


    Forklifts are used at loading docks to load and unload objects from containers and ships.

    Forklift Types

    Camamach provides various forklifts that perfectly suit your work requirements and budgets. The forklifts for sale at Camamach are:

    Forklift loading

    Where to Buy Forklifts?

    Camamach has stocks of both combustion engines and electrical forklifts. We pride ourselves on serving you with the best lifting machinery in the market. If you are looking for bulk quantities of forklifts, contact us for details and pricing at Forklift.

    Which Countries Manufacture Forklifts in Bulk?

    Forklifts are the must-have machines in warehouses all over the world. Their consumption has seen a dramatic increase worldwide, especially in developing countries.

    Major manufactures of forklifts are China, Germany, and Japan.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Forklifts?

    Several companies manufacture forklifts in China. After years of experience in factory auditing, sales services, testing, and more, Camamach has shortlisted top of chain Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of forklifts. At Camamach, we have:

    What's more in the store?

    Camamach has more than just forklifts for your business. Other lifting machinery includes:

    1. All Terrain Crane
    2. Crawler Crane
    3. Rough Terrain Crane
  • What are Concrete Mixers, and how to Buy Concrete Mixers?

    What are Concrete Mixers?

    Concrete Mixer for Sale

    Concrete mixers are large rotating devices that mix cement with aggregates like sand, gravel, or water makes concrete. The most common mixer is a rotating drum that’s carried on a truck. Such in-transit mixers can mix the concrete and move it around a construction site.

    In-transit concrete mixer

    Concrete Mixer Features

    Standard concrete mixer features are as follows:

    The Drum

    The drum in a concrete mixer is the round vessel that keeps rotating with the moving truck. It has internal blades that aid in mixing cement and aggregate. The main reason that the drum keeps spinning is to keep the concrete fresh for deployment – it would settle and harden otherwise.

    The Transport Truck

    Concrete mixers are run on diesel engine-powered trucks. They keep the drum spinning and allow mass transportation and deployment of concrete.

    The Spiral Blades

    Drums of concrete mixers have spiral blades rotating in the same direction. The blades keep the mixture in deployable form.

    Swiveling Discharge Tube.

    The drum’s blades move anticlockwise when it’s time to deploy the concrete. This happens through the swiveling discharge tube.

    Concrete Mixer Uses

    Concrete mixers have the following primary uses:

    Cement and Aggregate Mixing

    The primary purpose of concrete mixers is to make uniform concrete. The process requires a rotating drum and blade and a truck for in-transit mixing.

    Concrete Transportation

    The in-transit concrete mixers have made the construction process a lot easier and time-saving. The concrete is prepared en route to the construction site.

    Concrete Mixer Types

    At Camamach, you’ll find several high-quality options that best fit your work requirements and budget. The concrete mixer for sale at Camamach includes:

    Cement Mixer

    Where to Buy Concrete Mixer?

    Camamach is known to stock the best quality cement mixer for sale in the market. If you are looking for bulk quantities of concrete mixers, contact us for details and pricing at Cement Mixer Trucks.

    Which Countries Manufacture Concrete Mixers in Bulk?

    A concrete mixer is the most basic machine at a construction site. With increasing infrastructural demands, its consumption has risen significantly, especially in developing nations.

    The top manufacturers of this machine are China, the US,  and Australia.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Concrete Mixers?

    China is home to many concrete mixer manufacturers. With extensive experience in factory auditing, testing, sales services, and supplier development, Camamach has selected the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for concrete machines. We also exclusively supply the following brand:

    What’s more in the store?

    Camamach also has other types of concrete equipment for sale at  Cement and Concrete Machinery:

    1. Concrete Batching Plant for Sale
    2. Cement Bulker
    3. Trailer Concrete Pump
  • All About Truck Cranes and How to Buy Truck Cranes

    Are you thinking of buying a truck crane any time soon? If you are, then you're on the right page. This article contains valuable information that will provide you insights into truck cranes and how to purchase them. 

    What is a Truck Crane?

    heavy-duty, affordable, and durable Truck Crane
    Heavy-duty, affordable, and durable Truck Crane

    Truck Cranes are heavy equipment vehicles designed to move, lift, and lower loads vertically or horizontally. It is widely used in various industries for loading and unloading materials or products.

    Truck Crane for Heavy-duty and reliable lifting
    Truck Crane for Heavy-duty and reliable lifting

    Truck Crane Features

    Here are the main features of a truck crane:

    Operator's Cabin

    This refers to the cab located on the boom track. It can either be a fixed cabin or a separate cabin on the flatbed.


    Boom refers to the arm of the truck crane that does the heavy lifting. Most booms are telescopic, which means that they can extend to be longer.


    The flatbeds are the part of the truck crane where the load will be placed during transport. It is typically located near the operator's cabin.

    Truck Crane Uses

    Truck cranes are used for various industrial tasks that involve heavy lifting of materials and products. Here are some of the industries that are known to use truck crane:

    • Construction
    • Power
    • Manufacturing

    Truck Crane Types

    All-terrain Truck Crane for heavy lifting.
    All-terrain Truck Crane for heavy lifting.

    There are four main types of truck cranes. These are the following:


    This type of truck crane is equipped with a hydraulically operated boom or crane. It is mounted on a rubber-wheel chassis, and it has its own engine.

    Knuckle Boom

    Knuckle Boom truck cranes are known for their versatility and efficiency. It can unload and load materials or products from a vehicle on its own.

    Rough Terrain

    Rough terrain truck cranes are boom mounted on a truck. These are self-propelled and designed for rough application hence its name. It is commonly used in building and bridge constructions.


    All-terrain truck cranes are multi-functional and can adapt to almost any terrain. It is powered by one or two engines equipped with 4-wheel drive features.

    Where to Buy Truck Cranes?

    If you're looking to buy a truck crane, you can always check the nearest dealer in your area. However, if you want high-quality truck cranes at competitive prices, it's best to import them directly from the manufacturers.

    Not only can they issue certifications for your truck cranes, but they can also offer cost-efficient solutions.

    If you're buying in bulk, you can contact us today on our website for details on the best truck crane deals and pricing.

    Here at Camamach, we have high-quality truck cranes for sale as well as other premium quality construction equipment. They are all available at competitive prices that won't break the bank.

    We export to countries worldwide, and you can contact us at our email, [email protected], for a free quotation on your truck crane needs today. You can also send us a message on WhatsApp, +86-131-2037-9271 for a quicker response.

    Looking for other lifting equipment? We also have other types of lifting machinery, such as:

    Which Countries Manufacture Truck Cranes in Bulk?

    China is the world's leading manufacturer of affordable yet high-quality truck cranes. Chinese brands such as XCMG Motor Graders, SANY Motor Graders, and Liugong Motor Graders are considered the top choices when it comes to buying truck cranes in bulk.

    Here at Camacha, we have other types of Truck Cranes for sale such as:

    • All terrain truck cranes
    • Rough terrain cranes
    • Knuckle boom
    • Truck mounted

    Truck Crane Price

    The price for a truck crane differs depending on the model and features of the unit. However, prices can range from $90,000 to $150,000. As a leading provider for bulk purchases of truck cranes, we put a lot of energy and effort into researching the top brands for the different types of truck cranes.

    We aim to find equipment that offers incredible quality at affordable prices. With the rising need for truck cranes, especially in developing countries, you must find reliable equipment that won't break the bank. At Camamach, you can expect to find superior quality equipment at affordable prices. We pride ourselves in researching every detail of our products, allowing us to provide you with high-quality truck cranes at budget-friendly prices.

  • What is Telescopic Handler and How to Buy a Telescopic Handler?

    What is Telescopic Handler?

    What is a Telescopic Handler
    A classic example of a Telescopic Handler

    telescopic handler is a construction machine having a resemblance to a crane. It is used for boom lift heavy materials. It works the same as a forklift, but due to its structure, the functionality is better than a forklift because it can easily lift heavyweight. Its resemblance makes construction and agricultural fieldwork so easy. It has different models, and its new feature helps to move it forward and upward so smoothly with lifting heavyweight. 

    Telescopic handler features:

    • It can lift heavy weight easily.
    • Can transport heavy materials and equipment so smoothly.
    • Its new feature helps to move forward and upward by lifting the heavyweight.
    • Better than a forklift to perform tasks in less time and smoothly without any mistake.
    • Additionally, a telescopic handler can shift heavy equipment on a rooftop of the construction site. 
    • It performs things faster than forklifts to achieve your targets fastly. 

    Telescopic Handler uses:

    There are two types of Telescopic Handler, and the usage depends on their form. The 7-ton machine can reach a certain height to shift materials. However, the 14-ton machine can lift equipment to the rooftop of a high building. It boom lifts the heavy materials and equipment. These machines are used in basically construction sites and agricultural fields to make the work easy.

    Types of Telescopic Handler:

    Weights can be in different terms like some weight requires small machinery and heavyweights require big machinery. So, we have the telescopic handler in two different sizes:

    1. 7 Ton Telescopic Handler:

    It is a powerful machine having body dimensions of 4620*2355*2415mm with a wheelbase of 2850mm with an overall body weight is 7250 kg. It can carry weight up to 3000kg the power of the machine has the capacity of 90kw. Its forward reach is 1250kg and can lift things to 6200mm.

    It can hold a weight of 500mm at center distance. Moreover, the luffing angle of a telescopic handler is -3-65°. In addition to this, its fork angle is 90-18°. It can cover a distance of 40km/h. It can rotate its body with a radius of ≤4020mm of a braking distance of ≤8m. 

    1. 14 Ton Telescopic Handler: 

    It is a larger machine than the previous one having body dimensions of 6960*2500*2850mm with a wheelbase of 3900mm with overall body weight is 13500 kg. It can carry weight up to 4500kg, the power of the machine has a capacity of 82/74.9kW. Its forward reach is 490kg and can lift things to 16700mm. It can hold a weight of 600mm at center distance.

     A telescopic handler includes a -4-75° luffing angle and a 90/18° fork angle. 

    It can cover a distance of 36km/h. It can rotate its body with a radius of ≤5000mm. This ratio is suitable to perform large-scale operations to do that space is not wasted unnecessarily. 

    Buy a Telescopic Handler
    Buy a Telescopic Handler from Camamach

    Which Countries Manufacture Telescopic Handler in Bulk?

    The prime producers of Telescopic Handler are China, Hong Kong, Kenya, and Zambia. You also can buy the same product from these countries according to your comfort and convenience. Consumption of Telescopic Handler has been increased dramatically over the world, especially in developing countries.

    Telescopic Handler price

    Regarding the pricing of Telescopic Handler, we put all our efforts into researching the quality brands of Telescopic Handler. Our main aim is to find the equipment with the best specifications at the most affordable price. It is necessary to have more reliable equipment which will serve for long years and not too costly. We are happy to provide you every small detail of specifications of the equipment with a pocket-friendly budget.

    Who are the Top Chinese Manufacturers of Telescopic Handler?

    Camamach – Telescopic Handler

    There are many companies in China that manufacture Telescopic Handler. Through years of experience in factory auditing, supplier development, testing and after sales service, Camamach has chosen top local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of Telescopic Handler as suppliers. We are confident to offer you the latest Telescopic Handler. Feel free to contact us for specifications, pricing and videos of this product.

    Here at Camamach we have many other types of Agricultural Equipment for Sale such as:

    1) Crawler Tractors

    2) Tractors For Sale

    3) Plows

    Where to buy Telescopic Handler?

    You may be able to find Telescopic Handler in your locality. But if you want to purchase a high-quality, competitively priced Telescopic Handler, we prefer you to import directly from the manufacturers. It is way better to buy from a local distributor. The manufacturers will give you certifications, and it is the best way to save money. At Camamach, we have Telescopic Handler with high-quality construction equipment for sale that is required at competitive and affordable prices. Have a look at our other weight lifting machinery along with Telescopic Handler are:

    • All-Terrain Crane
    • Crawler Crane
    • Fork Lift
    • Rough Terrain Crane
    • Truck Crane
    • Truck Mounted Crane.

    If you need to purchase the Telescopic Handler in bulk, then contact us for Telescopic Handler details and pricing on our website.

    We also have facilities to export worldwide, so you can contact us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.

  • What are Road Markers, and how to buy Road Markers?

    What are Road Markers?

    Road Marker for sale
    Road Marker for sale

    Road markers are road construction machines used for painted surface markings that symbolize road boundaries, directions, vehicle positioning, and parking spots for vehicles and pedestrians. Road surface marking is the final and essential step in road construction.

    Different versions of this equipment lay thermoplastic paint over roads depending on the required work scale – surface area and time.

    All in one kneader/ Road marking machine
    All in one kneader/ Road marking machine

    Road Marker Features

    Thermoplastic Heating Cylinders

    Thermoplastic paint used by the road markers is solid at room temperature. It melts in a heat mixer that is usually a part of the machine – it may also be transferred to the marker tank from a separate heat mixer that can accommodate larger amounts.

    Distribution Tank/Die Shoe

    Once ready for deployment, the heated paint drops into the distributing tank with specific shoe widths and distance from the surface to ensure precise and even markings. The heat mixer and the distributing tanks open and close through levers located next to the push/pull handle.

    Glass Beads Dispenser

    Glass beads are a standard part of the road marking process. They serve as a reflective medium that helps identify the road markings at night. There is a glass beads dispenser located next to the die shoe in the road marking machine.

    Wheel holder

    Road markers have a wheel holder located at the rear that locks the machine to move in only one direction.

    Road Marker Uses

    This road machinery usagedepends on the form – hand pushed, engine driven, size, etc. Road markers are the paintbrushes that use roads as their canvas. Countries may differ in how they symbolize the markings, but they essentially serve the same purposes. The main uses of road markers are:

    Traffic Lanes

    Road markers lay down traffic lanes separating left from right along with road boundaries. These lanes are also often categorized for large and small vehicles such as trucks and motorbikes to establish a smooth and safe traffic flow. Road markings are the most effective measure for managing traffic, and not even modern solutions can match them.


    Road markers are behind the crosswalks and zebra lines used by pedestrians to cross the road. They also help navigate through a structured pathway for pedestrians where swarms of people walk regularly.

    Parking Spots

    Road markers give structure to extensive concrete lands, so they may serve as parking lots.

    Road Marker Types

    Camamach stocks the best quality road markers that fit your different requirements. The available types of road markers are:

    Thermoplastic Kneader
    Thermoplastic Kneader

    Where to Buy Road Markers?

    It is preferred for high-quality road markers to import directly from the manufacturers as they come with certifications and cost savings that local distributors don’t offer.

    If you require bulk quantities of this equipment, contact us for road marker details and pricing on our website at Road Markers. All stocked products are verified to provide you the most optimal road marking experience. Products purchased from us are known and trusted by thousands of customers as we cross-check all the concerns you might have before investing in such equipment.

    Which Countries Manufacture Road Markers in Bulk?

    Road markers are essential in the road construction industry, and their consumption, especially in developing countries, has increased dramatically across the world.

    The leading producers of road markers are China, Germany, the USA, Denmark, and Austria.

    Who are the top Chinese Manufacturers of Road Markers?

    Many companies in China manufacture road markers. Through years of experience in factory auditing, supplier development, testing, and after-sales service, Camamach has chosen top local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of road markers as suppliers. We are confident to offer you the latest road makers. Feel free to contact us for specifications, pricing, and videos of this product and other construction equipment for sale.

    What’s more in the store?

    Here at Camamach, we have many other types of road construction machinery for sale, such as:

    1. Asphalt Concrete Paver
    2. Asphalt Mixing Plant
    3. Bitumen Sprayer

    We export worldwide, so you can contact us for a FREE quotation today via email at [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response at +86-131-2037-9271.


    Bauma China trade fair center floor
    A look at the Bauma China Trade Floor

    What Is the Bauma Fair and Bauma China?

    Camamach received the opportunity to attend the Bauma China Trade Fair! Bauma China is an international trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, and construction vehicles. Companies and industry professionals from around the globe attend Bauma China to learn about all things construction and construction machines. Bauma China is the largest and leading trade fair for everything that deals with construction machinery, building material machinery, mining and construction vehicles in China and all of Asia.

    Camamach and Bauma China

    Camamach was in attendance with almost 3,000 other visitors from 34 different countries and regions. Camamach was able to witness and discuss the newest innovations and technologies in the construction and machinery industries from around the globe. Camamach was able to demonstrate and express everything that we can do for companies and individuals around the globe.

    Buy Wheel Loaders
    Buy Wheel Loaders

    This is the SDLG L955F Wheel Loader. This wheel loader from SDLG is a new heavy-duty typed loader with 3200 mm long wheel base. Adopted with a new outlook and China III Emission standard engine, high reliability, powerful breakout force and improved tilting load to make it strong in stability while traveling.

    Buy Crawler Cranes
    Buy Crawler Cranes

    These are SANY SCA2600A crawler cranes. Built for durability on the job site, SANY’s SCA2600A crawler crane provides a lifting capacity of 286 tons at 16.4 feet.

    Tunneling Machines

    These are tunnel boring machines and equipment. They are machines used to excavate tunnels and can also be used for microtunneling. Tunnel boring machines can power through anything from sturdy rock to soft sand.

    Bulldozers for sale
    Bulldozers for sale

    This is an HBXG SD9N Bulldozer. This is a Crawler bulldozer with elastic suspension, hydromechanical transmission, high drive, and full hydraulic control. The elevated sprocket wheels and elastic suspension improve work efficiency and transmission system life.

    Cranes for sale
    Cranes for sale

    This is the Zoomlion product section with their tower cranes. Zoomlion cranes feature high working speed and excellent speed regulation performance. Zoomlion cranes are adopted for the trolleying mechanism and slewing mechanism, thus ensuring more stable and reliable operation.

    Excavators for Sale
    Excavators for Sale

    This is the Lovol 33 ton excavator. With Lovol's unique EDS control technology that adopts threshold power limit control, the engine and hydraulic system can match perfectly, the engine output can be utilized most efficiently and the operation efficiency is improved.

    Dump Trucks and Motor Graders For sale
    Dump Trucks and Motor Graders For sale

    These are the XCMG XDE130 Electric Drive Dump Trucks and motor grader. It carries an imported genuine electronic control diesel engine, single-stage turbo charging, which is fuel economic and powerful; engine monitoring system can continuously detect cylinders working conditions, which can help prolong engine service life and reduce cost of use.

    Rotary Drilling Rigs

    These are XCMG rotary drilling rigs. Drilling rigs can sample subsurface mineral deposits, test rock, soil and groundwater physical properties, and also can be used to install sub-surface fabrications, such as underground utilities, instrumentation, tunnels or wells.

    Asphalt Mixing Plants for sale
    Asphalt Mixing Plants for sale

    This is an NFLG asphalt mixing plant. NFLG has developed a number of series asphalt mixing equipments, widely used in various grade highways and airports, dams and other places, with its high-quality, quality service, by the majority of clients.

    Buy Backhoe Loaders
    Buy Backhoe Loaders

    This is the SDLG B877F Backhoe Loader. This is an efficient and versatile machine, whether you are operating as a wheeled loader or an excavator, the SDLG B877F backhoe loader has the power and maneuverability to handle most jobs.

    Buy Dump Trucks
    Buy Dump Trucks

    This is the Sinotruk HKT150 Dump Trucks. Sinotruk is a leading manufacturer in China for heavy duty trucks. Their trucks form the chassis for many Chinese made specialist vehicles and cranes.

    Spider Excavator
    Spider Excavator

    This is the XCMG ET112 walking or spider excavator. It can go to the places where other mechanical equipment such as gully, swamp, plateau, high and cold cannot go. It can carry out excavation, lifting, crushing, drilling, pile planting and other engineering operations.

    Buy XCMG excavator

    These are XCMG excavators. XCMG excavators offer powerful capabilities that can meet high work demands. Many excavators come with engines that meet international environmental requirements.

    Tunneling Machinery
    Tunneling Machinery

    These are various forms of XCMG tunneling machinery. Like tunnel boring machines, they are used to dig through anything from hard rock to sand to create underground tunnels.

    Underground Loaders
    Underground Loaders

    This is the Rimea RWJ202e Battery Powered Underground Loader. The RWJ202e is a zero-emission battery powered loader designed to be the cleanest, most durable, most compact 2 ton mini-loader. The machine is still under development and testing but expect it to challenge low cost underground loaders in the coming years.

    Camamach’s Value at Bauma and for You

    Camamach is able to add a lot of value for those in need of heavy equipment and machinery including:

    • Supplier Selection: How do you know what equipment is right for you and your budget? Camamach will do the due diligence to find the exact equipment you need at the right price.
    • Product Selection: Our engineering team will work with you and discuss which product is necessary for your project and tasks. We will do the research and control the risk by finding the right supplier, making sure the equipment is working for you and perform aftersales checks.
    • Quality Control: We will perform in-house and 3rd party inspections using inspection agencies from around the world to make sure you are getting quality equipment.
    • Product and Supplier Development: We work to fully understand your needs and work with the suppliers to customize equipment for you.
    • Localization: We work with the manufacturers to meet all the requirements for you own country.
    • Logistics: We will figure out how to get the machine from the factory in China to your country. We organize how the equipment will be shipped and how to send products in bulk.
    • Customized Tracking: We offer customized tracking so that you can follow your purchase all the way to your location.
    • Engineering Support: We have our engineering staff ready to help you with anything you might come across.
    • Spare Parts Selection: We also know our work does not stop when you purchase your equipment, so we offer spare parts support including aftersales parts. We are always looking for long term cooperation between ourselves and you.

    Contact Us

    We have taken what we have learned from different companies and individuals and will use the great ideas and advice in furthering our company so that we may better serve you. Please contact us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271. We supply premium construction and heavy equipment, all at competitive and affordable prices. We also export worldwide!

  • How to Buy and Import Chinese Manufacturer Spare Parts

    Buy Spare Parts
    There are lots of types of spare parts

    How to Buy Spare Parts From China

    Keeping your equipment and machinery in prime and working condition is extremely important in having long lasting equipment and saving you money. Knowing what spare part you need and from
    which companies is the first step in keeping your heavy machinery in working order. Spare parts, service parts, repair parts, and replacement parts are all parts that are interchangeable and used to repair or replace failed or damaged parts.

    What are the Types of Spare Parts?

    Parts generally come in two categories: Repairable and Consumables

    • Repairable parts are parts that are thought to be able to be repaired, usually by considering the economic value of repairing them rather than replacing them. Repairables typically are designed to be easier to work on and fix than consumables. This allows repairable parts to be easily removed, repaired, and replaced, which cuts down on cost.
    • Parts that are not repairable are called consumable parts. Consumable parts are destroyed when they have failed. Since there is no repair, costs for consumables are lower than repairable parts because you are expected to need to buy a brand new one after yours has failed.

    What is the Difference Between OEM, Genuine, and Aftermarket Parts?

    Choosing between OEM, Genuine and Aftermarket parts can be confusing, here is the difference between them:

    • OEM parts means original equipment manufacturer parts or made for them to their specification but an external company. This means they are parts made by the original company that manufactures the equipment.
    • A Genuine part is supplied by the manufacturer of the equipment in their own packaging
    • Aftermarket parts are parts made by any other company. The parts are often reverse engineered to try and match the original specifications.

    Spare parts for Sale
    Some forms of Spare parts

    Quick Facts on OEM, Genuine, and Aftermarket Parts

    • When you choose between OEM, Genuine and Aftermarket parts, prices and quality can vary.
    • Lots of spare parts can be purchased straight from the OEM and will be supplied in plain packaging and have the exact specifications of a genuine part.
    • Often times OEM parts are lower in cost than other types of spare parts
    • Genuine parts are available directly from the manufacturer and are often the most costly
    • Aftermarket parts can be engineered to be more durable than OEM parts or engineered to be exact replacements.
    • Specialized aftermarket manufacturers focus on durability and performance.
    • OEM manufacturers focus on durability, performance, cost, and noise.
    • Afermarket parts run a chance at being louder, or may vibrate, etc.

    What are the Steps in Ordering a Spare Part?

    You will need to provide some information before ordering spare parts including:

    1. The brand you need spare parts for
    2. A photo of manufacturer plate

    Manufacturer plate for spare part
    A manufacturer plate

    1. File with spare parts description
    2. Photos of part needed

    Once you have given this information, Camamach ensures to get the correct part by searching for the exact part using engineering drawings and our database.

    What are the Main Problems You can come across when Ordering a Spare Part?

    There are certain things to avoid when trying to order spare parts such as:

    1. Only sending the brand name
    2. Providing no photos
    3. Only wanting a cheaper spare part

    Purchase Spare Parts
    More examples of spare parts

    Make sure to find the correct information on serial numbers, manufacturer plates, and manufacturer information when placing an order. When ordering through Camamach, we will ensure that you get high quality, genuine spare parts for your equipment. It can be very difficult to find real parts compared to fake spare parts and you can avoid this by providing the information listed above and ordering through Camamach.

    How to Shop for a Spare Part by Brand

    One way to try and locate spare parts for your equipment is by brands. Here at Camamach we offer high quality spare parts for various brands at fair prices:

    How to Shop for a Spare Part by Product

    Another way to find the correct spare part is by looking at the individual piece of machinery or equipment. Camamach offers high quality spare parts for a variety of heavy equipment and machinery:

    Spare parts available for purchase
    Chinese manufactured spare parts

    How Do I Import Parts from China?

    Importing from China can provide your business with many advantages, including production and cost reduction. A major thing to consider before purchasing Chinese machinery and equipment, is to understand everything you can and get genuine, legitimate information.

    Chinese manufactured spare parts
    Lots of choices!

    Once you find a reliable source on buying from China, you can start getting high-quality equipment and machinery at an affordable cost. Purchasing wholesale from China can be a daunting task and difficult to get started. We work hard to find you reliable equipment, machinery, and spare parts in China and offer them to you at competitive prices.

    Where to Buy Spare Parts?

    You may be able to find spare parts for equipment in your area. But if you want to buy quality, competitively priced spare parts in large quantity, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. They can issue certifications and provide cost savings which is better than buying the equipment locally or from a distributor.

    If you require bulk quantities of this equipment, contact us for spare parts details and pricing.

    Buy from a selection of chinese spare parts
    Choose from a variety of Chinese manufactured spare parts

    How are Spare Parts Priced

    Regarding pricing of spare parts, we put all of our energy into finding the best quality and true to form parts that you are searching for. Our goalis to find the equipment with the exact specifications at the most affordable price. It is important that you find parts that is reliable and not too costly. Here at Camamach we pride ourselves on looking through every small detail of the specifications of the equipment we sell.

    Spare, Replacement, Repair, and Service Parts with Camamach

    Here at Camamach we have spare parts along with premium quality construction equipment for sale, all at competitive and affordable prices. We export worldwide, so you can contact us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.

  • What is Soil Stabilizer and How to Buy a Soil Stabilizer?

    What is a Soil Stabilizer?

    Buy Standard Soil Stabilizers
    Standard Soil Stabilizer: OEM

    A Soil Stabilizer, also known as a road recycler, is a piece of specialized equipment with multiple uses. A Soil stabilizer is a road construction machine that enhances the soil-strength and improves its features.

    Soil stabilization is one of the necessary steps in road construction. That is why it needs a good stabilizer machine for the soil and improving the soil’s properties.

    Moreover, only an ideal machine can guarantee a stable soil base that will resist the erosion of the roads in the future. So, it is better to select the best soil stabilizer to achieve a perfectly constructed road.

    In summary, a soil stabilizer helps to improve the physical properties of the soil by stabilizing it.

    How to Buy Soil Stabilizers
    XCMG 16 Ton Soil Stabilizer

    Soil Stabilizer Features:

    • Easy maintenance:

    The Soil stabilizer system supplied by Camamach ensures all components run smoothly. Its radiators ensure low dust adhesion. And its large volume radiators with enough cooling reserves provide an adequate capacity for difficult conditions. Cleaning the radiator is made significantly easier. Moreover, it ensures high availability and the lowest wear. It makes it more durable, easy to maintain, and safe to use.

    • It provides outstanding mixing results:
    • The soil stabilizer offers the highest quality with optimized costs
    • Great flexibility with different materials
    • Perfect forwards and reverse mixing results 
    • Environment-Friendly

    The soil stabilizing process is completely eco-friendly. And with the help of such soil stabilizers, we can reduce the carbon foot-prints in nature.

    Along with the eco-friendly feature, it supports fewer materials transportation and less use of newly extracted materials.

    • Completion of projects in time

    The soil stabilization process involves controlling the mixture of different grain fractions, drying or freezing, heat treatment, electrical treatment, and so on. The process is too heftier and time taking that it is difficult to accomplish with a little labor. It needs special equipment and machines to stabilize the soil. So, the soil stabilizer offered by Camamach helps you attain the stabilized soil faster and on time. 

    Here you can explore various models of soil stabilizers. You just need to select your favorite one and, then you can start your work.

    Soil Stabilizer Uses

    There are various forms of soil stabilizers, and the usage of the equipment depends on the form. 

    These are the mechanical vehicles used as road profilers, road reclaimers, road millers, road plainer, and pavement profiler. Moreover, soil stabilizers get equipped to mix cement, foam asphalt, and/or lime and water with the current road to build a new, recycled road surface.

    Also, soil stabilizers help in the process of full-depth recycling. Full-Depth Recycling uses the full depth of the pavement, aggregate base. Mainly, full Depth Reclamation reconstructs the roads that have cracks and deteriorated due to a bad substructure. 

    Types of Soil Stabilizers

    1. 16-ton soil stabilizer-XL 210/XCMG

    • 16500kg soil stabilizer works with a speed of 23m/min.
    • Power: 316/1900kw/rpm.
    • It can adapt to any complex condition.
    • It includes a WeiChei diesel engine with minimum noise production. It is efficient in fuel consumption and reduces emissions.
    • It is more energy-efficient and can maneuver in slippery roads or muddy conditions.

    1. WB 400 Soil stabilizer with mixing drum

    • WB 400 Soil stabilizer includes a drum that makes it more versatile.
    • It contains the NTA855-C400 engine that offers a speed of 298/400KW/hp.
    • Also, it provides the milling and mixing operating width and depth of 2000 and 350 mm, respectively.

    1. WBZ21 standard soil stabilizer

    • The WBZ21 standard soil stabilizer has a double-sealed cab with an air conditioner
    • It has an NTA855-c360 engine, which is powerful enough and offers a speed of 2000r/min. 

    Buy Specialized Soil Stabilizers
    OEM Soil Stabilizer with Mixing Drum

    Where to Buy Soil Stabilizer?

    You can easily find a soil stabilizer on sale in your nearby area. But if you are looking for a premium quality, competitively priced soil stabilizer, then try to import it directly from the manufacturers. They can provide you with the certifications and cost savings. It is a better way than buying the equipment locally from a distributor.

    If you need to purchase the soil stabilizers in bulk, then contact us for soil stabilizer details and pricing on our website.

    Which Countries Manufacture Soil Stabilizers in Bulk?

    The main producers of soil stabilizers are China, Hong Kong, Kenya, and Zambia. You can order your equipment easily from these above mentioned nations as the consumption of solid equipment has increased dramatically in these developing countries.

    Soil Stabilizer Price

    Regarding the pricing of soil stabilizers, we put all of our energy into researching all brands and types of soil stabilizers. Our goal is to find the equipment with the best specifications at the most affordable price. Our products are more durable and offer long serviceability to the customers. You must find equipment that is reliable and not too costly. That is what Camamach Offers to all!

    Here at Camamach, we pride ourselves on looking through every small detail of the specifications of the equipment we sell. That means now you can get quality equipment on a pocket-friendly budget.

    Where to Buy Soil Stabilizer?

    Here at Camamach, we have soil stabilizers along with premium quality construction equipment for sale. The whole equipment range is competitive and available at affordable prices. Here at Camamach, we also offer other types of road construction machines for sale, such as:

    1. Road roller
    2. Road maker
    3. Motor grader, etc.

    We can ship your product worldwide, so you can contact us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.

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